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The aim secret no one told you about | Overwatch aiming guide #2


When choosing your target, you should always pick a target who has at least  one of these vulnerabilities that will increase your chances of hitting them. So, the easiest target to hit, is the one who is too close to you to dodge any shots. and the easiest target to predict,  is the one who is mid jump or using a movement ability like reinhardt charge. and then, there is the target who just feels safe,  or the more minor version when the target is unaware of your intentions specifically. Now, when I say trying to shoot at an unaware target,  most of you will think about something like this. but the fact is, that the ana was aware of me. the  same way I am aware of the widow after her first shot. I just keep changing my movement direction right before she shoots.  It’s the panic free version of running for your life. and now, I finally shoot back at her when she is no longer aware of me.

Okay, lets look at a couple big plays and then break down the vulnerabilities of every target. now the analysis. Hanzo very close, stuck mid jump and stuck mid movement skill. zarya close, unaware and feels safe. and now, close and stuck mid jump. and the mercy is stuck mid jump. and finally the ana is close, unaware and feels safe. Okay, lets look at this clip that has some harder shots. Just to show you that all the targets still have at least one weakness when I take the shot. and dont worry, we are going to watch this clip a second time and anala anla analyze it. And now for the analysis. here the ana is unaware, feels safe and stuck mid jump. the mercy is unaware and feels safe behind payload cover.

Here the echo is simply just aware that I am going to shoot at her. and now the echo is close, surprised, confused and mind blown. and finally the ana is unaware and stuck mid jump. Next up, lets look at a clip that shows a couple of common pitfalls that make you miss your shots. the first kill is really good here. he climbs up and shoots the mercy before she has time to react but then he misses everything on me since I was aware of him and expecting him to shoot at me genji is stuck jumping so he is an easy pick.

Once again he tries to shoot at me even though its clear that I am aware of him now that he has a new angle, he manages to catch me by surprise. and at this point he is stuck too far away to land consistent shots so even though he catches the echo off guard  the chance of him hitting it as an headshot was very low. and now he is just stuck shooting at shields. lets fast forward a bit. here he goes for a sneaky flank but he shoots at the sigma first, giving away his position so once again I know he will shoot at me, so I make it very hard for him to hit any shots. once again he lands another shot when its on a target who doesn’t know he is getting shot by him.

And what do we have here? another kill on an unaware target this clip showed three common pitfalls that people fall into. most of the time he was either shooting at someone who was aware of him. shooting without actually having a target or shooting from so far away or from such a weird angle  that the chances of him getting a kill was extremely low. but lets look at one more big play clip. In a bit more detailed way. so here is the classic 14 kills in a row clip. I am going to show that even in a clip like this, all the shots were on vulnerable targets.

Here i make an unexpected push and easily pick off the mercy before she can react. and the genji is not expecting to be shot at,  so he is running in a straight line, giving me an easy shot. and here the genji is forced to move in a straight line towards me because of dash. So once again I get a relatively easy shot here ashe is not expecting to be shot, so she runs in a straight line. and the mercy is locked into moving in a straight line because of jumping, so I get an easy shot next up is the most aim intensive kill of this clip, but even here the genji is  pretty much locked into moving predictably because of momentum gained from jumping. here I use my dragon to force them to move away from their shields. even if the ashe is aware of my position here,  she is definitely not expecting me to shoot at her so fast and from such a wierd angle.

So she stands still to maximize her own ability to aim. here the mercy is locked in place since she is slowed down by res. and the baptiste is locked moving to the right  because of momentum gained from jumping off the ledge. the hanzo feels confident that he can finish me before I can shoot back,  so kinda like the ashe from before, he doesnt strafe to maximize his ability to aim. and the next target is running in a straight line since she expects to be safe inside her spawn. I get really close to the sigma so he has no chance of dodging my arrows.

And same applies to the jump momentum locked mercy. If you want to see this clip uninterupted, check out my twitter, arrgeOW when you shoot or even look at someone, the other targets will feel more safe,  since they think you are too busy to care about them. this is very important to know, especially when playing against ana and widow players,  since when they feel safe, they will move as little as possible to maximize their own aim. Like this ana here here’s another good example. The ana is very far away.  Everyone is focusing the zarya, so instead I shoot at the ana since I know she must feel safe. If you always shoot at the first target you see, you will miss out on so many free kills.

Lets look at this clip from a different perspective. so when I got hooked by the roadhog. My teammates were still behind this corner. So the enemy team feels extremely safe. They also expect me to be too busy fighting with the hog  here, so they stand completely still to maximize their aim. So, instead I ignore the hog and go for the easy picks behind the hog. This is basically the same principle as in the previous clips where I picked off the ana. For most of you, even if you didn’t get hooked from up here. You would of probably still shot the hog since he is the first target you see.

But, it would be way more beneficial to just try to shoot at one of these targets. they feel way more safe. and they have way way less hp than a roadhog. the roadhog can easily start vaping and walk behind the cover in here. In the future, I want you to be aware about who you are shooting at. especially when playing sniper heroes, most of the time you  shouldnt keep shooting at your target after you already missed a shot on them. If you can’t find vulnerable targets, just change your position.

Even if you have multiple targets,  you might want to shoot at the same target again like in this clip. if the hanzo had stayed on the platform and moved unpredictably, I would of shot the widow instead. since she thinks I am busy shooting at the hanzo. but since the hanzo will die from a bodyshot,  unlike the widow and is stuck mid jump. I shoot him again. I shoot the sonic arrow at the widow and fake jumping down to change angles. and with the help of the sonic arrow vision. I can re-peek and shoot her before she can react. big hanzo gap. yo, the video is not ending yet. I just wanted to remind you guys to press that subscribe button okay. yeah, that one, yeah, exactly, thank you.

Lets continue with the video making it seem like you are changing your position, but then instead just  re-peeking the same angle again, Is a great way to make your targets unaware without wasting time changing positions. If possible, only peek when you are ready to shoot. This way your target will have less time to react. One mistake that I see everyone doing, is not looking for the next target  until you visibly confirm that the previous target is dead. this is especially noticeable on projectile heroes. But once you get over the need to see if you actually hit or killed your target .

This is how fast your enemies will start dying. oh my god! when ever you miss your shots or lose a fight, just think about, Did you see your target before they saw you? did you go on autopilot and shot at the first target you saw? Did your targets have any vulnerabilities? Maybe even check the replay to figure out who you could of shot instead. The more effort you put into developing your gamesense, the faster you will improve. there are too many situational tips to fit them all in this video,  but lets talk about a couple more. the easiest part to optimize is your starting rotation for every map. here I like to start off on the high ground,  taking a couple shots on the enemies coming in from the right. So then all the enemies will hug the left side to stay out of my arrows. And now when I drop down, they are all running directly towards me.

Giving me free headshots. Leave a comment if you want me to do a video about all my starting rotations. One cheeky trick is to not react immediately if you hear or see an enemy. Like here, I wait until the last possible moment before I turn  on the tracer, so she lets her guard down. Since I wait to turn until she is already shooting at me. She feels confident in being able to kill me before I shoot back. This play was sponsored by expressvpn.com/arrge make sure you head over to expressvpn.com/arrge and get your high quality vpn today. oh woops, sorry about that, I accidentally forgot to cut  out the part where I talk about the best vpn in the whole world. But since its already in the open now,  if you need a high quality vpn and you want to support me, go check it out. If you havent seen the previous guide video yet, go check it out. And if you want to hang out with me live, check me out on twitch. But yeah, thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please consider leaving a like.

But yeah, I’ll see you in the next one, bye bye!.

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