Overwatch – How to Achieve Ultimate Glory as Mei



I fear no man… But that thing…. it scares me *Mei in a evil voice* I’ll find you 😉 No. I-I ain’t talking about that freak, alright? He’s not here is she? How do I get this damn thing off?! *Mei* Hi! One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty? Hello Internet. Today’s guide is for a very cold and unforgiving hero. Ice Devil checking in! Some call her Hitler… *Hitler Mei shouting Nein* Others call her Satan… *Zenyatta moans* Greetings! Welcome to Robot Hell! Some disagree… But one thing is absolutely certain She is the most evil of the entire Overwatch crew. Just look at her newest skins Sure looks evil, I mean it’s glowing red and stuff… Glowy read stuff is always bad! Everybody knows that.


Before we begin, it is important to have a little backstory as to how the Ice Devil came to be. *wooping* *mei*Hi! *singing*Do you want to build a snowman? Cmon let’s go… *hanzo: No time for games! I need healing! I need healing! We need a healer! *stamper* Oh I get it… Yes… It all makes sense now… *Stamper smacks lips furiously* As the Ice Devil, your goal is to create a snowman out of everything that moves. This is your gun. It runs on souls, tears, screams, and the agony of the innocent It also makes ice cream! Your primary fire sends out tears that will quickly freeze whatever it comes in contact with.


This will allow you to greet your new snowman… with a friendly hello as you watch the eager anticipation in their eyes for what comes next. *random woman* Hello, darling… How was your day? I was frozen today! Your secondary fire lets you place a nose on your new snowman. What is a snowman without their nose? *soldier 76* Stay frosty! After shoving your improvised nose into their head… some more resilient people will continue to struggle Simply repeat the process… It’s Easy! THERE.


Now It’s art! The ice devil’s first skill lets her go into a protective cocoon. Everytime this skill is used, a baby lemur dies. With this skill you are invincible… so you can “Chill Out” until the duration is over… Don’t forget to say hello! The ice devil’s second skill allows her to recreate the Great Wall of China out of the frozen bodies of the fallen. It is useful for giving people concussions in the ceilings…


And is also great for annoying your team. But its most important ability is to turn enemy bodies into satellites much like the giants in Skyrim. *space core* SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE The ice devil’s ultimate allows her to start her own gaming company… which forces everyone who gets trapped inside to spend their cold, hard cash on hundreds of lootboxes for that amazing witch mercy skin! We’ve got to have…. mooney *clinches fist* The counters for the ice devil include angels, valkyries witches, (Mercy: sometimes I’m not sure why I even bother.) And snowmen murderers! Just kidding! The ice devil has no known counters. However a survival guide has been published by the world’s leading climatoligist Mei Ling-Zhou. According to the survival guide, if you spot an ice devil, you should not move.


They can’t see you if you don’t move, and it takes running as a threat. Be sure to stare directly at it. It can’t move, if you’re staring at it. Don’t forget to say hello!…Whatever you do… Don’t start a fire, fire is their natural prey, and will attract a horde of them. This seems legit. It was made by an expert, after all! *singing frosty in chinese* *Pharah: System Check Initiated, green across the board. I’m ready for action! *panic ensues* MEI DAY MEI DAY I’m Losing Control!!! As the ice devil, it is important to have a proper lair. This is a good start, but something is missing…. Oh, I know exactly what is missing! *Mei chugging along* *Mei: Hi! Yeti: Welcome to the Himalayas! Snowcone? They’re lemon! Mei: Do you want a popsicle? Yeti: Yes! Perfect! It really brightens the room. Always remember theres always one absolute, “Absolute Zero”…


You are not on the Blu Team or the Red Team. You are on your own team! Now go, and watch the earth freeze over! *tf2 outro* This video was brough to you by the Anything & Everything Crew. If you liked it, please leave a like and a comment below! If you hated it, you will not be leaving the spawn room until Late 2017. *Hanzo: Kill me….. *Mei: Later 🙂 Beep Boop. I am a robot..


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