Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020! ALL NEW SKINS AND ITEMS!


Ladies and gentlemen, hello, and welcome to the channel it’s winter wonderland, it’s finally here and in this video i’m going to show you guys all of the skins and get ready. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous, but before we do that, let’s just take a look at the play mode that we get. So we obviously get these mini sort of weekly events and the first one is for the junkrat skin. Second, one is for an anna skin and a third one is for an absolutely ridiculous, roadhog scene, but before we get on to that, i just want to show you guys this. So if you go to the arcade and you go to winter brawls, you get a new winter brawl.

This is freeze, thor, elimination. Now this is apparently um a new mode. Well, it’s not! Apparently it isn’t a new man, i’m talking about that eliminated heroes are frozen and maybe thawed by allies frees all enemies to win the round. Successful heroes are removed from later rounds, go and check it out guys i’m not going to play in this video. I just wanted to show you that this is now a mode which is available. Obviously you can still play all of the other modes like snowball, offensive, yeti, hunter and snowball deathmatch. All right, then. So, let’s get stuck into the. What is new by the way. I do like this uh menu screen, it’d be nice.

If mccree was still in the window, though i’d love to see that okay, then, let’s get stuck into this so gingerbread uh. This is the first skin we get oh well, it’s the the second skin we get for week, two of the mini challenges where you just have to win nine games. It’S an honor skin and it’s okay and i’m just gon na, say it’s probably the weakest skin of all the skins we get in this event. But it’s fine! It’S a christmasy style anna skin. Now the thing with this is, i think, the owl skin is just better, so i’m just going to use the owl skin at christmas because i’m just like whatever it’s a better skin, i mean. Obviously, yes, it’s a legendary skin you’d expect it to be better um, but yeah, it’s okay! This is fine. It’S not blowing me away.

It’S anna with basically christmas wrapping paper around it. It’S fine anyway, this skin, i really do like so this is for the first week challenges. So all you need to do is win nine games right now and you can get this now. There’S some really nice detail on this. Like look at his arm, i really like that. There’S like a it’s a tattoo of like an evil elf. I really like that. That’S really good and then of course, obviously you’ve got christmas lights on the rip tyre and it says moto on the back, which it’s christmas time, it’s it’s cool. It looks like spike so well, they are the spikes, although surely they break as soon as you used it, but who cares yeah i like this skin and his face looks great for this i mean junkrat is basically made for the skin, and also this means that You’Re going to be able to pair it with the roadhog um christmas skin as well from a few years ago, so yeah it’s going to be kind of mental.

The weapons skin looks pretty nice for this as well um. I don’t know why. I don’t have the gold, maybe i don’t have the gold junkrat weapon on this account. Maybe i don’t actually um but yeah cool skin. I like it. It’S christmassy uh the detonator yeah. It’S just christmassy concussion mine yep. It’S got a little snowman face on it. It’S great trap, recolored great and then the the riptire good stuff. All right then check this out check that out. That is something else like honestly that this is really good like this is blowing me away. I know it’s only minor like look at the change. It’S literally just a snowman head and they’re painted in white. If you put a piece of coal in his belly button and then um kind of just like i’m just going to apologize, yeah and then kind of uh.

Sorry about that guys and then kind of recolored. Some of the spikes and and whatnot, which is uh beautiful, but i really like this. I think this is cool. I mean the weapon yeah. It looks all right. It’S it’s just really cold! It’S fine uh! This is actually a nice little bit of detail there with the freeze, uh, uh, snow thing and uh snowflake. What is that uh snowflake there you go and then yeah his eyes hook, but i i think, there’s a skin. This looks really good. He’S got a little piggy on his back as well. I really like that. It looks really good. It fits roadhog great. It’S a shame that the mouth isn’t animated or anything, but i mean that’s probably asking for a lot but yeah good job blizzard. Dad do like that all right, then this is the penguin skin.

It’S the first legendary skin and we know this is a skin because we’ve seen it uh for a few days now, because it was teased by blizzard it’s really good. But there is something going on on the internet where people are trying to get the eyes changed. They want them to be changed to the googly eyes. Remember the googly eyes, event that we had for april falls. I think it was um. They want that on the thing and i’m sure that is something blizzard could do, and i think that actually could be really really good, like really really good. That is going to be sick yeah. So i like this as well, but also you got ta. Remember these legendary skins might have special sound effects, and there is one that i want to check out and it’s the reinhardt one and i’m gon na totally. Do it in a second, because i think he’s gon na be sick, uh yeah. This is cool man, antarctica, ecology on the weapon. I like it, i like it a lot. It’S a nice skin.

This is really is nice skin. I also like this detail of the egg in the uh sort of cryo-free stuff. What the hell and obviously snowball is a penguin as well, because, naturally, all right, then this is a moira skin. Now i’m going to say about this mario skin, i don’t think moira has had a skin like a legendary skin for a long time. Actually, maybe it was last year’s halloween with the banshee skin. I can’t remember any of the skins that she’s got, but anyway this might be frozen. Inspired, i’m not sure, but i like this skin, there’s a lot of good detail on it, especially like this. On the back, look at that there’s like a ice angel or something on the back that is sick and she’s, got this big like ice crystal. I really really like that. That looks this looks really nice to me this skin, like on a detail level. It’S great, obviously, she’s got a nice crown on she’s, got ice sort of eyebrows and, like a her eye pieces ice as well. This is really nice. I really really like this skin. This, though, is amazing. This is actually amazing. In fact, i’m just gon na buy this skin right now, because i just whatever give me the skin, because i want to check this to see if this has got sound effects on it, because this is mental.

So it’s conductor, reinhardt and i think he’s supposed to be on the polar express right. I think that’s what this is, but it’s just mental look at the quality of this skin because the steam engine – it is it’s mental. What the hell is. This is sick like and the weapon isn’t a literal crane he’s gon na smash you with the front of a train, and it looks like it’s been made like almost like. Maybe this is a linkage from like, i don’t know the track, the the wheels the way they’re connected underneath the train, or even this could be like the handle of the shovel for shoveling coal into the engine. This is mental honestly, this is sick. This is really really sick. We’Re definitely going to test this for sound effects. This as well all right.

This is probably the worst legendary one right, but even when you say worse, it’s not fair because they’re not bad. I mean this is still like super good, so it always it weirds me out when tob doesn’t have a hammer, because i think you should always have a hammer, but i like this claw, i think that’s really cool the detail on that and he’s kind of got These like chain link sort of effects going through. I think that is to do with a chainsaw right, so you’ve got the chains on a chainsaw. Let’S put a rotary sort of chain style thing on his backpack he’s going to look cool got little logs. He’S got a little christmas tree just in case you didn’t know that he’s logging stuff at christmas uh and he’s got a nice beard torb and he’s got some scars. There’S a lot of detail going on. I really like this uh and the weapon. I think this is inspired again by probably a chainsaw. It’S got a little uh christmas tree on it and it’s got various like you know: lumber quality and power keep clear of moving machinery, always good advice, but his axe, which got christmas tree on it, which is cool and then there’s uh turret, which is also got A christmas tree on it, but also has snow on it as well.

Just in case you didn’t know it was a christmas skin. All right, then this i like this. I really really like this now. What is cool about this is the face changes, the expression on the face changes um, which is just great right. So when you do emotes and stuff it will change, and that is super good. There’S a lot of detail going on on this, especially behind it. So i think this is like a punch card for maybe music like it plays. You know, like i remember years ago, when i was a kid: you’d have toys where you put in the punch card and it would roll through and then music would play out of the toy. I think that’s what that might be, or it could be some sort of fancy binary thing i don’t know he’s also got batteries in his back and an on off button. It’S so it’s cool, it’s really cool this is i like that his weapons like his orbs? I think they’re meant to be like rubik’s cubes, but like balls, maybe it’s really good, though i like this skin uh.

We can take a closer look here, so you got a little smiley face and different colors and stuff, or maybe it’s just based on a different game. I don’t know, but it’s cool, it’s nice. I like this zen skin. It is good all right now. Let’S move on to the emotes, i like this right because i love it when the the emotes incorporate, like the kit of the hero on the model in a creative way like it doesn’t do this any other time. Apart from when you do this emote – and i really like that, it’s like his backpack going yo – let’s have a kiss, i love it. It’S cool all right, then junkrat all right, i’m a little bit disappointed with this one. Now this could be a little bit harsh because basically he doesn’t get any kind of soot on his face when it explodes watch watch his face. Look, there’s no, there’s no like mess on his face. Surely there should be mess on his face, so there’s not and i’m kind of sad, although i love junkrat, he’s great he’s got amazing personality. All right, then mercy gets a really snazzy snazzy remote. Look at that and by the way this atlantic skin is sick.

I, like the skin uh, there’s some i like the skin as well, but the emote is like it just fits the character. Doesn’T it it’s very like elegant, very nice? Okay, let’s go on to victory poses so we’ve got may give it a toast. With her like fish cup, she seems to be laughing as well good job mate. We’Ve got big bad sigma with marshmallows going around his hot chocolate. I presume and then he’s got the formula for it on his cup. Oh man, that’s actually really good sigma is such a good character. That’S really good, and then we’ve got uh winston with horizon one mug good job winston good job. All right, i’m gon na be quiet for the voice line, so uh a mountain enjoy perfect weather for a hot dog, happy holidays. This experience is a gift. Let me swap these out for ice skates.

Let’S have some hot cocoa cold me who wants to buy me a present. Give me a warm fire and a book on thermodynamic alloys. I’M ready for some pudding. Mountain gorillas thrive in colder climates. As a moon gorilla. I could use a jacket, let the blessings of the season be upon. You yeah. I think i’m ready for some pudding as well. Tracer, that’s sunny! Oh i’m! Not even going to explain this one. You guys know what this is. You know what this is. It’S it’s! Oh, no, that is actually really good good job blizzard ornament, echo right. These are cool they’re, fine, that’s cool, penguin cool! I got sprays like i don’t mind sprays, ali einen stagen.

I think that’s what he said, probably um. Every time i do a german accent. I go very aggressive, which is which doesn’t make any sense, because every german i know they’re not aggressive at all, but i always want to scream and shout it yeah, but spray. It’S like. Ah sprays, like you know: they’re cool they’re, fine. Actually i really like this. This spray design – i think i follow this author or this artist on um twitter, actually really do like this design. Yeah and there’s a bunch have been done this design, i do like them they’re pretty good, oh, and then we get to see well, this season 26 hero a spray that i’ll never own, and none of us probably ever will own so good stuff. All right, then, what we’re gon na do now is i’m gon na go into training, and i tell you what i in fact before we do that let’s equip the reinhardt skin, because i’m going to check this, because i need to know if this has got sound Effects on it, because i hope this has got sound effects on it. I might be sort of asking a lot here, but i hope this has got sound effects on it.

I really do i really do this. I really really hope this got sound effects on it. So i’m maybe if i charge it it does, it sounds like a train. Oh no! No! That’S made my day. I i genuinely didn’t know. That was a thing that has made my day. Oh, this looks sick this skin. This listen, listen, listen! That is sick, good job blizzard, all right guys. I’M gon na leave the video at that. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it and uh i’ll catch you guys on the next one.

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