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Overwatch Playing With Mercy On Your Team Guide


Overwatch Playing With Mercy On Your Team Guide?by Moosies

If you want to take your game to the next level, you should be aware of which healer(s) you have on your team. Why does it matter? Well, it doesn?t really. They?re a support role hero, their job is to support you, it?s in the name. Your job is to pick something damagey and go damage the opponents? faces in and 1v6 the enemy team to victory. If the healer is doing his job, you?ll stay alive and ez gg.

So why should you care if your healer picks Mercy? Well, Mercy is the easiest hero in the game. Seriously, she finds someone hurt and holds down left-click. Congrats, you?re now an expert Mercy player. That is her skill cap. So you need to think about what kind of players are drawn to a hero like that. It?ll be someone who finds anything more demanding to be impossibly daunting. Basically, the Mercy player is an idiot and you can?t trust her to even handle left-clicking people.

So how do you play around your Mercy player?s limitations? First off, don?t let her distract you from finding the first enemy you see and tunneling in on them until one of you dies. Maybe someone?s shooting at her, maybe flankers are targeting her, doesn?t matter. She has wings, she has a pistol.. she?s a freaking angel, if she can?t take care of herself, what are you going to do? Nothing.

Occasionally, you?ll die and you?ll be given 10 seconds of forced introspection. Take this time to consider what you might have done differently. Then tell your healer that you just didn?t get heals. Maybe you were in a tough to reach place, surrounded by multiple enemies. But Mercy is a battle angel, she should have been there. Remember to hit X to call for healing every time you?re slightly hurt after that. It helps to remind her what she?s supposed to be doing.

Sometimes (probably on accident), your whole team will group up for a push as a 6-man. Your Mercy might announce that she has her ult available. I know, like anyone cares about a support?s ult? You all get to the point, and someone dies. Maybe you?re under heavy fire, maybe there?s an AoE ult going on. Your worthless Mercy is hiding in the back around a corner and you notice you?re getting a damage buff instead of heals?. almost like she wants you to die! She has clearly lost it. She?s a danger to herself and others! Your only option is to stop dpsing and run away from her, preferably further into the enemy base. Sure, you?re going to die anyway in 5 seconds, but at least you?ll be 20 yards away first. It helps if your teammates know that they should also all run away in separate directions and try to stagger their deaths 5-10 seconds apart.

Other random tips:

* If you are in a 2v1 with Mercy healing you but you?re still afraid you?ll lose, run. Preferably in a way that Mercy may not be able to follow. Remember, you don?t have to outrun the enemy, you just have to outrun your Mercy.

* When you die, you may notice your Mercy dies a few seconds later. The important thing is to boost out of the spawn as quickly as possible so she can?t fly to you. Let her walk all the way back while she thinks about how she let you down. It?s the only way she?ll learn.

* Naturally, you?re a genji/hanzo/widowmaker/pharah player and frequently are on high ground. If you hear a junkrat ult or just happen to notice she?s in trouble, quickly back away from the ledge so she can?t fly to you. You?ll just bring enemy attention your way. She can support you just as well by taking an ult for the team.

* More fun with high ground? sometimes you?ll get hurt. Make sure to spam call X for heals while staying away from the ledge so she can?t reach you without walking the long way around and up the stairs. Bonus points for jumping down right when she gets there. Triple points if the enemies then shoot her as she attempts to follow you down.

* Under no circumstances should you stop your flanking to come back to Mercy for heals. It?s her job to reach you, no matter what enemies may be in the way. Spam call for heals until she gets to you.

* With supports like these, it?s no wonder you might be tempted to pick a self-healing class. If you?re Roadhog, make sure you use your E on cooldown, even if there?s absolutely no one else taking damage, you?re completely safe and Mercy is currently healing you. That self-healing card is yours, dammit! If you?re not Roadhog, you can still pick up med kits in the same situation.

Let me know if you found this guide helpful. If so, I?ll start writing my next one: ?Because f you, you worthless pugs!? ? a pistol-only Mercy guide.


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