The Best HIDDEN Overwatch Secrets – You’ve Missed!


Overwatch is full of some crazy secrets and in this video i’m going to show you guys some of my favorites. Let’S do this. Did you know on dorado if you’re playing as hammond and you shoot the bells in a particular order? [ Music, ] hammond finishes off the overwatch theme, tune [, Music ]. This is awesome, it’s so good. It’S actually kind of easy to do i’ll. Put the order on the screen see if you guys can actually go and do it, oh by the way dancing.

Hammond is uh actually fantastic on every level you know, involved sky industries. You’Ve probably noticed the massive mechs. In the background, these bad boys are, of course, designed to fight the omnic threat, but there is one mech that doesn’t really fight the omnic threat. He actually likes to dance. The robot check this out. That’S the ladding question, so thank you to atomic piggy on youtube. Now the way to replicate this in the game is you kind of have to have a lot of patience. It will happen sometimes and then sometimes it might not it’s kind of random, but he will do this.

He will dance the robot in the background, which i think is actually kind of funky and overwatch is jam-packed of these little awesome, easter, eggs and secrets and you’ve got ta love it now this next one, it really hits kind of close to home. This does so. This is the tribute to dennis hoelker, who unfortunately, died now dennis was part of the envious roster, who won the first season of apex in korea, and they were actually the first foreign team to win a major tournament in korea very dominant in early overwatch and yeah. Unfortunately, dennis passed away on november, the 8th and, as you guys can see here from my twitter dms um yeah, still waiting for you at blizzcon, dennis you’re absolute legend, staying on iconvold um, any dark souls fans out there, because uh yeah there’s a bonfire.

This is actually kind of neat. Most people probably know about this, but yeah. I like this, i’m a big fan of souls games. You got ta love this awesome. When blizzard do this kind of like little crossover things with other games, you got ta love it now. On another somber note, there is another memorial inside overwatch and this one is particularly heart-wrenching because it’s for a player from china who never got the chance to play overwatch so wu hyung was 20 and he was a student in guangdong, gwangjong university of technology in guangzhou And unfortunately, he died trying to stop a robbery and yeah.

He actually passed away on. May the 23rd, which was the day before overwatch, released and the overwatch developers, decided to memorialize wu in the game on li jiang tao, which i think is just beautiful and that says, heroes never die, which again, i think, is a wonderful touch. So i really like these things in the game. They’Re awesome to see. Have you ever? Actually i mean: do you guys know what you’re actually doing on king’s row now this is um. This is very dark. This is like very, very dark. The payload, as you guys, can see if i just go to the side here, a little bit.

It’S an emp electromagnetic pulse which destroys electronic components. Now king’s row has got a very large omnic population and you are delivering a massive emp bomb to kill all the omnics. Oh dear, you can see all over the map on king’s row, there’s all of the omnics equal rights, stuff, omnics, stay underground and uh. Well, yeah, the end of the map is underworld, and this is where the omnics actually reside in king’s row and probably in most of great britain in the overwatch universe, which is uh yeah in in the pit there, so so you’re, basically playing as overwatch agents. Mainly, i guess, unless you’re playing talon or sombra or sombra’s talent right whatever or the junkers, but basically you’re, delivering an emp bomb to wipe out the population of omnics in london.

That is some dark stuff. Oh my god, you know what this is. This is genji’s house, you probably didn’t think i’d ever show you this. So it’s even in the game. It is in the game. It’S on the pole. This is where genji was chilling with zeni’s master. Hopefully, we’ll get some law on these two when it comes to well overwatch too um, because that was teased in the trailer but yeah. This is genji’s sort of apartment house bedroom. Whatever you want to call, it he’s got all of genji’s beautiful paraphernalia. We see the double dragon iconography everywhere, because of course, yes, there’s a beautiful picture of genji and his brother, big bad hanzo he’s the biggest bad.

I don’t know um back in their younger days with their young skins, which is awesome and yeah. You can see the rest of this. Is this awesome piece of art as well, where you see the dragon and you see genji, you see hanzo again, it’s just great. This room is really really good. Fantastic art style, fantastic stuff, you’ve got to love it. This is actually one of the things which i don’t think people are aware of, because you just don’t really go up here when you play nepal, village, you just sort of it’s like yeah whatever, and even if you do you just sort of run through you, don’t Really notice so yeah, there’s genji’s house now the panorama diner and route 66 is full of stuff and i mean absolutely full of stuff. So the first thing i like is this: this is a check from somebody called deckard kane decade.

Kane is from the diablo universe and the date the fifth of the 15th or the 12th was the launch of diablo 3 and that barcode at the bottom. If you scan that you get a very special surprise, i won’t spoil it for you now, there’s also something else going on in the diner, which probably again most people are not aware of. Look at the condiments where’s, the pepper, there’s a lot of salt in this diner, but there’s no pepper. Also on route 66. Every single clock is high noon. Um yeah! I’M not going to explain why that’s the case. It’S obvious! Why that’s the case but yeah? Look at all the cool, the condiments. There is no pepper on any of the plates or tables anywhere in the diner.

It is all salt, and actually the diner’s, really cool, because last year or in 2019 and blizzcon they replicated this and it was a cool kind of little, but it was cool. It was they just built. The diner oh yeah, and a little bit of diablo kind of stuff as well there’s loads of stuff in here. I’Ve probably missed a few things, but that’s part of the fun. I want you guys to. Let me know any things i miss in this video or things you’d actually like me to see or to show off, because there’s loads of stuff happening. Of course, we’ve got all this here, which is the weak points on the bridge where they’re going to plant the explosives to blow the bridge up to knock the train down.

And, of course we do know now that in the train was echo. But we didn’t know that at the time we found that out back in 2018 at blizzcon, when we got the cinematic reunion with ash and mccree. It’S like yeah, the echo was in the payload so yeah they do like hiding things in payloads now. This is awesome. So blizzard world has got a billion, easter eggs and all kinds of things on it, but this is my favorite thing on behalf of everyone. Thank you again and have an amazing blizzcon, [ Applause ], that’s mike morheim, the founder of blizzard or one of the co-founders of blizzard.

This here is the check he received off his grandmother to stop blizzard. How insane is that he actually weren’t called blizzard at the time, but that is just insane. This whole room is awesome if you go back and we felt that if we applied the same kind of design philosophies that we had applied to our previous games, easy to learn difficult to master, but really try to make a shallow learning curve. So anybody should be able to sit down and figure out how to play that we might be able to open up the genre to a much larger audience.

We’Ll talk to you about his game, design, philosophy, and it’s just it’s awesome. Uh these as well. You’Ve got warcraft, you’ve got diablo, you’ve got starcraft. The original blizzard games on the floor are these plaques. Now these are the guiding principles of blizzard entertainment. Now these are actually at the head office. Now i’ve been lucky enough to go to irvine many times and you guys have all seen the orc statue i’ll show you on the screen, just in case you haven’t, but around the orc statue are these guiding principles that blizzard are supposed to run by and i Think it’s just cool this whole room is just an awesome homage to what mike morheim managed to do with blizzard.

It is so cool and, of course, starcraft is his favorite game. That’S why he’s in the starcraft area, talking of mike there’s actually another little easter egg? Um in hanamura spawn this here, vv’s adventure. What is this? That’S mike’s daughter and that’s her adventure game. How cool is that all right? This is the reign of the black king, the diablo area, now you’re, probably wondering why i’m running around smashing stuff up. This is because well, this area is based on diablo and again there’s loads of little easter eggs and stuff going on in here, but there’s a really cool one, because in the game of diablo, if you smash up crates and like jugs and whatever sometimes they have Legendary items in them – and this is denoted by an orange effect and uh, sometimes you’ll – actually manage to get these in the map.

Look at that look at that. It’S so cool! It’S a little easter egg! It’S very rare this! It took me a long time to film that, but it’s really cool when you get it so yeah. I think i’m going to leave this video at that there’s loads of stuff like this is the sombra stuff going on in the uh, numerico or lumerico sorry power plant at the end of uh well dorado uh. This is with all the sombra arg stuff, sombra hacking. The plant hacking, lumerico loads of stuff went over that he was so goddamn called i’m kind of a bit annoyed that blizzard didn’t carry on with crazy args because there was so much fun to try and work out, but yeah, there’s loads of stuff in the game.

I want you guys to let me know your favorite, easter eggs and secrets and overwatch, because there’s loads of stuff um, i’m gon na end the video on one of the cheeky ones that i actually kind of like so uh yeah. Let me just show you that this is diva’s rip victory pose. Now you might be aware of the diva gremlin meme, which was the well. It was the little diva and it was drinking mountain dew and eating doritos um. If you spin this around look at that there’s some doritos chips on the floor. I love it. It’S so good to end the video. I think i’m going to hand it over to mike and i do recommend you guys, go and check out his room in blizzard world and just go and listen to what he’s got to say.

It’S super cool all right guys, thanks for watching the video and i’ll catch you on the next one. There is another person on the other end of the chat screen: they’re our friends, our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters. Let’S take a stand to reject hate and harassment, [, Music ], let’s re-double our efforts to be kind and respectful to one another and let’s remind the world what the gaming community is really all about. Thank you.

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