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Hey there! We are going to show you drills in Overwatch to improve your aim with McCree and other hitscan characters. If you envy the players landing all their headshots and collecting all the gold medals, you are watching the right video. Let?s see how you can become a sharpshooter in Overwatch, shall we? Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! In this episode, we are going to show you the drills needed to improve your aim with hitscan heroes. This is a basic guide, and we try to make the foundations solid, so you will be able to build on them. Please make sure that your sensitivity is right and that you have found a fitting crosshair to use. Let?s get into action! So, what is hitscan? Hitscan in Overwatch is the type of aim that gets registered at the exact time of firing.

This means there is no travel time and no delays. Well known examples of hitscan characters are: McCree, Soldier, Widowmaker, etc. These drills will be shown with McCree, but can be used with the other hitscan heroes too. If you want to compare it to tracking aim, please refer to our other video about that topic (the link can be found in the description). There is a little bit of science behind these drills.

If you want to know more, read the link in the description. Basically there are three steps: you see the enemy head on the screen, you adjust your mouse to the head and fire the shot. Simply speaking, all you do is the repetition of these 3 steps, so it goes like: see-adjust-fire, see-adjust-fire, and so on. The drills are improving these skills to make you better on the long run. Some words about the length and frequency of the training. You should do this drill every day, for 10 minutes. You can increase the length of the training up to 30 minutes per session and you can also do it more than once a day. Make sure that you stop practicing when you are getting tired, so you avoid practicing mistakes. I have been practicing like this all my life. Now look what I can do. Wow, those were some sick shots Master! OK.

The following will show you the aim practice drills that need to be done. You can fit these in ten minutes as a quick warm-up before play. First we see the so called ?static? drills, and then the ?dynamic? ones. The first one helps you memorize the distances that you need to make with your mouse, and makes your movement solid. Put the crosshair somewhere around the dummy?s head and adjust it to the head with one movement. You can gradually increase the initial distance from the head. You can also randomize the movement and adjust from the ending point. Change position so you can learn how to do this from closer and farther away. Do this drill for 1 minute. The next static drill is basically the same, but you need to adjust to and shoot the head. Make sure that your crosshair stays on the head and does not jump away or jiggle Spice up the drill by changing your position and the angle of the shot.

Do this drill for 30 seconds. Let?s start moving around. Hit the head of the dummy bots while moving, jumping, crouching and strafing. Try to integrate the previous knowledge into this one. You should also practice strafing to one direction and shooting. ADAD movement (when you strafe to the left and then to the right and back in quick movements) is really useful for 1v1 situations,and you should practice it too. Do this drill for 1 minute. The last static drill is the famous flicking. This is a really quick movement of the mouse to the enemy, usually happening in reaction to some unexpected movement.

Now this is something that needs a lot of practice, but it?s really worth the effort. You should be able to flick to the correct direction and hit the shot while moving your mouse. Pretend that you are guarding a position, placing your crosshair over it. Now pretend that the dummy just jumped into your screen. Flick the mouse to the right position and hit it.

Reset the crosshair to the initial position, pretending that you are still guarding it. Do this movement again and again from different positions. This helps you build muscle memory and improve reaction times. Do this drill for 1 minute. Shooting still targets is one trait, but you need to be able to shoot moving ones too. For the first dynamic drill, please stand still and just hit your shots. You can even release the keyboard, no need for it right now. Try to predict the enemy movement or track or flick to it. Just land those headshots. Do this drill for 1 minute. Building on the previous drill, start moving around a fixed point. You should now integrate your movement into your aim. Try matching the rhythm of your hands and make them work together to hit the target. This drill is really important, so try to master it. Do this drill for 2 minutes. The next one is twich aiming. The flick shot comes in an advanced version versus moving targets.

Again, try pretending that you are guarding a point and shoot the targets like they just appeared on your screen. Master this kind of shooting for the best play of the game videos! This skill is really useful for hitscans, so make sure that you learn it. Do this drill for one and a half minute. Now go in there and wreak havoc. Use everything you have learned to kill the bots. Combine all the drills and land those headshots. Pay attention to the quality of the aiming, do not just spam your shots. Try to predict, flick, crouch shot, strafe, just make sure that you hit the critical shots. Do this drill for 2 minutes. We hope you find these drills interesting and worth your time.

If you feel like you have already improved though, you are REALLY WRONG. You need to practice and sink time into this to become better. There is a little spreadsheet, summing up the drills in the description. And as always, feel free to ask or discuss anything in the comments. If you like what we are doing, subscribe or give us a thumbs up. See you guys next time!.

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