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Overwatch Shocking Surprise Mode Guide By: Reaper76otp


  • The zombadiers drop one tire each.
  • The bosses drop multiple tires.
  • Wave based tires also spawn.
  • It’s not random.

Step 1: Don’t kill a zombadier if you don’t have ammo/abilities to finish off the resulting tire.

Step 2: Torb throws lava on the door when boss is nearly dead. Tires deleted. Alternatively, if no Torb ult, get Soldier to save rocket for a boss corpse tire spawn.

The End.

The super slow method:

  • Make team kill one zombardier and one resulting tire at a time.
  • Make Team kill one boss at a time
  • Bring circle-strafing Brig and a Zen.
  • Brig with a zen orb and her ult can solo tank any boss who isn’t Junk. Reaper and Hog ult can be canceled with shield bash. Now you can stall any non-Junk boss for as long as you want while you focus on tires. Just make sure to kill the current boss before the next one spawns.
  • If you have no Brig, Torb turret is your best tank. Throw it near Reaper, and throw it near Symmetra.

Deleting Reaper the moment he spawns:

He cannot ghost you if you keep him stunned.

  1. Mccree headshot
  2. Mccree flash Bang
  3. Mccree headshot.
  4. At the same time, a full clip of Zen right click headshot, and some trash damage or Brig shield bash after flashbang to stun him longer, and you have no more reaper.

Deleting Hog quickly:

If your soldier can reliably rocket his tire spawns, and your name is Torb, push up and stand in front of hog spawn, a little distance out of hog’s immediate oneshot range. Lava the door and then hog’s spawn point. Press E when he spawns, and then slowly ad strafe while spamming headshots. Hog will not move and simply sits there in lava while he tries to shoot you. By the time your E is over, half his hp will be gone. With another dps helping you he should be dead by then. Immediately shoot the tires.

One person boss stalls if your name is not Brig and you are not a turret:

Hog is projectile based. If there aren’t too many zombadiers, stand still near him, then dodge when he fires. Remember when Soldier ult forced aimbot on your rockets except your rockets were a projectile and so never hit the target? Same reason this works. Use his aimbot against him.

  • He does not do a step forward hook melee combo. If you get hooked you can press a direction key and side step his damage, or most of it.
  • You can also make him bug out near the cart wall thing while ad strafing on the other side. Keep him focused on you by shoulder peek shooting and you’ll both be strafing with a wall between you ad infinitum.
  • Either bring a stun character to cancel his whole hog, or enough dps to nuke him before he ults.

You can make Symmetra bug out by standing directly at the top left corner on the stairs, stunning her when she gets there, then stay there while ad strafing so she lasers the wall to the left 80% of the time. AI pathfinding v.s. corners at its best. Well done Blizzard programming.


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