Hello lonewatch here and welcome to another overwatch video. Today let’s talk about hanzo and how to pick him up. So when should you pick him: well he does well on attack on most maps and after a few hours of plying you might even carry the game on attack with him, but hanzo excels in defence hands down he’s right there at the top with widowmaker and bastion when it comes to defence,I mean your ulti alone can destroy enemy heros caping a point or pushing the payload and can make you win games just of that. To play hanzo you need to get good with him and practice your aim on long range and short range and you don’t have to charge up your arrow all the way if the enemy is closer to you since getting off 2 shoots is better than charging up just one.

Your arrows will deal 30 to 125 dmg, this depends on how long you charge it and this dmg applies to your Shif arrow and your E arrow. Now let me explain how his skills work: First we got his basic attack, which has infinite ammo. You charge it up by holding your left mouse button and you can release at any time, the more you hold the more dmg it will deal.

On long range aim betwen the top cursor and the middle one like so. Next his shitf or sonic arrow, this reveals an area you shoot at and if you hit a enemy it will deal dmg like a normal arrow and will stick to them to reveal enemy heros around them even if your target moves. We got his E up next which is his scatter arrow. When you shoot this it will explode in to tiniy arrows and will hit hard if you aim it at their feet, it also works if you aim it at their face. And lastly his ultimate which we all know for this very memorable line. Your ulti should be shot to clear enemy heros off the payload and out of caped points and if they happen to camp in a house. His ulti can go trough walls so you can use it even from your spawn. Lastly I would like to add how to shoot with hanzo, well don’t hold charged up arrows for to long since it slows your movement speed, and if you shoot near a corner you shouldn’t leave your head out to much, try to poke it out for some quick shoots.

You can cancle all your arrows by pressing the right mouse button, not yout ulti tho. And to end off what to switch to: On attack Reinhardt, Diva, Reaper or tracer will do you good, since if you have to switch on attack it means Widowmaker or tracer are killing you. On defence Reaper and Junkrat will do almost as well as hanzo to clear out payloads and point caps and widowmaker and winston which will make sure to stop their push. Thank you all for watching and I will see you next time..

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