Well, hello there fellow competitive overwatch player. I, like you, have always begged the question What’s the difference between Diamond and Master players? Like I said in the intro portion of this video, I myself was stuck in Diamond season two. Now, season two was two seasons ago, and that’s like Seven months ago, so it’s been awhile since I’ve been a diamond but I Struggled for a very long time to figure out what I needed to do to get up to Master and how to just get out Of what felt like elo hell to me. There are four main habits I have found that sets diamond and Masters apart so let’s begin with number one. Number one is simply this No one plays Reinhardt in diamond. I don’t know if it was just me that had this problem And I played a lot of matches season 2. We’re talking like five to six hundred Matches during season two I think season two is the most time I had in this game so far for a competitive season And even lately when I’m queueing with some of my lower, diamond friends and our team, Sr Is like mid diamonds so I myself while I’m in master am playing against other diamonds, I noticed this same point still happening.

A lot of people don’t look at Reinhardt as a lot of fun and let’s be honest he really isn’t a ton of fun, but he’s still often very necessary and people just refuse to play reinhardt And they just pick whatever DPS or other tank they want to play. When I was climbing to master I had to start learning to fill as reinhardt if a team ever needed it Sometimes you need to take a break from your main and fill another role to bring your team together so now let’s move on to my second point and that is that sombra and hanzo mains are accepted in Master and I’m not strictly meaning just sombra and hanzo I’m talking about the types like torbjorns, symetra some of these picks and I actually not symetra as much anymore, but some of these pics where people are just like Really? Why are you playing that we’re often some people may start to throw it Just because someone is playing sombra or Hanzo And I would know because I played many a hanzo in my day Any of you that have watched my previous videos you would know I’m a hanzo main So yes sometimes I have to put up with this when I was in diamond It was always a hassle whenever I wanted to play Hanzo when I felt like I was a pretty solid hanzo hanzo is ended up playing the master in season three But in season two people just shut me down and nobody would listen to me.

It was just straight whatever okay? You know what no? I’m just going to people swap tank and go Genji Because everyone wants to play again Genji and then it was everybody’s just picking whatever they want like okay? Let’s get this game over with next game. Hopefully we don’t have a hanzo player, and in master of someone picks sombra or Hanzo There’s really no one giving it a second thought Hanzo is just another hero and master Sombra which I’ve seen a lot in the past week. I’ve seen sombra every other game there’s been a lot of sombras and people don’t think twice about it because you know hey this person is going to play this hero And they’re going to deliver results. That’s how master players look at it and diamond people tend to freak out This is just what I’ve noticed guys there.

Is there’s no graphs or charts This is all what I’ve noticed because I played a lot of games and diamond and I played a lot of games and Master And master people know that they’re going to deliver results, and that if they don’t deliver they know when to switch And [I] just want to fit this in the video remember everything. I’m telling you.

There’s no such thing as a universal truth obviously Yes, there’s been a game in masters with someone gets mad over sombra pick it will happen at Grand Master. It doesn’t matter there’s no universal truth There’s going to be someone throwing somewhere just always keep that in mind someone is throwing something where? It’s less frequent at the higher rank, but it still happens. So just remember. There’s no universal truth it’s all about frequency, and that’s the huge word for all of this the difference in frequencies and occurrences it from diamonds and Master What we’re currently talking about so now we have arrived to my third point my third point is diamonds Often tend to use all of their ultimates during a teamfight take for example.

Let’s say you’re playing on a team Matches in diamonds You’re playing on a team and your zaria uses her Graviton onto a point And so when all the enemies gets swept up into Zara’s Graviton And they’re all in there like sitting ducks your team’s roadhog blasts his ult your team soldier blasts his ult your ana nano boosts soldier your pharah uses. It’s like that is completely unnecessary One of those ults will do just fine everyone else can just left click and and the entire enemy team is going to be white I see this constantly and diamonds tend to just completely Waste their ultimate for no good reason because Once your team has used all their ultimate’s Yeah, you’re definitely winning that fight, but you completely wasted them when you didn’t need to And now you’re leaving your team Exposed for the next fight because you have nothing to fight back with on the other side of the spectrum Here in master I see every match people are talking about What ultimate they’re going to use? ana talks about who she’s going to nano boost they talk about who’s going to use what and then we’re set we kind of Build a game plan from scratch to.

Adjust within like the span of 10 seconds We just talked back and forth to each other we build this little plan and then we go We know what to ult we know when to ult we know who’s not going to ult and it’s a plan we just follow it Stick to it And that is how you conserve ultimates so that’s how you set yourself up to win the next team fight when the enemy team comes back after being wiped and that leads to wining games, so the fourth and final point I have is that in master players tend to have better mechanical Aim now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the widow hanzo Mccree Soldiers and master are these God players that never missed because that’s not true.

No But there is quite a big difference between the hit scan and snipers you find in Diamond and hit scan snipers you find Master Because honestly I I’m sitting here with my notes. I don’t have a script for these videos I just write down my four points or 20-point. you know however many points I’m going to have I usually come up with four Because I don’t want to make 30 minutes videos even though I could if I wanted to it so much I like talking about this stuff I usually condense everything down to 4 or 5 big points And I was trying to come up with something a little bit more original will you? I wanted to come up with something that maybe then sounds so cliché other than just have oh have better Aim But the more I was just thinking about it it really wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t put this into one of my four major points because It honestly is something that I have noticed when I crossed from Diamond into Master I’m not talking about like the difference from 3499 to 3,500 is this huge wall of Mccrees that never missed their shots on one end and Mccree Is that only hit twenty percent of their shots no? I’m not calling it like that I’m just saying on average the Mccree on the master End of the spectrum tend to be landing the important shot, and I’m talking about these important shots I’m not talking about your team is starting to move up with your reinhardt and you’re just shooting the shield shooting the shield you’re going to try to land some hits on someone if they get out of the Shield’s way No, I’m talking about when you’re in these situations where if you don’t land these shots you’re going to die You’re going to see the master players landing those shots and you’re going to see the diamond player struggling to hit some of the shots leading to the result of the Diamond players death, and you’re going to see the master players still alive able to keep pushing with the team and getting kill’s so hope you guys really enjoyed the video I put a lot of work into it would really help me out if you hit the like button And I’m not just saying that it really does help It helps other people find my videos and I poured my heart and soul into these things when [I’m] creating them so It really means a lot when you hit that like button and go ahead and subscribe for more overwatch content watch some of my previous Videos, I have a lot of really good ones I’ve been making these overwatch videos for just a little bit now, and it’s been a lot of fun So I hope you stick around and as always guys have a great day, and I’ll see you at the next video.

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