What’s crackin everybody this is the Carter 117 AKA HODOR YA BOY and welcome back to the Overwatch Custom Elite Controller Configuration Series click on a hero’s picture to view their custom configuration in this video we’re going to take a look at a custom setup for Mei! I know this is hard for you but winter is coming we know what’s coming with it yeah this cute cold-hearted broad can be a real pain while trying to capture an objective or move the damn payload… stupid ice walls… in order to get an idea of a setup let’s take a look at Mei’s abilities! “Y” is her blizzard ultimate. She throws a little pod in the air and it freezes everyone in a certain radius. “LB” is Cryo-Freeze she pretty much turned into a block of ice which makes her invulnerable and gives her back health “RB” is the infamous ice wall which can block entrances to areas block the payload from moving forward and in some cases shoot you clear in the air! god what a pain! her weapon the Endothermic Blaster uses both left and right trigger.

The right trigger shoots out a short-range missed that freezes you and the left trigger pretty much blasts a huge icicle at your face! This combination is super deadly especially when you freeze an enemy and shoot in the face of the Icicle or if your long-distance trying to snipe that Hanzo has been fucking you up all game now that we know what Mei’s abilities are let’s take a look at my in-game sensitivities go to options and hit “RB” be twice once your own controls page hit “A” this will drop down menu display control profile for each character we’re going to go down to Mei and select it. we do this to only change Mei’s sensitivities. as i said before these settings are very subjective so mess of them to find out what you’re comfortable with but here’s a good place to start! I have both of the horizontal and vertical sensitivity set to 25. if you use a taller stick on the right stick make sure you increase the sensitivity.

It makes it a little bit easier to use when you get better, finer movements all right now let’s take a look at the make configuration i created in the xbox accessories app. when coming up with the custom setup you want to find a way to arrange the buttons so you don’t have to take your fingers off of the thumbsticks the first thing I did was move the ability that I use the most to my left trigger for me that ability is Cryo-Freeze when you’re getting lit up by an enemy, taking all types of bullets Shurkens… whatever to your face your reflexes for this ability are crucial! the left trigger is by far the easiest to hit since your blaster has an alternate ammo type assigned to the left trigger I moved to the left bumper since you’re either using the spray or using the icicle, at any given time I’m it just makes it a a better, smaller movement to shoot your flavor of choice I also move the left trigger to the lower right paddle just so that we have another place to hit for an icicle.

I also suggest moving the ice wall ability to lower left paddle this makes it so there’s less work going on with your right hand which needs to be concentrating and focusing on better aim and releasing the winter! last but not least i move the Y button to the upper right paddle so i can still maintain my aim while using my ultimate. as you can see here [Overwatch] Play of the Game (PoTG) WINTER IS COMING! WINTER IS COMING! HAVE SOME!! hell yeah…

MY Girl! personally i like to use a short sticks when playing FPS games, but that’s a personal call you guys could figure out what you’re most comfortable with and use that I would just say if you switch sticks to give it a week or two to get used to it for the left stick I set to aggressive and then I turn up the aggressiveness to the ninth tick mark setting it this way makes us so that we can strafe quicker and make you a harder target to hit for my right thumbstick i set it to smooth and then fine tune the sensitivity of the smooth setting to the seven tick mark since she does not really need to be that accurate to use the spray which i use eighty percent of the time a quick smooth sight picture is the way to go I suggest that in all FPS games that you lock both the triggers by sliding the trigger lock buttons on the back downward as well as saying that triggers to 0 and 1 this creates a hair trigger effect which can ultimately give you more bullets down range in regards to vibration turn it off or if you a tiny bit of feedback when you’re getting shot I suggest setting the left and right main vibrations to half a tick this is just enough feedback but not enough to throw off your aim thanks for checking out this video I’ve had a great time creating custom configurations for the overwatch characters if you like the video and you like my Channel please subscribe and also definitely check out my facebook page as you can see above, link is in the description that way you’re able to get notified whenever I upload a new video to youtube since YouTubes notification system is kind of weak sauce! also check me on twitter and instagram as you can see the links on the screen now and in the description below I try my best to answer every single comment you guys leave me so please leave comments and definitely that like button alright guys I’m out

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