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Wink! Wait. welcome. I’m Dan. And with you to show you the power of Simitra. Hi. Simitra is a heroine that has been redesigned many times She also got her start as a support hero. But since it was recently redesigned I haven’t stopped playing with it I accumulated more than 700 hours playing it now And it reached the top 500 in multiple seasons. Simitra is a very interesting damage heroine Because of the benefits it provides for itself And for her team, and for many situations within the game. It allows the team to skip entire areas of maps Escape from deadly super-skill combos Combo sets also offer super friendly skills. from success to success. It can deal massive damage at close distances And to be tricky using cannons Protect the team by shielding the map. This video will cover full details of its weapon Their capabilities, and provides you with the tips and tricks that you will need To make the most of its entire set of capabilities. For Simitra weapon, click with the right and left mouse button. Let’s focus on the right click first Because it is the default option as there is no limit to its range.

A right click of the Sumatra fires a projectile that needs to be charged. After one second of charging, the maximum damage is 120. Note that you do not need to hold it at all Just hold it until the inner ring reaches the outer ring. You can fire it before or after reaching its maximum charge Also tampering with the timing of the missile launch He can confuse your opponents. A right click is what you’ll use most often In general, you should resort to repeatedly hitting the choke points with right-click Whenever possible. This will put a lot of pressure on the main battle zone Regardless of the distance.

However, at close distances You’ll want to focus on the left click of Semitra. The right click is the key Your real aim is to get close so you can charge its beam. It has a range of 12 meters and three stages of damage And its damage increases when aiming at a target. If you can get the beam to the third stage while you are still alive You will feel the true power of the damage Simitra does And you destroy everything in your path. However, this is dangerous while you are playing a low health hero and fighting at close range So be careful when trying to reach it. Here are some things to note with the left click. You will recover ammunition when firing towards shields To excel in dropping shields. You can charge the beam on capacities such as Mae’s ice wall Or the Zaria barrier, as well as on the Torbjorn cannon. The power of the beam is indicated on the weapon. The view changes according to the outfit you are using But it is always clear.

Beam cocking box is rather large This gives you freedom in the accuracy you need. Semitra cannons are the first ability you have to get used to. Sumatra can place three cannons at once And placed by throwing it in the air And when hitting a wall, you fix it. Once established, you will attack any targets that appear within 10 meters Deal 40 damage per second and slow enemies. Positions for cannons are required by many But I think it would be better to use the cannons more dynamically Because every round is different With different heroes you face and different maps Different players play with these heroes. While you mainly use cannons to secure it around a choke point Because it will generally be a major combat zone It’s a good idea to think about the heroes the enemy team is playing with And adjust the positions of the cannons according to them.

To simplify this, you can consider using cannons offensively Or defensively, or at a midpoint between them. For example, if the enemy team includes a flanker Or the team support players were struggling to attack them too much It might be a good idea to place the defender around the support players To be in front of any wing protector approaching The most difficult task is to try to beat the team support players. If the enemy team is playing more slowly you can try to install the defender Positions where it might be able to hunt the enemy while advancing towards you. This is where three cannons vertically are a source of strength Because when you place the three cannons vertically You will attack the same target at the same time To be a surprise to anyone who attacks.

And hide it in an area that an enemy support player might take as a cover It may cause a kill Or throwing it in an elevated area that Farah may pass through It might also cause a kill. And if the enemy team plays normally Installing it above the throttle area may be the best option for you. Another thing to think about instead of fixing cannons He is moving it whenever possible. If the support team attacks once and destroys the defender The likelihood is that they will prepare to eliminate it on their next attack. You can move it to slightly different positions To make it more difficult to deal with the defender on the enemy team. While we move on to talking about the carrier It is good to know that you can send the cannons via the conveyor This is known as cannon fire. The conveyor is what sets the Semitra apart And it has infinite potential. The Semitra conveyor has a range of 30 meters. The entry point will be at its feet and the exit point at the target site.

There is a lot you can do with a conveyor So hard to eat them all So I’ll quickly touch on a range of carrier capabilities Which you can add to your skill set. But it is always a good idea to think about what you can do Based on your team, and your super skills And the map, your enemies, and the supernatural skills of your enemies Etc. However, the conveyor can be used to bypass tough choke points The most famous one is Hanamura.

Instead of walking through the choke point and taking a lot of damage You can take the whole team to the point and just defend it Two forms of attack to defense You can set up the carrier behind a wall when defending against a dash. And when he rushes Winston or Hammond You can only move to the other side of the dot What causes them to lose their time and take you to safety. You can use the conveyor to escape from the dreaded dangers Like Zaria black hole or nano blade. And if you use it when shooting a black hole or a blade Often times you will be able to get your team out safely.

Think about the super skills an opponent might possess at any time Very important for optimal carrier usage. If there is an enemy in a high area and difficult to deal with You can send your team up using the carrier. This may lead to it being killed instantly by your team Or at least download it from the top to lose this feature. You can use the carrier to direct the Super Skill combo One of the most powerful skills is the Diva Bomb Combo Thru Conveyor. If you ask Diva to put her bomb on the ground You will be able to move it directly behind the enemy lines and surprise them with it.

This works perfectly against armor-based formations Because they will be coveted behind their shield Unaware that it will appear behind them. For cannon grenades you can place 2 cannons on the ground Then put the carrier, and then you throw the third cannon. The carrier will complete its construction while the third gun descends to the ground. Then you can move through it with the three cannons And see if you can eliminate a player on the other side. This is very powerful if you see a support player who looks unprotected. And if two of your team are killed, but you’re still alive You can set up the carrier to quickly return them from the regeneration point.

Many will leave the carrier at the point of revival So everyone can quickly return throughout the ride But because of the number of permitted uses for the conveyor I do not recommend this. This is best done interactively. Generally, a conveyor has a wide number of uses And its usage changes every round you play So always think about what you can do with a conveyor And be creative in your thinking. Simitra Super Huge Armor skill It splits the entire map wherever it is placed. Has thousands of damage points and lasts for 12 seconds. It is good to note that you can rotate the shield If you press the Super Skill button again This allows it to be rotated to different angles. What takes us to the two main ways to use the superhuman skill: Offensively and defensively.

The obvious way to use the wall is defense. You can erect the wall to prevent damage if you are defending a certain point Or to prevent certain superhuman skills like Dead Eye … Or the brutal monster of Rod Hough … Or the Farah missile barrage if your timing is perfect. The other way to use it is to rotate it And split the map in the middle. This allows your team to increase its attack a lot Because they don’t have to stay behind the wall. If you are attacking and divide the attack with shield This allows your team to move zigzag around the shield as the attack requires Instead of waiting behind him, and just hoping to kill. That’s great for attack points or for taking a more dynamic battle And honestly, that’s the way it should be used most of the time Because it covers the biggest drawback of her breakthrough skill: players retreat. If you only use the wall defensively The enemy team may decide to retreat until it is no longer in effect.

But if you split the map Your team can move using the shield instead of standing behind it Even if the enemy team decides to retreat a little. To wrap up here, I want to talk about Semitra’s gameplay. While I think Simitra is a very versatile heroine Because of all the potential its capabilities provide They are the strongest when playing with or in front of shields.

To charge the Semitra weapon without using shields You have to play a little trickier to take advantage of it By cheating timeouts, using the carrier, or taking advantage of the defender. If you were to choose Simitra I recommend playing it with a team in which there is a stable tank player like Reinhart You can stay with him and focus on him by using the beam whenever possible While you remain safe behind the shield. As you do this, you can think of the best times and places For carrier and defender mode based on your team heroes And the map, heroes of the enemy team.

Remember, there is a lot you can do with cannons and conveyors So always try to be creative in thinking and adapting as needed. This was more than I could take. Hope you learned a few tricks about Semitra. In any case, thank you for watching, and good night. Peace!.

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