Hey there! In this video we are going to talk about peeling, a concept that comes from MOBA games and used – or should be used – in Overwatch frequently. Learning about this topic will make sure that the supports in the team stay alive and sustain you for longer, and that you are able to recognize and solve the situations where one of your teammates are getting harassed. Hello guys and welcome to the dojo! Let’s quickly describe peeling. Peeling is when you as a player, deny an enemy from reaching and harassing your teammates. This is mostly done to protect supports. We are going to dive a little deeper into the topic to establish a good understanding of different situations that call for peeling.

You should know when and how to peel against different enemies by the end of this video! So why are we dedicating a full video to this simple thing? Your knowledge of Overwatch is made up from a lot of different mechanical and game sense skills. Peeling is something a lot of players don’t even think about, but it can help tremendously if the enemy decided to heavily harass your supports and deny sustain for your team. Playing a support hero against any dive comp is a hard thing to do, and when your team just runs to the objective like headless chickens to get some kills, your supports will get harassed or killed if they’re left too far behind. Peeling comes into the picture to make you think about the team and to allow your supports to sustain the group safely. The next thing we are going to talk about is how to do it properly, and what your objective should be when you decide to peel for somebody.

Note that sometimes your teammate are just badly positioning themselves. If this is the case – meaning that they’re not dying because they are getting dived hard, but just going down to random spam – peeling won’t help. Tell your teammate to try to stay in cover and keep up with the team instead. Staying with someone who is lagging behind because of bad positioning will weaken your team’s pushing power, and may cost you teamfights and eventually the game. Peel when it is needed but use the following knowledge to realize when you actually need to. When we are talking about peeling it is worth mentioning that there are some heroes who are pretty good at taking out the back line of your team. Heroes like Genji and Tracer are extremely good with messing up the backline, as their kit makes them able to play a hit-n-run playstyle. They will try to attack from unexpected angles and use the distraction in your team to focus support heroes, and take them out quickly. We are not talking about the playstyle of the flankers, but by knowing how you should defend against it, you can be a stronger flanker.

There is a powerful tool which can help you improve your harasser and flanker game style, especially if you play Tracer. Click the card right now or check the description! We are going to guide you through an example. Let’s say you have a Zen on your team and a Winston in the enemy group. Your Zen is dying a lot due to being jumped by the Winston and being tickled to death quickly.

Whatever class or character you play, the first and most important thing is to be aware of this situation. You need to recognize if someone is doing poorly because of the enemy team heavily focusing them. Bad positioning occurs in a lot of cases when someone dies, but there are situations when your teammates are unable to do anything due to being the sole focus for the enemy team. After you realize this, it’s time to peel for your buddy. Your objective is to keep harassers away, while they try to do what they do.

It’s important to note that you just want to make sure your buddy is staying alive, the primary goal is not to kill the enemies coming for you. In the previous example if you are playing another support, it is worth it to try to disable or chase the Winston away and heal your support buddy in the meantime. Note that it draws healing away from the frontline when you peel for the other support, as you both will be preoccupied with defending each other. It is more important to stay alive and heal for the long run then to let your buddy perish due to divers and try to sustain your team alone.

If you are playing a DPS, you can stay back to make sure that you damage the Winston heavily during his jump and stay between your support and the enemy to do even more DPS and chase the monkey away. This way your support can heal you while you take care of the divers. If you are playing a tank, you usually have access to protective abilities to defend your teammate who needs peeling. Zarya can bubble the target and do damage to the approaching enemies, Roadhog can hook an enemy and do heavy damage to repel the attacker.

You can see that whatever you play, you will be able to provide peeling for your teammates. The hardest part in this is realizing the need for it and then staying back to make sure your team is alive and healthy when you get to the objective instead of going in to try to hunt frags and potgs. The next section is about the player who is getting help from the teammate. Your buddy will stay back with you to fend enemies away, and you should try to help them as much as possible. Don’t leave your peeling McCree without sustain, or he is going to regret trying to help you and may never come back to help again. When you are getting heavily harassed by the enemy team, the first question to ask is about your positioning. Help yourself if you can and use covers, break the enemy line of sight, or keep closer to your team. However if you feel you are being focused heavily by the enemy team and unable to stay alive for any teamfight, then there is no shame in asking for help. You can tell your team that you are in need of protection and that you can not do your job due to being killed early before the actual teamfight happens.

This can also happen if you are playing a DPS and the enemy is focusing you heavily. Asking for help and working together will make the whole team stronger. Two additional examples in felt board style so you can see when it is good to peel and when you should try to communicate mistakes of another player instead. The first scenario: You are playing Roadhog in a team with Ana, Lucio, Soldier, Genji, Reinhardt, so a deathball composition, attacking the first point on Numbani. The enemy plays Tracer,Genji,Winston,Dva, Ana and Zenyatta. Your Ana dies a lot and when you check her positioning you can see that she is sniping from afar, not coming with the team, however Lucio tries to be as close to the frontline as possible to provide support.

Your enemies realized that Ana is positioning badly and killing her before actual fights happen. In this scenario, tell the Ana player to keep up with the team and sustain from close. Rein and you can both protect her with shields or your body, and Lucio can help with boops and heals as well. The other scenario: you play McCree in a team of Winston, Dva, Tracer, Zenyatta, Mercy on Lijang night market. The enemy team has Genji,Tracer,Dva, Zarya, Lucio, Mercy. You can not really keep up with your diving buddies, but you tend to stand in the middle to be able to dish out enough damage and secure kills. However your Zen is getting counter dived by the enemy, and eliminated in the beginning of the teamfights, or even before that. Realize that you are actually better off fighting with your Zen, and then having the extra heal and damage from him. Stay back, stun to kill anyone who is diving and has the orb of discord.

Win-win for both Zen and the team. You should now be able to realize when someone needs your peeling or when you need it and ask for help explaining what is going on. This little thing can turn the tides in games where you feel that you can not really do anything to win. If you like our videos, please subscribe, like the video and spread the word about us by sharing this episode. Overwatchdojo has a great and supportive community for improvement, join our Discord and be the part of it. If you want to support our work or get private coaching from experienced coaches, head over to our Patreon page. See you guys next time!.

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