Hello guys lonewatch here and today I wanna explain to you how I like to play d.va. To start off, when should you pick d.va, well d.va is a disruptor tank which means she likes to go behind enemy lines and disrupt their defence which is why I like to pick her on attck, but that said her ulimate is great on defence since your ultimate alone can stop a payload push or a zone defence, I even use it to clear out turrets and bastions if it comes to that, so in my opinion she great on attack but even better on defence.

Now you may ask why would you ram yourself deep in to the enemy team waiting to die, which is not what I’m saying, as d.va you should focus on the squishy part of the enemy team, since mecha guns are powerfull in close range and the armor, which is display as yellow hp, is vital in taking out such targets since every instance of damage, while you still have armor, you receive will be reduced by a flat 5 points, this is good vs widowmaker, tracer, mercy’s pistol and so on, but vs heros who deal massive dmg with one hit such as junk rat or phara will metl your health rly fast, which is why d,va has her defence matrix, this funny looking skill will absorb all of the projectiles and will give you time to w8 for yout target to dump their ammo in to you and after they reload you can strike back, but if it get’s to hot and you gotta bail out, you still have your boost on your shift which has a dual function, aggresive and passive.

For agressive you have to take in acount that you can push ppl off and if you crash in to them they will take dmg from it, while passivly it can take you out of dangerous situations and it’s a great positioning tool. One thing to point out is that d.va’s mecha shotguns have infinite ammo,but they slow you down while you shoot which I don’t recomand to practice for to long cuz you can die or kited, after your mecha dies you become what i like to call mini d.va which is far more squshy but makes up for it dmg on long range, you can’t rly snipe with it, but it deals ok dmg and it’s like a second chance you get after you fill up your ulti, which will take you back in to the mecha and will not effect your mecha ulti, since the build up is not linked, they way you charge you ulti woth mini d.va is with time and hitting enemy heros with your pistol, which will not work if you hit them while they have a shield up, such as rianheart and zarya and winston, armor and normal shiled that incrise a heros hp works fine.

Finally I would like to touch on her ultimate and when and how to use it. Should you use it right after it’s up, sure, should you save it and use it later, good as well, so how do you judge when to use it, well as I said she likes to disrupt enemy comps, so you should use it to either give your team some breatinh room while you clear the payload or a spot they are capping, or even clear a hiding spot for you and your team, and don’t be afraid to use it even if you don’t get a kill, it’s a great zoning tool and after it explodes your mecha will be rdy 100 % even if you kill noone, so if you have to use it get back in your mecha while you are in a tight spot, it’s also a viable strategy, but keep in mind that your ulti is useless if the enemy breaks line of sight and that goes for you to, it has a big radius so it can also kill you, make sure you get to a safe spot.

Before I go I have to mention that switching heroes is not a bad idea and you should practice this and on that note I would like to recommend some options to switch to if d.va ain’t working out with the team comp: On attack take Reinhardt if you need to push or Mercy if your team needs some dmg support to push and to rez ofc, Phara and Junkrat are good options since they can clear 5 bastion comps and overall are a more offensive version of what Diva does. On defence Winston and Widowmaker are a great switch if you see that the enemy is pushing to much since they can disrupt more and give you that edge, Junkrat is a solid choice to controll enemy movement and Tracer to mes with their head.

Thank you all for watching and I will see you next time..

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