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What is up guys? It is Bile and today in this video I’ll be covering everything you need to know about Soldier: 76 My goal in this video is for you to learn something new and that’s gonna be goal for every video in these guides So be sure to leave a comment down below and let me know if I do that So getting straight into it I’m gonna start covering his abilities and a little bit later I’ll go over counters and strengths for Soldier 76 He has 200 HP. Don’t believe the screen because I’m playing we’re all soldiers now and it is a lie! he does not have 100 HP it is 200 his specialty weapon of course is the heavy pulse rifle which has 25 rounds per clip and each round can do 5-17 damage you use this gun with left click or right trigger if you’re playing on a console and you can fire 10 rounds per second so you can manage anywhere from 50-170 damage per second headshots of course double damage if you right click or left trigger on the console you fire helix rockets which do 120 damage on impact and up to 80 splash damage.

It has an 8 sec cooldown you can actually hit yourself and hurt yourself if you land in the radius so use it wisely. I’d also recommend to shoot these rockets at the enemy’s feet because it’ll be easier to hit the enemy Soldier 76 is the only character that can use sprint which he uses with left shift or left bumper and you sprint until it’s canceled you can’t use abilities while sprinting and you know what i’m freaking mad about He’s the only character that can sprint but it’s whatever I’ll just have to deal which I really don’t even care to be honest if you’re gonna sprint be sure to stop sprinting about a second before you go into an area where you could fight somebody potentially because it takes about a second to get out of sprint and you can lose gunfights like that now for another actual ability Biotic Field it heals 35 health per sec in a 5 meter radius and it has a 5-second duration.

It also has a 15-second cooldown this a unique ability for an offensive hero to have due to it being supportive of your team no other offensive character has an ability like it because of that you can actually go into your hero controls for soldier 76 and turn on your teammates health bars which I didn’t actually know about this until after I recorded this gameplay I’m definitely turning it on myself I’ve always AIM HACKS so i’m in love with soldier 76’s ultimate Tactical Visor which you can use with q on pc, y on xbox, and triangle on ps4 you have auto aim for six seconds and your helix rockets are actually auto aimed as well and as if it couldn’t get any better you instantly reload on activation and it also halves your reload speed you and enemy soldiers will say I’ve got you in my sights on activation and allies will say Tactical Visor Activated was that a good impression or what? (lol) alright as for the top 5 characters that soldier 76 is strongest against I’m gonna be going from 5 to 1 It is symmetra, lucio, zenyatta, pharah and mercy soldier can take out all of the support classes within seconds and pharah is pretty good about dodging most characters but soldier 76 ultimate really just wrecks pharah and i mean he just has pinpoint accuracy to take pharah right out of the sky as for soldiers top 5 weaknesses I’m going to be going from 5 to 1 again bastion roadhog mccree reinhardt and genji of course roadhog and reinhardt because of their high health pools reinhardt diffuses all kinds of damage that soldier 76 can put out genji will just reflect it back to him mccree kills him pretty fast and bastion also does the same alright guys thats it for todays video I really appreciate all of you who stuck around til the end and if you dont mid taking some time out of your day comment below something you learned from this video and possibly something that could make this video better if you like the damn video like the damn video and subscribe I’ll have more of these for you guys PEACE!

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