The COMPLETE Overwatch Jumpstart Guide


how are you all? I’m Fredo and I’m going to talk to you about Overwatch. In today’s video I’ll explain principle number one To get better at Overwatch. This tutorial is sponsored by Blizzard. We appreciate her support for us providing this effortlessly educational tutorial We hope it helps you get better in Overwatch playing And enjoy it more. So, in the beginning, make sure you achieve the highest value for your hero. The term ?value? emerges from mathematical operations And when you face the enemy while playing You want good math for the ledger.

You can improve this by studying Hundreds of capacity interactions in Overwatch game And knowing the contexts to bring more value to her. In this chaotic battle we use the nano booster to unleash the rain And keep him alive and well But we do use the bomb that heals the tank players a little bit But they were already almost completely healthy. We prefer to use anti-bombers against the enemy when possible as well.

And before we even realize it We used our best tools without finding an opportunity to use them effectively. Throwing this bomb past the shield when the enemy Ryan swung Or when he shoots it makes a difference in marking him for death Or sending him to a checkpoint and not having much effect. For example, Anna’s hypnotic needle gets more value When interrupting the enemy’s ability. If you can save Ryan from a devastating impulse or hypnotize the Nano blade It is more valuable than hypnotizing the target when team battles are not taking place. Playing Overwatch is a series of these tiny, delicate interactions First, you should try to get as much value as possible With every action you take. And when you take into account the huge variety of hero types in Overwatch You will find many ways to obtain the value. Firing and protection with shield and blue beam Heal, strengthen, exclusion, piracy, and stun. As new champions continue to be added, there is more to learn. And the mastery guides on our channel only address one hero It is usually 30 minutes long So instead of that today we wanted to address best practices That can be applied to see the heroes in Overwatch And play the game in general.

We will present the first aspect of Overwatch as the most important aspect of it It is the procedures per minute, or in short, APM. APM describes the speed at which the game can be played And improving it is the secret superpower to rise through the ranks Because the player who can use more actions than his opponent Has the potential to obtain more value in general. When I explain this, I think sometimes guys get mixed up And they think I mean making more abilities unwanted more often. Instead, I want to reframe it. Remember, Overwatch is a “first person shooter” game. With strong capabilities and shooting elements alongside each other Really effective action or play It comes with a host of mechanical competencies of the hero Even more so, instantaneous decision making To read the game state And continuing to re-evaluate what needs to be done at every moment Play the best gameplay possible. If you do, you will make more good decisions And you’ll find more ways to create value. When you succeed, every turn can be fulfilled in Overwatch And one of my favorite ways to describe this is Lucio.

All heroes will notice a huge benefit with better APM actions But Lucio is almost a perfect example of this It has the ability to play team battles quickly And change his focus to any of the 11 other players on the battlefield There are a lot of decisions you have to make in the moment. Is it time to attack? Am I safe? Should I run away to not die? Who on my team needs help? How do I use exclusion to create distance? Lucio is the perfect team manager Because it is the support category in every sense of the word But Lucio’s strong play can win the game when it is improved This is due to how much you interact with the entire game of Overwatch.

Well I’ll make another updated Lucio mastery guide Go deeper into this But now I just wanted to lay a foundation The language that Overwatch speaks and plays with It is one of the continuous reassessments and decision-making processes While playing a shooting game. It’s very challenging but that’s also what makes it so rewarding. Lucio’s 16-0 winning streak It shows a little of everything Overwatch has to offer.

We’ll cover more separate examples, but only as an overview When you play the game and make your own decisions Track the entire battlefield condition as best you can Find safe sites that allow you to be effective Regularly re-evaluate your best potential Be it attacks, defenses, healings, or whatever All the time they tried to outwit the enemy’s resources They tracked his condition at any moment Based on audio cues or final status. Collecting all this information will guide your decision-making. By the way, you should be playing a shooter at the same time And to navigate effectively across the map To direct and timing your capabilities for maximum effectiveness. Well guys, that’s it. Enjoy playing! Okay, so let’s take it one step at a time now. The best way to improve is to re-watch your gaming experience And look for errors Because everyone has mistakes even the best players in the world. But as you correct it and learn from it It can become a habit when making your decisions in the future And facilitate the difficulty of your APM When you know the best way to play detailed knowledge And you can do it without thinking.

And the most obvious place to look for bugs is in the gaming experience It is where you get left out and you try to figure out why. Have you used the wrong ability? Were you unprepared while the enemy was ready? Was it because of your timing? Or your site? Or were your mechanisms weak? And this goes for every hero in the game, no matter who he is. Before you worry about anything else You should focus on the capabilities that you are using and which you are not using effectively And you refine it with training. There are many phases of the workshop That allow you to train individually when you are looking to improve But I also suggest playing outside the ranks In the fast-paced or arcade training game Focusing on what you want to practice against opponent players.

When practicing these things it is best to try to play more flexibly To test your gaming limits So when you play more seriously, play with ranks The few moments when you have to suddenly leave the game You can overcome any interaction or play, or you will be defeated. Simple things like forming a shield fast enough to block an earth’s earthquake Or Moira’s disappearance injury quickly enough to avoid it Is the difference between survival and greater team value And return to playing with the revival feature And lose control of the tool that you have to win the game. This is half the importance. The other half is the sense of the game: Timing and teamwork. “Teamwork, Fredo? You mean to say that’s my team’s fault, right?” Error! At Overwatch, you have to be good at teamwork The more you are, the better in sync With what your teammates are doing, intending to do, or able to do The more value you will get from your role in return.

What to do as team battles develop It is the calculation of where your personality will bring the most value And move your site there. It sounds very simple, but easier said than done. Notice how the Moira player is not ready to back off the team. After Reinhart fell, Soldier would be in danger We were surprised by his retreat. So much so that we struggle to be behind it At the back line site where Moira wants so she can heal the team Unfortunately, our team member dies because of this.

I will move on to another gaming experience. We are the blue team. I want you to notice how Moira’s player moves during the battle It is anchored in a position that keeps team members in front of it During the outbreak of the battle. This player has room to improve as well, but you can see the APM in action. Because, it’s really the secret to effective APM in Overwatch It’s also the interactions in every minute, not just the actions Because with the development of the battle We want information about time-outs and breakout skills And about what happens in the reports of the killings to make better decisions for us We keep track of all information that you provide to us overwatch.

Health of team members and battle site And the areas we want to reach: that’s all that should be taken into account. The sooner you can get this information To see these readings improve your decision-making Based on perception alone. Now, my number one advice is to increase your absorption It increases your sensitivity. There are clear differentiation processes And not every hero can withstand a very fast spin speed But many of them need it in order for it to be most effective. You can increase your sensitivity by looking around and moving the camera See where the team members are and where the enemies are stationed To get more information more quickly. If your rotation is too slow You will be limited to playing only a small section of the battle And that might be good if you are playing a character like Zenata Who doesn’t need to turn much during a fight, however.

But if you move faster and act like a hero Like most Tank champions or Moira / Lucio, the preference for spin speed So you can increase your reactions per minute to improve decision making Usually recommended more than increased accuracy Its a bit more forgiving characters in the shooter section. Simply do this and choose where to fight And your place instantly increases your playing time Which means that you will be engaged in battles for a longer period. Once you are there it will be assured Or almost certainly get more procedures Thus achieving a greater impact in the game.

So, though, let’s look at an example Really shows battle status tracking What are the things to look for. Here, our player is Soldier It improves its work and tries to use a lot of procedures. Soldier is a pressure attack hero So he wants to get angles and find opportunities To inflict massive damage and our hero is doing a good job at it. The battle breaks out, becomes chaotic we start winning and the enemy runs away But we want to satisfy our killing instinct, so we pursue him to eliminate him. This will bring us back to the revive feature This is a very bad timing bug Because of a feature called rebirth We can see our hero Soldier back to point In which there is the enemy with all its might And occupy it before we can participate again. This is because when you fall into the obstacle of regeneration You really need to reduce the risks Because the death penalty is too great. Here we are on the defensive. The cart is dropping off where we do not have to intercept it. And we don’t currently oppose it either Which means we are currently fighting to dominate the map.

We see an opportunity for a surprise attack We go down to the critical hour that we were able to kill. Was this a good play? of course no Because, we can say from the top view Although the enemy Zenata is a slow character – our movement is slow as well Substituting one for the other, he returns to the battle many seconds before us. Which means, at least Playing the surprise crunch hour requires killing two, not one In order to be somewhat successful. Now, that doesn’t mean that the big surprise can’t be a hit Because here in the final attack we could get an even bigger critical hour Fortunately, our team is able to eliminate regenerations And we succeed in capturing the third point. But, in general terms This is the kind of danger you need smashing success to overcome Because when the enemy can easily return to life when your revival is far away. The death penalty will be much greater. So you have to think about target status and define your goals. So, for example, the surprise of the big discount hour early at point C is pretty good Because the place of our return to life is closer than them at this point.

But now we have control over the cart and we push it unrivaled This is called “regrouping” or “in transition.” Where we move to prepare for the next battle. Now that the enemy has the advantage of resurrecting Attack and drive away if it is likely to cost us our lives It should almost certainly stop pushing in its tracks. The simple way to think about it is when the enemy has the advantage of resurrecting It has a player feature. Unless you aggressively demonstrate one of your super skills It will be difficult to achieve productivity To remove it from the target and end the capture It’s at the end of the stages like Junker Town The game starts to look a bit like Hurd. With the approaching revival of life You should be able to prepare on site It can handle multiple team battles, not just one.

So seeking what is called “leaving after winning a tour” Which is risky despite its overwhelming success, should be avoided Unless this success is absolutely necessary that makes it worth it. Each game mode works differently But you must remember what you want in relation to the target. When setting up an early defense here and early disqualification A Tracer player shouldn’t be trying to achieve too much. We go to the back line and meet Zayn who is fighting for himself When all we have to do is contain this team battle Don’t exaggerate the problem and impose competition because when looking at the load.

The enemy does not have enough ability to damage our forward line And we can stall and heal and wait for the cart and take control of it This is our defense mission. When you are on defense You want to try to save time as much as possible Before the enemy takes over the access points while avoiding death Because the more time you play, the more time you stall the goal. This is especially true when the enemy gains the revive advantage. Here is an example of a false rotation. McCurry is a champion who loves mid-range nudges or confrontations. When the front line retracts, it is time to regroup So he can safely return with his team or get a better site. But loitering a lot while the enemy knows they are there This allows Reinhart to place a barrier in his face And for many seconds McCree cannot find a valuable entry point in this battle Once he put himself in the wrong location.

If it is in the face of Weido I’d advise him not to take a longer angle, but he’s not. And when you look at the impact the rest of his team is getting Fighting fragile personalities If McCurry didn’t get stuck in the back There was an opportunity to unite with the fires of Focus from Mi Find exclusion at the connection point. But because we positioned ourselves outside the play area We were unable to contribute. Well there were two Support Superhero skills taking off But Makri could trigger the critical hour at that time Instead of firing at the shield and finding a way to attack this way Especially with the help of Mai. As McCree, we are the main damage in the squad And we need to find opportunities for bonding with Freezing MI For the success of teamwork.

This means that we cannot turn a hole This makes it easy for the main enemy tank to impede our attacks. Our next section brings together some of the elements we’ve already discussed today. This is a good turnover But it does show how the most mechanically demanding heroes are in Overwatch They need more than just timing – they need fast implementation.

We hesitated to surprise The slow movement in the implementation of his ability to McCurry before the start of the critical hour It leads to the downfall of one of our team members. And if our movement is faster We may have fired the flash and the pulse bomb at multiple targets. These time windows are very small The faster you play and attack, the greater the effect Herein lies the value of APM. It is in these few moments that you are in control of the game You miss an opportunity to make the most of it. And when we talk about positioning, the tank players must be mentioned. Tank players are probably the strongest role in Overwatch ever But they need the most sense of the game. Here’s an example of a very weak site You may have noticed that it is popular among the lower ranks. But maintaining this suffocation is simply a bad thing. The enemy can go up from the cinema and drop the window to get around you You will not want your enemy to surround you while you are on the defensive Especially as in Ryan’s “Deathball” lineup.

When the enemy attacks you and you are at the choke point You cannot participate actively in the introduction to the engagement Because of this, often You will see higher-level Ryan players sheltering in the statue Or even in the back corner of the point Remember, they have to chase after you anyway. To win the game as a Tank player You will need to know how to adjust the team’s engagement style and strengths And fight for those sites The longer you keep it for the team, the better your performance. Reinhart is a character who loves to control bunkers and corners. No one is better at fighting a goal And drain resources from the team. But when our shield health begins to decline We’re totally at the wrong angle. To our left, the cliff of death is not safe! We should be able to use our shield health to reach our next coverage point. Standing in the open leads to the destruction of the shield And losing the teams battle. It might seem scary to give up control of Crainehart But if you don’t have the resources This is exactly what you must do to recover.

Reach the corner of the health pack on the right To take back the armor before going out again is the right decision. And you never want to find yourself pulling in a straight line while playing Brian And with you the shield, because everything in the game can take advantage of you. Seeing the shield cracked and you are in a bad position McCurry has a very easy discount watch.

Your shield can be with extra health As a way out of a bad situation into a good one But it is not permanent, so it cannot last very long When staying in a bad location. You have to use it as a means to an end. You can think of all the capabilities of Tank Champions this way Whether it is defense, bubbles, barriers or shields Or a toolkit they haven’t designed yet The role of the tank player in all of this is to find the best locations for engagement And rush towards it and hold it whenever possible. Here is another similar bug Where our hero Ryan fights in an arcade And seeks to corner the enemy’s control. This is exactly where Ryan wants to be, only the enemy Ryan We are putting ourselves in danger in a reckless attempt to engage in a bad fight. We expect to somehow remain at a very unfavorable situation. But rushing to the corner of the enemy Rhine holds us back. This is another situation where we simply had to allow the wagon to advance So we can park it in a corner for our benefit.

Every tank player in the game got the best engagement training. Attacking Tank players prefer to use higher ground while avoiding taking damage. Zaria and Sigma can punish inconveniencing an enemy while occupying a space, Ryan is extremely powerful. They all have their own personalities. But in general, what you should be thinking about as a Tank player It is the preparation for the engagement of your entire team. Knowing the competitive match becomes even more important to you as a Tank player As you will have to modify the sites you are fighting for Depending on the lineup you are playing in. But these are super advanced things and we can introduce them in other videos.

Oh, yeah! We kind of reminded us of the idea of ??letting go And when you have to do so. If the clash is not in your favor in the squad Because of the height of the ground or the way the tank players want to engage You should avoid it until you can prepare a proper engagement. But the most important thing is to excel at enemy super skill Saving Paranormal Skill Tracking Super Skill is a major skill in Overwatch. There are a number of tricks to keep track of. If you win clashes and defeat and the enemy Usually the enemy will have Super Skill Support first. Keep track of who your team died and who died on the enemy team A good way to find out who has paranormal skills and when. For example, if both Reinhart were constantly fighting They may use Earthquake at the same rate Whereas if one of the Widow Maker hit the enemy hard You can expect the winner to be far ahead in charging her paranormal skill.

But regarding the location of this As a decision-making element what should be done is arithmetic When the enemy has super skills, how much consideration you need to give them. So, for example, if your Reinhart is defeated and the enemy has an earthquake You should not be in front of it at all Unless you are on the way to the end of the AP You have nothing to do other than jump on the cart.

But even then, letting them get it may be less expensive And try to get value elsewhere. It’s very important in Overwatch to directly confront enemy skills By identifying sites outside of their effective use. That means when with the Rhein they shake the ground and you don’t have a proper armor You should be in high positions and progress on the cart So you can poke the enemy or lower their armor to make them weak Or find a means of attack or ground capabilities elsewhere. Each super skill in the game will have its own personality. Some superhuman skills require jumping off the cart like Earthquake or Mae’s snowstorm. Some breakthrough skills require diffusion like the electromagnetic pulse of Sombra’s enemy. And others like combo defeat Nano Blade Requires you to provide defensive hacks Or disable timeouts when Genji comes. Being superior to super skills is a good thing But you can achieve more with Overwatch When you master saving super skills.

This means that when you can read complex interactions To many super-skills released simultaneously and to do calculations to see who will win. It takes a lot of experience to do but the better you’ll be at it Your desire increased for what you can achieve from your supernatural skills When you get involved in clashes, otherwise, you lose. For example, let’s look at this kinji passage Where our hero fights on enemy front lines Enemy Rhine’s Shield is low We lose a player, but we reflect a black hole. At this point, when you see the black hole A turbine releases molten lava And Mercy Valx to secure resuscitation. With the enemy’s armor Rhein lowering there was a very high probability We will only be able to target the black hole Or the molten lava would burn it anyway.

So, when we hear those audio cues from our team members and demonstrate those super skills Dragon sword salvage can be the deciding factor Who might have an effect in this next fight. Because if we observe, the enemy barely reaches elevation. So, if we could do some killing in the previous fight In a black hole without using the blade Perhaps in this next fight, we can at least achieve one or two kills with the blade And maybe even prevent the enemy from rising. This is like hitting two birds with a stone. That’s a big part of saving up super skills and I think a lot of players overlook it. The speed and frequency of eliminations can prevent the enemy from charging Super Skill Because reducing the main opponents’ playing time removes them from fighting enough To reduce their ability and to charge their superhuman skills This makes their gameplay and layout random.

Without doing this, enemy Zenata is safe to charge its flying Which ensures stability at the point And keep all six of their squad alive Which would make it nearly impossible for our team to exit. Having exit options when you have the Relive feature is powerful. It will take the enemy some time to get back to the cart, and we will be revived by its side So we can find a way to stop this goal But it would be really hard if we didn’t get any kills in previous losing fight.

Each section of today’s video can have its own one-hour series That is why we have thousands of videos on the channel. Let us know in the comments section About the areas you want a more in-depth explanation. Today we tried to take a comprehensive look On everything to consider in Overwatch at once I admit that this may sound arrogance. But I hope I am lucky enough to make this guide useful to you To improve your ability to read Overwatch more effectively And improve as a player. If you do, make sure you like the video.

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