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OVERWATCH ZARYA GUIDE | Overwatch Hero Guides #1



What’s up guys I’m Dean. Welcome to Junkrat TV. Today I’m gonna share some tips and tricks I discovered about one of the lesser played, but definitely not lesser useful, heroes our Russian powerlifter Zarya. Zarya is somewhat of a semi-tank as compared to the other Tank heroes in the Overwatch. She has a slimmer player model making her harder to block shit with, but her chubby balls and ultimate ability more than make up for it. Her Shift places a chubby ball on herself, and her E places one on an ally. The balls block damage for 2 seconds, increasing Zarya’s left and right click damage. Zarya’s Left Shift places a ball around herself, absorbing up to 200 damage from enemy attacks for 2 seconds. Her E, places a ball around an ally to protect them.

This ball however absorb twice the amount of damage, 400 if you’re shit at math, also for 2 seconds. When either of the balls take damage, Zarya’s Particle Cannon, her left and right click, gain increased damage. So place balls often, make lots of damage, kill enemies. Zarya’s ultimate, Gravitation Surge, summons a Russian Enigma main from Dota 2, and allows everyone to shit on their enemies while they’re being rendered completely powerless by a well placed Black Hole. More on that in a minute. Zarya’s balls completely absorb any damage source while active.

For example, while Tracer’s Pulse Bomb normally deals 400 damage when it’s stuck to you, if it explodes while you’re inside your ball’s warm embrace, the explosion will consume the ball and not deal any damage to you at all. So in short, block shit with your balls. Spam your balls. Any second your balls are unused is less total damage absorbed for the total duration of the game. Start spamming your left shift and kindly ask your opponents to attack you, and use your E to shield allies as often as possible.

A ballsy Zarya is a useful Zarya. If you feel like an opponent wants to use their ultimate near you or an ally soon, try saving your next balls for that moment. When shieldballs are up, attack and push. The extra damage that your left and right click gain from your spongy balls makes any direct hit a living hell for opponents. Remember, you’re a semi-tank. The other semi is Your Russian Enigma ultimate allows you to make some sick game changing plays.

A well placed black hole combined with some “DAVAI SUKA BLYET” can kill most opponents inside, and, if your allies are dealing damage with you, all of their ultimate abilities will charge. So you kill lots of enemies, and then for the follow-up your team now has 5 charged up ultimates. That makes for some sick pushes bro. That’s it for this video. Thank you for watching. If you Subscribe your next loot box will contain 5 legendaries. And if you Like and leave a comment with what you want me to talk about in the next videos, you will become good with Tracer..

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