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When Overwatch Pros Use Tracer’s Ultimate


In the upper levels of overwatch tracer is an already very flashy and fast-paced hero her ultimate in Contrast can’t seem rather uninteresting at times But as you’ll come to see her in a moment the pros managed to pull off some of the most ridiculous Pulse bombs leaving everyone wishing that they had that level of skill in this episode of epic moments We’re going to look at the best pulse bombs of all time from overwatch League. My name is Nathan and welcome to Blizzard guides To start us off We’re going to watch striker from Boston uprising shred through Dallas filled with a four kill pulse bomb But before that let me know who you think the best tracer in overwatch league is anyway.

Let’s get right into these clip Valkerie advantage on the side of Shanghai on paper. This is a fight They should win and that’s a great start from there as well managing out of a mix Just drop a pulse grenade on a false bomb. That’s it logics I want let’s see we get the stick on it pretty sure his babybay there No, it wasn’t it was sleepy. Ah that’s painful. Do you want to try to develop? It as quickly as possible, Kellex is winning in the battle for it though.

Note We’ll eventually find hydration who has definitely been having a bit of an off day so far on these first two points, and there’s striker who is performing Hydration even your second life is still gonna get blown to bits boston uprising right now Lingering these low HP transendents for so now that would have to make something out of this come forward and make this a Big fight put Diya is behind us I’m stuck would You like us to pull down a tiger was the third D You now really stop aterna? And if you thought those clips were flashy just wait till you watch this clip of carpe a dunking a pulse bomb on a mercy mid-flight denying Mercy’s ult only pretty impressive The face beautiful bit of finesse there, that’s what we’d like to see in this narrow corridor that is I convolve see It’s caught in that one as well Coming up big here. That is a huge fight for valiant take And most racers just throw it out there But trying to extract value out of it extracts the life on a dreamKazper.

This could be big though He can actually drop down Kellex caught out in the open pit of an icy spot for him and birdring Oh go for the quick Stylin kellex definitely did not see that coming and neither did we what a play from birdring 900 I Q play do you remember me guys I was just here hold on here is a parting gift a Beautiful play by birdring five seconds befor they can really get rolling here Looking for those juicy support pulse bombs only the juiciest support He knew the res is coming so he put the pulse bomb down right there can they capitalize on it room it does go down they took our advice oh Not bad agilitities taking out there Goes unkoe go as well bunny coming alive here gets a and B before the re-mech to the level to do some proper fighting One play that we hear quite a bit about is pine and Rightfully, so we’re going to watch pine rip apart Shanghai dragons backline in the blink of an eye Again, they do have their Valkyrie you just saw them use transcendence the bdosin down, that’s what support out of the way, thus just trying desperately to keep what this hopes alive bdosin rez’d one more time.

He’s Low hes down saebyeolbe drops a pulse bomb. There is the kill on to birdring there is the kill on to nus, and OT will soon start to tick quickly, there is goes taken out by gesture in that primal rage. They’re not done yet, though They do usually got it through to point B Coco does fall, though so now, oh, the stick, the double kill effect with the hero play, but can’t they get it through to the rest of point B, fleta backing off there is the tac visor hoping to stay alive, and denteh with the monster pulse bomb, cancels out the tac Danteh right now it’s on a chair that made all the difference Well don’t you guys wish that you can have ults like this daily? I know I do tracer is a seriously powerful hero And the pros just shows how devastating her ult can be Let me know who your favorite tracer player is in the comments down below. I hope you guys enjoyed this one Don’t forget to leave a like as it really helps us know that you guys are enjoying the content and don’t forget to subscribe as we have a lot of epic moments videos and tips and tricks videos so that you can be the Best overall player that you can be I hope you guys enjoyed this one.

Have a nice day My name is Nathan and this is Blizzard guides .

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