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Hello there! If you want to know how to aim well with Orisa and how to master the halt and protective barrier placement, we have a set of drills for you. Practice these short exercises and you will be able to pull enemies from cover, hit them when they are fleeing from you and shoot your barrier to the exact spot you want to. Keep watching! Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! Orisa is an anchor tank who has a lot of utility to help her team push in and make great plays. Her weapon has no damage falloff currently, and it can do really terrifying damage if you can aim well to the head.

Her halt ability can easily expose hiding enemies if handled correctly, or make other interactions available, like lifting a Reinhardt with shield and enabling a friendly earth shatter. She is able to spam shields to long distances, so it?s important that you learn the arc of the shield flight for perfect placements. All in all, she is easy to learn but hard to master, and our drills should help you fine tune your play with her. If you have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord server, where you can meet a helpful and friendly community, trying to improve together. Link can be found in the description. Let?s get to the drills! First of all, warm up with a tracking exercise. This is important as it will get you into practice mood and tracking is used heavily when aiming with Orisa. Keep your crosshair on the head of the bots. Go farther and closer, and switch targets sometimes. Do this drill for 30 seconds. The next one is some more tracking, but now you need to do tricky movements while keeping on the head of the bot.

It is really important to notice that Orisa can crouch, so use this to your advantage. Learning how to move and strafe in an arrhythmic fashion can save you from quite a bit of damage, as you are more likely to avoid head shots. Practice this movement, while keeping your crosshair on your target. Do this drill for 30 seconds. The next drill is about learning to control your halt ability. Practice pulling down the bot from the bridge to both sides. You need to get a good idea about the speed and the reach of the halt, so you can utilize it in a live environment. While you are waiting for the bridge bot to respawn, practice pulling out targets from behind cover.

You can see if the ability connects with an enemy, as a beam will be created towards them. Use your ability again to pull them and try to finish the bots as quickly as possible. This skill is a very effective zoning tool, enemies will try to hide from it, so you can create some seconds of opening. Do this drill for 1 minute. The last static drill is peeking. Orisa has a nice range that you can use to wear down enemies before you actually engage. But to avoid damage (thus making the enemy ultimate charge slower), you need to utilize your environment. Strafe out, shoot some at the enemy, and strafe back in. You can also use the crouch in your movements, it?s very effective against snipers.

Practice this to be a dodging machine. Do this drill for 1 minute. Here come the drills against moving enemies. It will be harder to track them, but your DPS can be really great if you can land your head shots. If you like these drills, consider supporting the dojo?s work by pledging on Patreon, there are private coaching rewards if you are interested in that. Link in the description. The first dynamic drill is to help to solidify your aim against moving targets.

The emphasis is on learning how much you need to lead your shots in order to consistently hit a moving target. Get a good feel about the speed of the projectiles. You need to lead less for closer target and more for the ones farther away. Do this drill for 1 minute. The next drill is building on the previous one, but now you must integrate your movement into shooting. It is important to notice that Orisa slows down while she is shooting, like D.Va does. You want to practice how to be elusive with her while still landing your shots, as it makes a really big difference if you can avoid some damage thrown at you. Do this drill for 2 minutes. The next one is about learning the range and speed of the Halt! ability and getting a better idea about how to deploy your barrier ability correctly. Mark a place where you want to land the barrier. Try to shoot it in a way that it lands in the exact same position from different distances. While it is on cooldown, use your halt to pull the moving bot from the platform.

Make sure you practice the halt when the bot is moving towards you, standing and moving away from you, as these scenarios can be very different in regard to timing. When the barrier is up again, try to place it to the same spot as before. You also need to practice how to place it on high ground for maximum effectiveness. Do this drill for 2 minutes. The last drills is about experiencing a different angle of view when firing. Stand on the high ground and try to land your head shots. Standing up here allows you to practice shooting to really long distances too. Integrate your movement into your aim. You will have to lead your target a lot if you are shooting them at long range. Do this drill for 2 minutes. All right, if you really want to dig into Orisa, fire up a custom game with no cooldowns.

Practice the barrier placement to different positions and variable distances. Make sure that you know how to arch your shot to place it safely on the high ground and how to aim if you are placing it on the low ground from an elevated position. Controlling this ability perfectly makes a big difference in games! That?s our 10 minute session for you to get better with Orisa. If you like what we are doing, please subscribe, give us a thumbs up and share this video. See you guys next time!.

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