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hi it’s saBotage and welcome to another Overwatch video. This time “Things you might not know in Overwatch” I’m not entirely sure if i’m retarded, and all of these are widely known, or you’ll actually learn something. I hope i’m not retarded. First one you might actually know, but i’m gonna include it to be ensure the knowledge is spread. Did you know, that D.va can use her Defense matrix when she uses boosters? that when you use Genji’s Dragon Blade ult, it resets his dash ability. that Sombra’s EMP makes affected enemies deaf while ongoing? that Bastion has a weak spot on his back, that takes 200% damage? that Soldier 76 helix rockets goes for current target, when he uses tactical visor? that Symmetra’s beam charges up to 120 damage per second, and holds that damage for 3 seconds after beaming? that certain heroes has special options, that can be a huge help in game? Mercy has a toggle option for healing and damage boost. This way, you don’t have to hold either mousebutton, only click when you want to change target, or change from healing to damage.

You can also choose if guarding angel prefers current hero targeted or not, and if you need to hold shift to fly to a teammate or break the flying to a teammate with a toggle function. Hanzo and Genji can climb wall, HOLY SHIT big news! No they along with that, have an autowallclimb option, that makes they autowall climb if in the air, and it makes your game so much smoother imo. Lucio has the ability to swap between healing and speedboost. And for that an option, which will always leave you on healing boost, unless you hold down your swiching key (SHIFT). It makes sure that you are always on healing, unless you are in the situation where you need extra speed, for at short period of time.

i hope that atleast one of these tips helped you and i hope to see you again goodbye.

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