Hey guys, Toast here, and welcome to another episode of Overwatch: How To Play. This is a series that focuses on each Overwatch character’s backstory, covers their basic mechanics and abilities, and discusses tips to play each character. Today’s focus is Widowmaker. Widowmaker is the perfect assassin: patient, efficient, emotionless and without remorse. It has been said that in her former life, Widowmaker was married to G�rard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent leading operations against the Talon terrorist organization. After many unsuccessful attempts to assassinate G�rard, Talon strategically decided to turn its gaze to his wife, Am�lie. Talon agents caught her and subjected her to an intense array of neural reconditioning. They shattered her will, dampered her personality, and turned her into an unsuspecting sleeper agent. She was eventually found by Overwatch and returned to her normal life.

Two weeks later Gerard was killed in his sleep. With Her mission now accomplished, Am�lie returned to Talon, and they finished the process of turning her into a living, breathing weapon. She was trained extensively in the arts of covert operations, and her physiology was altered, drastically slowing her heart, the result of which turned her skin cold and blue. Talon numbed Amelie’s ability to experience any semblance of human emotion. Am�lie was gone and the ruthless assassin, Widowmaker, was born. With her emotions numbed, Widowmaker feels little more than satisfaction at a job well done. Now that we have a little backstory on Widowmaker, lets take a look at the basic mechanics of this ruthlessly efficient assasin. Widowmaker fills the Defense role in this game and has 200 health with no armor and no shield. This puts Widowmaker pretty much in line with the rest of the defence characters in the game and, combined with her abilities, gives her just enough survivability to get out of dangerous situations. Widowmaker’s primary weapon is her Widow’s Kiss.

This is a versatile sniper rifle that can make scope-aimed shots at distant targets however should enemies close the gap, the rifle be fired fully automatic on the spot. This is a devistatingly strong weapon in scoped mode capable of taking out pretty much every offense, defense, and support character in the game with just one well-placed headshot. The weapon has a short charge-up time in scoped mode and once you see it hit 100%, that means you will be doing full damage. If you fire before that point, you will still do damage but not nearly as much. Body shots still do very high damage, but you are unlikely to get a one-shot kill to the body unless the target has already taken some damage.

In full-auto hip-fire mode, the weapon trades its deadly accuracy and high damage, for fast rate of fire and moderate to large spread making it a bit of a spray and pray back-up for those times when enemies get uncomfortably close. Widow’s Kiss has 30 rounds total before needing to reload, but take note that each shot in scoped mode uses 3 ammo, or 10 sniper shots total. Widowmaker’s first ability is called “Grappling Hook.” Widowmaker launches a grappling hook towards the location she�s aiming at and if the hook connects with any scalable surface, she�s quickly pulled toward that location, allowing her better position herself and expand her view of the situation. This ability is great for quickly getting to spots that other characters may have a difficult time getting to and for setting yourself up for the perfect shot before the enemy knows where to look.

This ability has a 12 second cooldown so make sure that the spot you’re moving to is both advantageous and safe becuase you won’t be able to use it as an escape for some time. Widowmaker’s second ability is called “Venom Mine.” Widowmaker launches a venom mine that adheres to nearly any surface. When a target moves within range of the mine�s motion trigger it releases deadly poison gas to any enemies in its area of effect. The venom mine does damage over time for 5 seconds after it is triggered and do note that while you may not be the one who triggered it, you can still get hurt if you walk into its area of effect while the poison is still present.

While this ability does not offer enough damage to to outright kill any other characters in the game, it is generally enough to finish of already heavily weakened targets or drop their health enough that a single sniper shot to the body will finish the job. The ability has a 15 second cooldown and if used again after one has already been placed, the first venom mine will disappear. Widowmaker’s ultimate ability is called “Infra-Sight.” Widowmaker activates her recon visor allowing her to see the heat signatures of all enemies through walls and objects for a period of time. This enhanced vision is shared with her allies, effecting allowing the entire team to know the whereaboutes of all enemies for the duration of the ability.

This ability is similar in style to Hanzo’s Sonic Arrow, though where sonic arrow only gives you a small range of where enemies are pinged, Widowmaker’s ult covers the entirety of the battlefield. The ability last for 15 1/2 seconds, giving you and your team plenty of time to eliminate any and all enemies in the area before they really know what hit them. Lets move on to Widowmaker’s strengths and weaknesses. Mercy is a defense character, so her strength lies in here ability to do high damage from afar. The fact that she can one-shot most enemies in the game if she lands a headshot makes her a worrisome target for the enemy team if she is smart and stays back. While body shots still do a lot of damage, you will want to focus on headshots whereever possible – otherwise you will want to ensure that you have the accuracy and time to land a follow-up shot. Another strength is her ability to advantageously place herself in positions where enemies may not think to look for her. Her Grappling Hook is a wonderful tool to secure a good sniping spot that most other character may not be able to get to.

Widowmaker can also use her venom mine as a warning alarm of an enemy trying to sneak up on her. You are alerted whenever the alarm is triggered, so if you place it at an entry point to where you are setting up, you will have at least a little advanced notice of when someone is trying to flank you. Despite being a powerhouse from afar, Widowmaker is at her weakest in close-range engagements. Take whatever steps necessary to ensure that characters like Genji, McCree, Reaper and Tracer don’t close the gap on you. While you do have your full-auto fire mode on your weapon, it is rarely enough to win a one-on-one battle with these higher-damage characters.

Now lets cover some tips and tactics to play as Widowmaker. If there is one character in the game that you are going to want to practice your aim for, Widowmaker is the one. To be a threat with her, you need to be able to land headshots consistenly. Otherwise you have the potential of giving away your location without securing the kill. If you suspect that an enemy player may be trying to close the gap on you, find yourself a different location – a good spot isn’t nearly as good when multiple enemies know exactly where you are.

Also note that your bullets leave a vapor trail so cognisant enemies will be able to discern your location pretty quickly. Unless you have your team pretty well backing you up, be sure to move your spot enough to keep the enemy team on their toes. While the Grappling Hook is a great way to get to a location, it is also a great way to get away from a location. If things are getting heated around where you are, don’t hesitate to use your grappling hook to pull yourself away and back to a spot where things are a bit less hectic. While you have some moderate damage at close to mid-range with full-auto mode, many other characters can and will out-damage you. Be aware of your surroundings and retreat as necessary. More often than not, a safe widow-maker is better than a dead one. Widowmaker is one of the few characters in the game that I would say is okay to break away a bit while your team is on the objective. I say this as she can be much more useful to the team by stopping the enemies from pushing rather than being an additional body on the objective.

In certain situations you will, of course, want to be on the point – for example in instances where you are in overtime and your team has the potential to lose the game if you’re not there. But these situations do not happen all the time. Learn to analyze each situations and react accordingly. While your ultimate can be a great way for YOU to know exactly where targets are to pick off, it can be even more advantageous when coordinated with your teammates.

If your teammates are coordinating a strong push for an objective, let them know you have your ultimate ready and if timed correctly your team will know where all enemies are during crucial moments giving them the upper-hand in a big fight. But that’s gonna do it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know in the comments if you feel better equipped to play Widowmaker now or if there are some aspects that I missed that you want to share. If you liked the video, please leave a like and if you want to see more content, please subscribe and follow me on facebook and Twitter, links in the description below. Thank you so much for watching. This is Toast and I’ll talk to you soon..

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