Hey there! Snowballing or the ‘snowball effect’ is when you gain a little advantage with your team and use it to gain even more advantage and steamroll the enemy. This video will teach you how to forge victories from slight advantages and how to prevent the enemy team from doing so. Hello guys and welcome to the dojo. Overwatch is a team based game, but we tend to forget that in solo queue. However, it is worth it to pay attention to what is happening around you, not just focusing on what you want to do in the next few moments.

If a team gets slightly ahead with a few picks, they can easily claim objectives and secure more kills if everyone is paying attention to these events and work together to achieve greatness together. Let’s get to it right away! Before talking any more about the theory, let’s see a hands-on example. You are on the attacker side on Hanamura, trying to break the choke that the defenders vigorously hold.

As you approach the enemy, your Pharah is able to get two direct hits on the enemy Mercy, quickly ending her life. This is an advantage that fires up as an event on the top right corner of your screen and shows you that the enemy just got weaker (if you don’t have the kill feed enabled, go and enable it right now!). What does this kill mean to you? The opposing team lost a single hero, yes, but that was their main healer.

This means that they will lack sustain and if you can get another pick or make them weaker and weaker somehow, you can effectively push through them and claim victory. Before getting to the explanation, a bit of self-advertisement: the Overwatchdojo Discord community is waiting for you. Come and join our weekly challenges for fun and monthlies for improvement. Be the part of a great and friendly neighborhood who all thrive to improve together and help each other! All right, you got your example, now let’s talk about the theory behind the snowball effect.

This is so you are able to identify situations where you or the enemy team can use their advantage to roll over the opponent. Of course, you want to make sure that your allies recognize this fact and do everything in your power to prevent the enemy from using their advantage, forcing mistakes from them in order to make them give away. Or if you are the winning team, use your tactical resources well. Let’s start from the beginning. Snowballing will always start with an event that happens between the two teams. We identify three types that you want to look out for, these are in the order of importance: An enemy character dying An enemy ultimate coming to the game An enemy ability being used Note that we are going to talk from your perspective but if you detect any of these in your team, just make sure you are reacting quickly enough to prevent a team kill and a quickly lost game. If an enemy character is dead before any of your teammates go down, you will have the numbers advantage. If there are no bravours in the enemy team, you should be able to win the fight using sheer force by overpowering the enemy.

Of course, this is usually not so straightforward, as a lot of variables can- and will come into play. Positioning, covers, ultimates, abilities, etcetera, etcetera. Even if you only think about the raw numbers, these should indicate if you have a chance to start snowballing. Start small and you will understand more and more as you experience the game in many different situations. For now, just pay attention to the numbers.

In case you have 2 or more advantage over the enemy, you can usually safely start pushing them away from the objective and claiming it. Things can go wrong with some enemy ultimates with high team wipe potential, more about that in a sec. So if you have two more than the enemy, go for the throat. If you have 3 or even more advantage, you can usually start hunting the enemy down. Even if you die in the process, your team controls the objective and by killing those who lag behind, you are delaying the regrouping of the enemy team, winning really precious seconds. So claim your advantage and start snowballing in these situations. The next thing about snowballing, the second most important aspect is ultimate advantage. If you have some ultimates available, treat them as resources. You want to invest as little as possible and still win the fight.

Let us explain this briefly, it’s really a topic of another video. There are 3 types of ultimates: utility, sustain and damage ultimates. Damage is Pharah’s justice rain, sustain is Zenyatta’s golden award, the utility is Zarya’s grav. You can use them for different stuff. When you want to handle your ultimate resources well, you need to think about the effect that you want to achieve. You usually don’t want to burn two of the same type ultimates, eg: Zenyatta and Lucio, because they have the same effect. When talking about snowballing, it sometimes comes down to managing the ultimates just right.

Use the right types and the right amount to overpower the enemy, while thinking about how to save the most resources for the next engages, winning the next fight as well, and the one after that. So basically the takeaway here is that if you see an enemy wasting their ultimates in a single engage, you can overwhelm them with yours. If they used both sustain ultimates, just go for them and kill them in the next team fight, you will know they can not defend against your push if you execute it well. But pay attention not to use too much, or you get into the same situation as your enemy is in right now. When your allies waste ultimates somehow, it’s not the end of the world. This is the situation when you want to force out mistakes from the enemy. Dry pushing, or pushing the objective without ultimates will allow you to charge your ults and to try to bait some enemy abilities. Hope you get the idea. If you feel that you are stuck in your current rank, and want to learn the game in-depth, Overwatchdojo offers private coaching with more than a year of professional experience.

Click the card now for details, or see the Patreon link in the description! Lastly, we are going to talk about how to snowball using ability advantage. The idea is the same as with ultimate, however, you need to roll your snowball a lot faster when we are talking about abilities due to the low cooldown. An example: Mercy is using her resurrect, so you know that it will be on cooldown for quite a while. Instead of poking, it is a good time to do permanent damage and try to wipe the enemy. These things can add up and work really well to win team fights, and then you can just use the numbers advantage. Another example is Tracer’s recall ability, that you can abuse after she recalled. Any damage that you do is permanent and she can not heal it back. Kill the Tracer and continue with the others. When you are the underdog, it’s not a problem to start being passive until the ability becomes available again.

Do you lack shield? Wait for it to recharge before going in. If you are dead, you can’t help your team and you lose valuable ultimate charge time. So make sure you are in the right condition to fight before you go in. All in all, we want you to pay attention to your advantages and feel free to push the enemy when you have the lead. Snowballing can win maps in the blink of an eye if the whole team is working together and more or less know about these concepts.

If they don’t educate them. We believe that players in comp want to win and would accept a tip or two from a teammate if that is presented well. See our communication guide if you want to more about the topics. We are here for you. We want to educate you so you can get better faster. Master yourself, master the game, that is the motto of Overwatchdojo. As always, if you like what we are doing, please like, subscribe and share this video with others who might be interested, be the evangelist for good knowledge. Join us on our Discord and give a quick look at the Patreon page. See you guys in the next one!.

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