Hi, its sabotage. in this video im gonna give you my tips and tricks, to improve your Zarya game to give you that edge, that makes you rek the enemies left and right, and boost your overall winrate with her. so if you play her, or wants to play her more, sit back and take some of these advices. i started playing zarya towards the end of season 1, and have been playing her as my main since then, im currently on a 56-57% winrate with her in over 175 games, placing me top 2% zarya player in EU, if you trust Overbuff.com.

And towards the end of this video, youll see what that resulted in. lets break her down into pieces, and gather them all for you to see how i play her. zarya has two ways of using her particle cannon. her main attack is a beam, and it has a 15m range and deals single target dmg. her 2nd attack shoots a ball of energy, it no maximum range and deals damage to targets within 2m of the hit.

So we have the choice between single target close to medium range, and a AOE with a small area of effect but a long range. so the million dollar question is, when to use what. always getting close to enemies and using the beam seems like the easiest the problem is that zarya only has 200hp/200 armor so for a tank, she is pretty fragile, and charging in with single target damage, will in most scenarios not be effective in the long run. ill strongly suggest you put alot of efford and practice into using the energy bombs as much as possible, because when to use what will so much depend on situations, targets and positioning. this is for example where we come to peak shooting. its very effective way to control and deal cheap and non risky damage, if you peak and shoot arround corners with particle bombs and this can be very upclose to medium range another situation where you want to use particle bombs on close range is when you have multiple targets in a small area.

Remember that the particle bomb will not only deal AOE, but also push enemies arround when hit with it. so the bomb will not only result in you dealing damage to multiple targets but also make it harder for them to target and deal damage to you. you can fx change reinhardts charge path, which could safe a life of your fellow teambuddy even though the particle beam deals 95 dmg compared to 45 of the particle bomb youll quickly find that the bomb is more effective more often than you expected. the particle beam should be used in 1v1 situations or where you are against multiple targets where their dmg output is low, or if you are in a big team fight where you arent targeted heavily, but you have an enemy on low health.

An advanced tip on the particle cannon is, that if you have less than 25 ammo (which is the cost of a bomb) you’ll no matter the amount of ammo, deal all the dmg a bomb outputs. so end up shooting a bomb when you have 25 or less ammo in your magazine. this way you will get the more damage out of 1 magazine. and some bonus info: you can jumpboost with the particle bomb, but you’ll take damage from the bomb. the damage you can do to yourself, makes you able to steal healthpackages. so to sum it up: particle beam should be used when you want single target heavy dmg and particle bomb when you want to deal AOE in a small area, shoot arround corners or alter someones position practice particle bombs now lets take a look at zaryas two shields. the shields will be your #1 priority. when a shield is on zarya or a teammate, it will block 200 damage and make shielded hero invulnable for 2 seconds if its not destroyed, it will also charge the zarya that cast the shields particle cannon for up to 50 energy pr.

Shield and for each energy zaryas particle cannon has, her dmg will be increased by 1% the amount of damage you can output on 100% energy is just rediculous, and the shields is your way of keeping you and your teammates alive. so how, who and and when should zarya shield? because of the 2 second duration of the shields, you should never use them passively. by that i mean using it on somebody not taking damage, fx when out LOS of enemies. lets see how to gain high energy: exposing yourself to damage and shielding yourself, is the far easiest way to gain energy. this could be jumping in front of your teams reinhardt-shield, and shielding yourself or positioning yourself where you expect enemies shooting at you. shielding teammates to gain energy is a little bit tougher. you want to always try and figure out where the highest pressure is in the game, and be the aid in those situations shielding the one taking lethal damage.

So take a note on when and who of your teammates pushes into the enemies. shielding a friend to use them as shield, is a zarya scumbag move that both saves you and the teammate, and properbly gives your particle cannon energy. you also want to keep in mind to shield ulting teammates. a pharah ulting is easily killed, so she will love a bubble when she stalls in the air, and when its high noon, mccree also really wishes to be shielded, and this information pretty much goes for almost all ulting teammates. when you have this situational awareness of your teammates, you can begin to look at enemy abilities and soak the abilities into your particle cannon energy.

A situation where you blatantly soak and boost your own damage, is when having a reinhardt on the enemy team. you know for a fact, that he loves to lower his shield and thrust a ball of fire against his enemies, and if you manage to shield yourself or a teammate, and the fireball goes through both sites of the shield (front and back) (or side to side) you’ll get 50 energy pr shield, and 25 if it hits only one side. as you might have already noticed, there are places in all maps, where the reinhardt will most likely be throwing fire. so make sure you have a shield or two ready when you see a reinhardt coming arround a corner. i often times shield myself and jump straight into a an ability and its a easy way to charge your energy. the same goes for symmetras energy balls and she can squirt those balls out like a garden hose. with this information you will also quickly see, that saving your shield against reinhardts charge and roadhogs hooks, is really powerfull. roadhog and reinhardts two abilities instakills most heroes, when they manage to hit their hooks and charges.

But before you get hit by them, you actually got enough time to shield yourself. you also therefor have enough time to shield a teammate getting hooked or charged, aven after they have been hit by it, and your teammates is gonna appreciate surviving a charge that often kills them! so to sum up the shields: dont use shields passively. but be ready to shield anybody taking lethal damage. look for enemy abilities to soak into energy and save teammates from death. shield ulting teammates. on to the last ability, the graviton surge. her ult will charge very slow if you arent high on energy.

But it is at the same time also one of the strongest offensive ults in the game. it can be used very wrong, but this is going to be easily explained anyways. this ult should be comboed with a teammate ult. or you should be arround 100% energy with enemies very low on health. as you are getting closer and closer to getting her ult, you want to make sure as few enemies as possible can counter it. reinhardts shield is one of the most annoying abilities to deal with, as it both blocks the path of the graviton surge ball, but also makes it very hard for your team to deal a significant amount of damage. so the graviton surge should be cast after his shield has been broken. then you also should prefer not to throw it when zenyatta or lucio has their ults, or when they are active.

if you manage to hit a timing with non of the above to counter, you will wipe all of the enemies inside the graviton surge. you should prefer to use zaryas particle bombs, while graviton surge is active, but it really depends on the threats inside if you can go upclose and beam and bomb, or you have to stay at a distance to bomb. running upclose to a graviton surge, an enemy mccree stun or junkrat trap can be a real party pooper. this is what i have learned by playing her for 70 hours if you apply these tips to your games, i will promise you, you will improve. link to my overbuff page, will be in the description i hope you enjoyed this guide. if you did dont forget to like it. if you want to see more, you can always subscribe for free. and i hope to see you again. goodbye.

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