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Hey there! If you want to become an utter nightmare for the enemy team, you are watching the right guide. Flank ?em, track them down and recall to safety after finishing your job. Let?s see what it takes to learn the aim needed for Tracer, shall we? Hello guys, welcome to the dojo! In this episode, we are going to see how you can improve your tracking aim skills. Please make sure that your sensitivity is right and that you have found a fitting crosshair to use. Refer to the links in the description for more about these topics.

First of all, let?s see what is tracking aim, and why it is important. Tracking aim is the kind of movement that tries to follow the enemy continuously. There are two types of aiming, and we use them both for all characters. One is flicking and the other one is tracking. Tracer is a really good example of a heavily tracking aim dependent character. For this reason, we will show you all the drills with her. On the left video, you can see McRee?s flicking shot training. What you do here is you adjust the aim in quick movements to the enemy?s head.

You flick the mouse to the side where it is needed. This skill needs a lot of practice to build the muscle memory. On the right video, you can see Tracer?s tracking aim training. What you do here is follow the head of the opponent with your cursor. This kind of movement is more dependent on rhythm, and needs super quick reactions. You can see that while both techniques can be distinguished, the actual aiming process in the combination of these two movements. All right, now we know the basics. In order to improve, you need to train consistently. Imagine that you are an athlete of some kind (say, for example you are an archer).

In order to be good at your sport, you need to allocate time to practice every day and hit those bullseyes. The length and the frequency of the training is important. You should practice every day for ten minutes at least. You can increase the time (up to like 30 minutes), but make sure that you stop when you are getting tired. Practicing while exhausted causes more trouble than not practicing at all. You don?t want to ruin you aim because you practiced mistakes, right? You can also increase the frequency to 2-3 times a day.

I have been shooting these bots for 6 hours straight, now I should be the best Tracer ever. How is it possible that I still miss all my shots? Oh dude, you should listen to me more carefully. OK. The following will show you the aim practice drills that need to be done. You can fit these in ten minutes as a quick warm-up before play. First we see the so called ?static? drills, and then the ?dynamic? ones. The first static drill helps you memorize the movement that you need to make with your mouse while moving around a target.

This is important, and you want this skill to be excellent, as it serves as the base for all others. While moving around, try to keep your crosshair on the standing practice bot?s head all the time. Make sure that you don?t lift your mouse. If you are unable to track for a full turn, please adjust your sensitivity. Keep moving around the target in circles and zig-zags and keep the crosshair on the head.

You should do this drill for one and a half minute. The next static drill is flicking between targets. You want to be able to switch between the heads of the enemies in a fight. It is useful for getting a new target after killing the previous, or acquiring a higher priority target during the fight. This is a muscle memory training, same as flickshots. Try to practice it from variable distances while moving around. You should do this drill for 30 seconds. The last static drill involves your signature ability, the blink. During actual games, you need to avoid blinking in straight lines to- or from your target. However if you blink to anywhere else, your crosshair will move away from the target’s head. You need to readjust quickly to be able to hit your shots.

This adjustment can be considered as a flick, but here is a neat trick that we figured out. If you think of this situation as basic geometry in a coordinate system, you can actually calculate the angle that you need to adjust with. See the example. You are standing in front of your target at exactly blink range, that is 10 meters. You blink to the right. If we draw an imaginary triangle here, you can see that we are searching for this angle, that is 45 degrees. You blinked to the right, so you need to adjust the aim by 45 degrees to the left. Easy right? You need to adjust more if you are closer, and less if you are farther away from the target. Do this drill for 2 minutes. After you refreshing the basics, let?s start the dynamic drills. The first is tracking a moving target.

This one will be harder than the static tracking. Just try to adjust your tracking aim?s speed to the speed of the enemy. Keep the crosshair on the head. Do this drill without shooting for 1 minute. Now we are talking. Let?s get into some action. Using the same principles, shoot the head of the moving bots. If you are able to finish them in one clip, you are doing it right. Do this drill for 1 minute. The next one spices up the drills a little bit. You need to start jumping around and kill the bots in one clip. Jumping helps you dodge some shots and makes you a lot harder to hit. Try matching the rhythm of the jumping to the movements of the mouse. If you jump up, you need to adjust your aim downwards.

This drill is also useful for practicing killing supports, as they usually jump around. Match their jumping rhythm and murder them in a second. Do this drill for 1 minute. Now we are at the interesting part. You can combine all the dynamic and static drills and you should add some blinking.Make sure you still kill the targets in one clip. You can stay in place, you can move around, you can jump around or you can blink around, but make sure that you kill all the bots in one clip. Do this drill for 3 minutes. Okay, here?s the last drill that helps you when you need to get behind the enemy. It is useful for shooting a shielded Reinhardt from behind, and also for dodging the enemy attacks. Blink behind the enemy, turn around 180 degrees and finish it with one clip. Do this drill for 1 minute. Well guys, that?s all there is to it. Do you already feel the skill flowing in your veins? Do you think that you got better by just watching this video? I think not! You can find a nice little sheet in the video description, summarizing these tips for you.

Just keep practicing, and you will get better. See you guys next time!.

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