Hey there! There are many guides covering Tracer In Depth, but hardly any drills that makes it easier to practice and master her kit. This video will give you exercises that you can do to manage your blinks better, stay alive longer and stick those ultimates. Hello guys and welcome to the dojo! If you are wondering how to master the blink and how to land ultimates with Tracer, search no more. In this video, we are going to show you exercises to train Tracer’s ability usage. Tracer has a high skill ceiling and a great deal of that is about how you manage and control your abilities and ultimate, and another big part is how well you aim of course. This video will show you exercises that you can do to master blink management, recall timing, and landing bombs. Before we continue, here is the deal. In order to improve, we need you to take action.

You should spend time on practice, as most of these are mechanical knowledge.10 Minutes a day is a minimum for these things to stick, the more the merrier. We recommend 12 minutes for the drills in this vide. You can do it before or after matches, just make sure you consistently do them day by day, and you will feel the change after one or two weeks of practice. It is only worth anything if you implement the newly learned things in game too, so don’t neglect playing after a session. Hop in to a competitive game, where there is actual pressure, not just a clean and safe practice environment. Okay, so to make sure that the practice is seamless, use the following settings in your custom games.

It’s recommended to save them so you won’t have to deal with configuration again. Set the mode to skirmish, disable primary and secondary fire and abilities for all characters, and enable them only for Tracer. Set your HP to max and your ultimate charge to max. The recommended training is 12 minutes long for a single session, this is how we timed the exercises. This time is intended for ability training only, you can train your aim in a separate session. If you are interested we have a video about that too, check it out now! Alright we are going to start with blink management. This ability is used for engage and Disengage, and also for dodging shots during fights.

There are a few things that you need to master here, we are going to start with plain blink management. Note that you can decide not to do an exercise if you feel that you are confident in that part of ability control. Mix and match these drills for the best personalized training! Blinks are allowing you to traverse the map really quickly, and to dodge enemy shots and abilities. There are 3 charges that can be used and it’s important to note that a single charge refreshes after 3 seconds.

Blink management is the art of using the blink ability in a way that you are doing a lot of damage, staying alive and have means to escape in the same time. The first drill is to learn the exact distance you can travel with blinks. This is best done in a custom game in a random map. Set it up so the bots do not use their primary fire or abilities, and make it so you have no blink cool down. Your objective is to walk towards a bot and blink right in the face of the enemy in melee distance. Only use one blink now, don’t spam it. This drill teaches you how to measure the blink distance in different situations against different enemies. Do this from different angles, with only one blink first.

If you start feeling confident, go for 2 blink distances. You can go even harder if you are doing the 2 blinks variant but the two blinks are not on a straight line. This way you need to calculate the distances mentally, chose the right angle to get behind the target and then blink to one direction first and to the target quickly with the second. Hard to pull of, but this type of movement can really throw enemies off during games. When you melee, you can start meleeing right when you blink and it is going to be carried over to the end of the blink distance. Do this drill for 3 minutes. Choose between variant 1 or 2 and do that only.

Your goal is to be at melee distance in front of the enemy with all your blinks. The second drill is the same, however you need to blink right behind the enemy, do a 180 flip and melee. This is again used to learn positioning and will also be useful for ultimate sticks. Variant 2 is the same as before, use two blinks to get behind the enemy, and don’t just go in a straight line, but try to calculate where you will appear. Do this drill for 3 minutes. Choose between variant 1 or 2 and do that only.

Your goal is to land a 180 turn melee as many times as possible. If you want to measure your improvement, take note of how much time you spend on the drill, how many times your try blink positioning and how many of that is within melee range. By keeping track of it, you will be able to see how much you improve with these drills. The next ability that you want to drill is recall. Recall helps you stay alive by refreshing your health and getting you back to a position where you were 3 seconds before. This ability can not really be drilled that much, but here is an exercise that can help you to remember how much action happens in 3 seconds, so you can be more certain where you will recall. Before you begin, modify the recall cooldown, and set it to 0. Just to make the exercise a bit smoother, so you don’t have to wait for the recall all the time.

For this drill, you need to run around the map, harassing the bots. Try to blink close and hit as much of your clips as you can, this is the general setup. What you need to do is mark distinguishable spots on the map (for example, use hp pack spawn points) and walk over them, this is going to be your starting point. Try to start a 3 second countdown in the back of your head just when you step over the point, then do the general objective. Your goal is to recall to the exact spot you designated as the starting point. The closer you get to the start after the recall the better.

Do this drill for 3 minutes. Your goal is to land right on top of your starting point as many times as possible. To keep track of the improvement, not the time you spend on the drill, attempted recalls and perfect recalls. A quick service announcement: If you want to make sure you improvement is in the right hands, the Overwatchdojo team is coaching individuals with great results. If you feel stuck, click on the card right now and read about our services! The last drill is about ultimate usage.

The ability to land ultimates distinguishes a good tracer from a mediocre one. Sticking the bomb is not easy in all situations, as you are usually jumping around the moving enemy and have to land the bomb like that. It’s easier to target big enemies with it, but you should be able to stick an Ana with ease if you are a good Tracer player. An important note here: If you have not done it already, you really should rebind Tracer’s ultimate to somewhere other than the default on PC. This is because it is really hard to go to the left and use the ultimate reliable in the same time. Rebind it to shift or to the mouse for the best results! Alright, for this drill you need to run and blink around the map doing damage to the bots how you like. When the ultimate comes up, you have to land it on an enemy as soon as possible. The first variant of the drill just needs you to go to the target somehow and land the ult on it. The second variant is a bit harder. In order to maximize your damage output, the following combo should be practiced: ultimate->blink->melee->blink/recall.

The last blink or recall is your choice. This combo utilizes animation cancel heavily and you will be able to output a lot of damage when executed perfectly. The goal here is to land the ult and finish the enemy in the same sequence. By launching the ultimate right before the blink, you eliminate the chance that the enemy will sidestep from the ultimate. Practice to make the timing perfect, you don’t want to throw the ult and then blink into it.

We heavily recommend not going in straight lines when you want to stick the ultimate. Do the same that you do for the blink drills, however this time you pay attention to the ultimate. Imagine that you want to stick a Hanzo for example, you don’t want to be headshot with an arrow because you arrive from a predictable, straight line. When you go for the stick on the enemy, try to aim at the lower body of the character. The bomb flies in a small arc and you want to make sure it sticks. By hurling it towards the feet of the enemy, you have better chances to land it.

Do this drill for 3 minutes. Your goal is to have as many ultimates as possible in the given time and stick them on the enemy. To measure your improvement, note down how many ultimates did you get and attempted to land and how many of that actually sticked. If you do the combo, take note of how many targets did you successfully kill. We hope that the drills shown here will prove useful to you and help you master Tracer’s unique ability kit.

Create a schedule, do the practice consistently and you will be able to carry really hard. As usual: like comment, share and subscribe to the channel if you like what we are doing. We are waiting for you on our Discord server. See you guys next time!.

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