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Hey there! This time we are giving you some advice on how to find and recruit players to your forming or truncated team. Building on the previous guides, this should help your amateur esport team if you are in need of new players at any stage. Hello guys and welcome to the dojo! This is our next episode in our amateur team series, we talked about team goals and schedules in the previous guide, click the card now to check it out. As the team forms and player slots fill from your acquaintances and friends, you get closer to a full lineup. Finding new players can be challenging, so we are going to discuss this transitional state of an amateur team.

This guide is about how to find proper players that match the already existing lineup and what your options are if you still want to play some scrims during this period. A big thanks for all our supporters on Patreon for helping us creating these episodes. Support us now with a pledge and you can get coaching or team incubation in return! So let?s begin with how to find players for your team. You can post ads on different Discord servers and online sites.

We basically covered this from the player?s perspective in a previous video, check it out for details. You can use the knowledge there to post proper ads and begin trialing players. You can trial more than one players The following points are the most important to pay attention to: We can?t mention this enough, a fitting schedule is the most important. Make sure that the new player has the same commitment as your members. Too little is a no-go, too much may cause friction on the long run. Judge the player?s personality, ask your team if they would love to play with the candidate.

Sometimes a member of your team will veto a player because he just can?t deal with the voice or how he or she acts during stress. Listen to your core team. The skill of the candidate is really important to judge as well. Does the player do their job well? Is he working with the team properly? Are you willing to adjust to her playstyle? All these questions are really important and the team?s decision on the player should be unanimous. You want to eliminate all potential future wrangles as early as you can. If anyone disagrees strongly, just look for another candidate. If you need help with a review, Omnicoach is an AI VOD review and coaching service which you can use to check your players. Click the card now to see it in action! So what to do during the period when you don?t have a full team? There are channels where you can look for ringers – players who are willing to fill slots in a team and play scrims with you.

This can help keeping the core of the team active during these times and also helps bonding between members. So if you are looking for a ringer, just post your average SR and the positions and time slot when you are playing and you will usually find players to jump in and fill a slot in the team. If you are solo player watching this guide, ringing can give you nearly the same experience that you get from being part of a core team.

Look for ringer ads on big OW Discords! Alright, let?s talk about disbanding, as this can be a sensitive topic. There are times when it?s not worth to salvage a team. However hard you try as a member, if the others are not willing to keep the team active or fill the slots or change something that would help the group, you are usually doomed to fail in reviving the team.

We can say this from experience: just let it go, take a break and then look for another team with different members. If you need help in dealing with something like this, our Discord is there to ask your questions about anything that troubles you in Overwatch or building your team. If you like our video guides, give us a like and subscribe enabling the bell. Join our Discord server if you want to be part of the core dojo community! Leave a comment below with your questions, we will get back to you.

See you guys in the next one!.

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