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What’s up everybody this is Master Ian Gamer, and if you’re watching this video then that  means you’re most likely interested in learning to play the cutest hero in all of Overwatch:  Wrecking Ball! Dah! Look at his little face! So in this video I’ll be covering five important tips to  help improve your Wrecking Ball gameplay so you can become the alpha hamster in no time! Special  thanks to Blizzard for sponsoring this video, and now let’s dive into the hamster strats! —– First tip: Be the Ball! Wrecking Ball is all about being able to zip around and disrupt the  enemy team. While in Ball mode, not only does he move much faster, but he cannot be headshot,  thus giving him an extra level of protection. But to really make the most of it, you gotta  use his Grappling Claw ability! By pulling himself along with this ability, he can  slam enemies to both deal damage and knock them back.

You’d be amazed by how much disruption  you can cause by just swinging through the enemy team. On certain maps you can  even utilize the terrain to swing indefinitely on the control point or payload. This can be  a great way to contest the objective, regardless of whether you’re the one attacking or defending. In addition to just damaging opponents by slamming into them, Wrecking Ball’s Grappling Claw is great  at dislocating the enemy team and knocking them out of position. This can be especially useful  when the enemy is positioned on advantageous high ground, as knocking them down to your  team’s level can oftentimes be the deciding factor in who wins a team fight.

But, this goes one step  further on maps where environmental kills come into play! Rather than just knocking  your opponents out of position, you can secure one or more easy eliminations by booping them straight  off the map! While this can be achieved just about anywhere there is an insta-death pit, there are a  number of sweet spots on different maps which are exceptionally easy to get value from. Take  advantage of these, and you can easily get some of the most satisfying kills in all of Overwatch! Another big part of Being the Ball is utilizing high ground yourself.

For one thing,  Wrecking Ball’s Piledriver ability can only be activated while in the air,  so being able to swing upwards or drop off ledges is a big part of Wrecking Ball being  able to deal damage. But you don’t even always need really high ledges to use Piledriver. In  many cases if you just roll up and off small bits of terrain or even the payload itself,  it’ll give you enough air to slam down with Piledriver and deal some damage. —– Moving onto the second tip: you gotta know the maps! While knowing map layouts is important  now matter which hero you’re playing, it’s exceptionally crucial for Wrecking Ball for  a couple of different reasons. First is that, in order to make the most of Being the Ball,  you gotta know all the sweet spots for grappling and flanking routes to get around the enemy.  Oftentimes when playing Wrecking Ball, you don’t want the enemy to know you’re  coming until you’re already on your way out. Nothing is worse than engaging the enemy team,  only to get stuck with no escape.

That’s a sure way to both die and feed ultimate charge to the  enemy. Instead, you’ll want to make sure you have both a route to engage the enemy,  and disengage. Sometimes this will be the same route, other times it could be two different  ones. It really all depends on which map you’re on and where the enemy is located.

On top of this,  it’s often a good idea to mix up when and where you strike. A clever opponent will quickly pick  up on your tricks if you keep hitting them from the same angle every time, so knowing all the  routes available to you can really help you to mix things up and keep your enemy on their toes! Another reason why you gotta know the maps as Wrecking Ball is so you know where to find  health packs. As a big, speedy Tank who’s gonna be spending a lot of time behind enemy lines,  you won’t always have access to the healing of your team’s Support heroes. Don’t get me wrong,  they’ll love the ult charge they get from healing you, but that isn’t always an  option when on the flank.

So you should definitely know where to find your own healing when need be. If you’re new to playing Wrecking Ball, then I actually recommend going into different maps  in custom games to get a feel for the different routes you can take.  Just practice swinging around and try to find different spots where you can easily  flank the enemy or boop them off a ledge. If you’re new to Overwatch as a whole,  this can also be a great way to learn where health packs are located, as you might be surprised by  just how many are scattered about. Even as a big Tank like Wrecking Ball, knowing where to quickly  grab a small health pack can oftentimes be the difference between life and death. —– The third tip for playing Wrecking Ball is knowing how to get the most out of his  Adaptive Shield ability. Even with his large health pool and speed, Adaptive  Shield is a crucial ability for being able to disrupt the enemy team without dying yourself.

By default, Adaptive Shield grants Wrecking Ball a small amount of bonus shield health. However,  this amount can be increased based on the number of enemy players within close range  of you when you first activate the ability. For each nearby enemy, you get more shield  health. This means that when Wrecking Ball is within range of the entire enemy team,  he can get a huge boost to his health pool. And if used strategically, this can keep him  alive long enough to deal a lot of damage to the enemy before needing to retreat.

Additionally,  the bonus health provided by Adaptive Shield doesn’t give ultimate charge to the enemy,  so don’t feel hesitant to let your opponents strip it away while you’re busy bashing them about. While in the heat of battle, it may be tempting to just pop Adaptive Shield as soon as you engage  the enemy. But ideally, you’ll want to hold it until you’re in a position where you’re  physically close enough to as many enemies as possible in order to maximize the amount of  protection it grants you. In fact, there’s a number down near your health pool that  indicates how many enemies are within range to contribute to it. For newer players this  can be very useful as it helps you know how much shield health you’ll gain at any given moment. —– My fourth tip is making the most out of his ultimate ability:  Minefield.

Minefield can be an extremely powerful ultimate in terms of both area denial  and securing kills, but like all things, it hinges on knowing when and where to use it. In general, you’ll mostly want to use Minefield while on the objective.  Whether you’re attacking or defending a capture point or payload, Minefield can be a great way  to deter your enemies from getting near it. With each mine dealing enough damage to two  shot most heroes, Wrecking Ball can easily turn just about any objective into a death  zone with his ultimate. However, you shouldn’t just pop it willy nilly.  There are a few things to keep in mind when using it in order to get the most value. First is the size of the point you’re trying to control. If you’re contesting something smaller  like a payload, then it might be fine to just deploy the mines from the ground.  But if it’s a large capture point, then you may instead want the mines to be spaced out a bit more  in order to cover more area.

In order to do this, you’ll want to be airborne when using  his ultimate, as this will cause the mines to spread out farther before activating.  As you can see here, the mines cover a much wider area when deployed from the air. However,  just keep in mind that while the minefield itself will cover a larger area, each individual mine  will be farther apart from each other. This’ll make it easier for enemies to navigate the area  without actually hitting the mines, and therefore in some instances it may be less effective.

But while objectives are usually a good place to deploy your Minefield, there are other ways of  using Wrecking Ball’s ultimate. Choke points for one can be a prime location to drop your  little explosives. If the enemy is trying to make a push through a narrow point on the map,  and you’re able to get in there and use Minefield, that’ll oftentimes put an end  to their entire push right then and there. It’s even better however if you can use your ultimate  after some of them have already pushed through the choke. This splits their team in half,  and effectively allows you and your team to divide and conquer the enemy. —– My fifth and final tip for playing Wrecking Ball is knowing hero matchups. Or in other words,  which kinds of heroes is he good and bad against? The biggest thing to look out for  when it comes to enemy heroes is anyone with crowd control abilities.

Things like stuns,  hacks, sleeps, and freezes all get in the way of Wrecking Ball’s need for speed,  and thus are unfavorable matchups for him in many situations. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for  him to win against teams who have Brigitte, Sombra, or Mei, but they can be big problems  for him. If you do find yourself facing off against one of these heroes as Wrecking Ball,  your best bet will be to keep an eye out for their crowd control abilities and wait for them to go on  cooldown. That should make it safe for you to roll in and engage them without getting stopped  in your tracks. Or if you’re a bit more confident in your ball skills, you can even try to bait out  the enemy’s crowd control abilities while using your speed to avoid actually getting hit by them.  This’ll not only keep you safe, but prevent them from using those same abilities on your teammates.

Inversely, Wrecking Ball can be pretty good against just about anyone who doesn’t have  a crowd control ability. Basically as long as he can get in, do some damage,  and get out without losing too much health, he can be useful. But one matchup in particular  which Wrecking Ball is very good in is against enemy snipers. Thanks to his Grappling Claw,  he can easily reach them on high ground positions and often make quick work of them with his Quad  Cannons and Piledriver. Even if he doesn’t get a kill, he’ll force the sniper to relocate,  which oftentimes will disrupt their ability to pick off your fellow teammates. At the end of the day though, Wrecking Ball can be a really good pick in a multitude of situations,  but even if you’re a pro you’ll more than likely encounter circumstances where he simply isn’t a  good pick. If the enemy has a really good Sombra and they keep shutting you down over and over  again, then your best bet is just to swap onto a different hero. There’s no shame in having  to switch heroes, and the key really is being able to quickly tell when Wrecking Ball isn’t  working.

The surest sign of this is whenever you’re unable to keep your momentum going.  If your movement is frequently being interrupted by the enemy team or even just the map itself,  then it might be best to play another hero for that match. But don’t worry, Hammond  will forgive you for leaving him. And he’ll be eagerly waiting for you to play him again soon! —– So these have been my five basic tips for playing Wrecking Ball. There of  course are many more advanced techniques to learn about him,  but hopefully this video has helped those of you who are looking to first pick him up and nail the  basics.

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