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Hey there! In this video, we are going to talk about Soldier76 aim, giving you tips about how to practice and improve your aiming skills with him. Let?s get it on! Soldier76 is a very straightforward character in Overwatch. He is using a hitscan type automatic weapon that is useful at all ranges. His kit also includes a projectile rocket, so he needs a mix of the two main types of aiming, hitscan and tracking. He had seen a lot of attention from the Overwatch developers. He gets buffed and nerfed regularly, and his presence became really strong at the end of season 2. With threatening sustained damage at all ranges, healing and mobility, he is a great addition to any team. Let?s see what you can do to improve your accuracy and critical hit count with him.

Before starting, please make sure that your sensitivity is set right. You need to land your shots, and this calls for good mouse settings. First of all, let?s speak about animation cancelling. Animation cancelling is an interesting topic, that can give you a very slight edge over the opponent. There are two that you can use with Soldier76. The first animation cancel makes you load a little bit faster. You need to reload into and ability, meaning that you hit the reload key, wait until the bullet counter resets, then use another ability to cancel the animation. We usually use sprint for this one. This delays your sprint by a little bit, but makes you load faster and gives you the upper hand in certain situations.

Note, that Soldier has a slight delay before he can fire after sprint, so keep this in mind. Most importantly, do not use sprint when peeking around corners, or you may get killed before you can shoot. The next one is the biotic field cancelling. This makes the deployment of the field quick, and you can do whatever you want after it. A good use is to do a biotic field into ultimate, so you have the regen while using your auto aim. Okay now, let?s talk about the drills. Note, that these drills are for warming up and creating the basics of aiming for Soldier76. If you do them before play, it helps you get into shape, and also sharpens your skills over time. There may be more advanced drills, but we will just cover the basics here, you do the rest. Let?s load up the tutorial range and start practicing.

The first exercises are done against non moving targets. These lay the foundation for your aiming techniques. This video gives you a schedule that takes 10 minutes to do and includes all parts of aiming that Soldier76 requires. The first static drills teaches you how to shoot effectively. Soldier76?s aim has weapon spread.This means that when you shoot, it starts spraying in a random pattern, making your crosshair bigger with each shot, up to a maximum spread. To avoid this randomness, you need to fire in short bursts to make your shots precise. Practice this. Stand in front of the bots and shoot in 3-4 bullet long series. Try to memorize the rhythm, so you won?t have to pay attention to this in-game.

Do this drill for 1 minute. The aiming skills with Soldier76 rely mostly on tracking your target. To make it more solid, we track the standing bot?s head while moving around in zig-zags. Try to pretend that you are in a 1v1 situation with the bot. Don?t shoot yet. Do this drill for 30 seconds. When you are done killing your current target, you need to switch to the other one.

Start shooting, then flick to the other bot and finish it with the same clip. Do this first from a standing postion, then start moving around. Do this drill for 30 seconds. Okay, you practiced the basics, here comes the interesting part. Now you need to train against moving bots. The first dynamic drill is about leading shots.Find a good position and stand still for this one. Leading aim, or leading shots is a type of aiming, which involves predicting and reading the enemy. You place your cursor to a position where you think the enemy will be, and fire the shots as he gets to that position. This can make it easier to hit them with burst shots from a stationary position. During this drill, you can also practice firing your rockets. You usually want to directly hit the target, and leading the shots makes it easier for the projectiles to hit. Do this drill for one minute. The next drill is tracking moving targets. Remain still, and start tracking the head of the moving targets. Shoot them as quickly as possible, landing all the headshots in bursts.

You can also practice spraying with your weapon, as sometimes (usually against big targets) it is a better way to do damage. Make sure that you quickly flick to another target after finishing the current one. Do this drill for one minute. For the next one, you should start moving around a fixed position. Integrate your movement into your aim. You can use the movement keys for easier leading shots, and for better tracking of the moving targets. Make sure that you shoot in bursts. Do not forget practicing your rockets! Do this drill for two minutes. The next one is high ground training. For this one, you need to go to the high ground using the stairs. Soldier 76 is really good for mid range shots, and this is what you need to practice here. Mix things up, stand still, move around a fixed point, or move around the whole high ground and land the burst shots.

You can try making the bursts even shorter for more precise shots. Use the helix rockets too. Do this drill for two minutes. For the last drill, you need to use everything that you have done in the previous ones. Peeking corners, bursting from close range, picking the target from afar. This is more like a cool down than a drill, but it is still useful. Do this drill for two minutes. Hope you find these drills interesting and worth your time. Keep practicing and you will get better. Feel free to comment and start a discussion in the comment section. If you like Overwatchdojo?s work, please give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. You can also find us on different social media channels. See you guys next time!.

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