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Who Can Make It Onto Nepal’s Ledge? | Overwatch: Guides


To become one of the best players around, I’d argue that decent map knowledge is necessary. It’s important to know how each map plays out, and what characters can accomplish what. That’s why today, we’ll be looking at Nepal. More specifically, this ledge. WHICH HEROS CAN STAND HERE? No surprise, most of the majority made it. So instead of listing those who could make it, I’ll list those who did not make it Some that did surprise me while testing was actually Bastion, and most of the tanks. I believe it’s because of how big they are (because they’re tanks) is why I was surprised to find that only Winston and Roadhog were the only ones not able to make it. Though, it’s not just the size that makes this difficult, some of the smaller characters made it difficult to land on the narrow ledge. L?cio, is the only character that slides around, making precision quite hard. In the end he makes the list. One character I expected a challenge for was Doomfist. What I didn’t expect is that how difficult it would be, and not even being able to make it altogether.

I’m sorry guys I tried, it’s just not possible for him. In conclusion, the vast majority of the heroes can make the ledge, including some of the larger characters such as the tanks..

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