Overwatch Pro Tips: Neptuno explains Battle Mercy, Special Settings, and Who to Rez


Josh: The big reason we wanted to talk to you specifically is? So the first thing I do when I Valk is I never use it to use my pistol, of course. I use it to keep people alive, or to keep the momentum of the fight, or to create a space in some positions on the map where it’s so hard to take space without using ults. So I feel like, “Now is the moment to use this ult and secure this point or whatever.” When is the moment to stop healing your teammates? If they don’t need healings, you can do it, but do it for like one second or two. If you don?t kill her, just go back. I try to keep all my teammates alive, at the same time I try to put myself in a position where the enemy Widow or like Hanzo, anything that can kill me?I try to be in a position where they cannot punish me.

And what I do is I try to sneak close to them without them realizing to finish them or one-shot them for at least one second or two seconds, and then I go back. You might make the enemy team go to help their Widow, and then you’re back, so they are using resources on Widow and you bought time or space. I’ve been doing this so many times that now I’m really good at it, but I think sometimes it’s not the best option to stop healing your teammates. I think, with Mercy, it’s super important being good mechanically. Not only aim, but also how to use your shift. There are some small tricks, like if you want to, you can shift, cancel it fast, and press space so you do a small jump. When you do the small jump, you can change your direction entirely. You can, as soon as you jump, you can change the momentum to backwards, left side, right side. So that’s something I abuse in some corners, when the distance is so short. When you play with a Pharah or people that use high ground, it’s super important to understand when you have to stop your shift so you don’t get in line of sight of the enemy Widow or stuff like that.

So a perfect usage of your shift is what makes a good Mercy. I would recommend everyone to have everything off. Like I don’t understand why people use “Prefer Beam Target,” because sometimes, especially when you play Pharah, you wanna keep your tanks alive on the ground. At the same time you want to use your anchor point on Pharah, so you want to look down, heal tanks, look at your Pharah where she is, and keep healing the tank. As soon as you see a threat, or you’re falling too much, you shift a bit and stop shifting so you can fall down a bit, slowly, and keep healing your tanks.

And if your tanks are full HP, you keep your Pharah with damage boost and you look at the ground. Always look at the opposite side. You don’t need to look at the guy you’re healing, because you need to be good at looking in your middle screen who you are healing or damage boosting. You can see his HP, so you don’t need to look. You need to look at the screen in a different way when you play Mercy, I guess.

Zen and D. Va, because those are the two that can help you rez someone else. if you can tell your D. Va, “Hey, matrix me, I’m going to go for rez,” that’s why you always want to keep your D. Va alive, and your Zen, because those two can help you rez someone else with orb and matrix. What I will tell to people in solo queue when I play Mercy is that they shouldn’t expect healings in weird positions. Do not rez your Genji if he’s overextended. Don’t rez him. Mercy should never go to rez a tank unless she has a window where she can rez. You need to understand windows. If you don’t see a window, just don’t take the risk.

Just keep with your teammates, 5v6 is still winnable. This game has a lot of one-shots, so it’s still winnable. And just keep sustaining the people that is alive, and if you see a window while you’re keeping your teammates alive, you can go. I think easiest way to get the most value from Valkyrie is using defensively in ranked, because people are uncoordinated, so you are going to keep your team alive. But you can also use it offensively. Proactively, you need to communicate with your team. So if your teammates ask for it, then you can use it.

You can tell them, “Let’s go aggressive with Valk, everyone,” so everyone goes together. Or if they dive you, and you are in danger, you can just Valk and your teammates can help you finish the guys that use cooldowns on you, but they cannot finish you because you Valk, so they get punished for that, and you can retake. If you use Valkyrie, for example Orisa comps, you can tell your team, “I’m going to Valk, everyone play close to Orisa. Play with Orisa, play with Orisa!” or like “Help Orisa! Help Orisa!” That’s what everyone on my team will say, “Help Orisa! Help Sado, help Sado!” So everyone plays with Sado when I’m Valking, and everyone is getting my damage boost or healings.

Or when they dive Boombox when he’s playing Zen, I use my Valk and I say, “Help Boom! Help Boom! So everyone goes to help Boom, and they get my healings, too. So I don’t need to tell them, “Hey, I’m Valking, let’s go close to Boom.” I just say, “Help Boom,” or I give direction and cause, so they position where I want them to be. It’s really hard to apply Mercy in solo queue. I still think you can try your best. If your team is good, you’re gonna win if you’re doing the best you can. If you are making mistakes as Mercy, it doesn’t matter how good your team is, you’re probably gonna lose..

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