Hello lonewatch here and welcome to another overwatch video. today let’s talk about the wet tissue paper that is Zenyatta. So time to decide when to pick him, well he’s good on both attack and defence to be fair and it’s more of a situational pick, for instance if the enemy team has 2 tracers and a reaper and Mcree, well then I’m sorry you will have a bad time playing Zenyatta, you can try but other support may suit you better, that said tho he’s very powerfull and can melt tanks with no effort, but other heros melt you even faster, which is why Zenyatta is hard to paly, not that his kit is hard to understand, but the fact that positioning is your best friend and your enemy since it’s the key to your success, so on that note he’s great on attack and defence, but only if you can survive.

And speaking of surviving here’s some skills to help you get through these tough times. First his basic attack which is the bread and butter of Zenyatta and the key to surviving, since if you kill the enemy they won’t kill you, shocking I know, but needed. It deals 45 dmg per hit and if you charge it up with your right click it will deal 35 dmg per hit but it will burst out in a volly for a max of 175 dmg. Next we have two orbs that go with the whole ying yang theme, first orb, the orb of harmony on his shift, will heal your allies for 30 hp a second and will stick on them until you chose another target or break line of sight for 3 seconds, same goes for his orb of discord, it’s on his E, which has the same return function and the same targeting function but on enemy heros and it increases dmg made to the target by 50% which is the reason you can melt tanks with zenyatta, but this doesn’t work on reinhardt’s shield, only he will take the extra dmg, not his shield.

And of course his ultimate, Transcendence, which is a game changer, both if you want to push or just to save your team from death, it helas 100 health per second and it makes you immortal for 6 seconds, but only you not youe allies. I can’t stress enough that Zenyatta is a wet piece of paper ready to be ripped, which is why you will die a lot, no I mean a lot, but after some time you will get the hang of it, just make sure you stay in the back and try to survive.

But in some cases you won’t even be able to play him, let’s say the enemy Tracer is killing you over and over, so in that case you switch. So what to switch to, well if you are on attack, a tank or another support is a good option, even if you hava a support already, 2 supports is not that bad, or a tank, such as Reinhardt, and Winston and on defence you mostly do the same thing as on attack, if you are getting killed to much switch into something that your team needs, you are a support after all, and switching heros is a form of supporting your team.

Thank you all for watching and I will see you next time..

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