[3.11] Toxic Rain Ranger Build Guide – Path of Exile: Harvest


Hey there, welcome to another Path of Exile guide this time with the chaotic Toxic Rain Ranger! If you’re looking for a super fast, chaos damage dealing character that melts everything like a hot knife through butter, then you’ve found the perfect build. A great league starter, it doesn’t actually rely too much on gear up to mid-tier maps so clearing story mode and dipping your toes into Atlas farming can be easily done with self-found gear. All you need is a high attack speed bow and you’re good to go. Even if you wish to invest a bit of currency in equipment, a few chaos orbs for each piece will go a long way and the build works very well on tighter budgets. But that should not be a problem as this is one of the best farming builds in the game – once you get the ball rolling you’ll level up incredibly fast and clear maps in no time. There are actually few other builds that can compete with it when it comes to efficiency. At the same time boss fights are a breeze as well: having great mobility and stacking damage over time allows you to reposition whenever needed while damage is still ticking on your target.

Then, as with any respectable farmer out there, you can run literally all map mods. Damage reflect, no leech, no regen, none of these are an issue. Its incredible speed coupled with almost permanent uptime for all your flasks also make it an insane delving machine as you can really quickly clear any side areas while darkness diving. Lastly, while it does have several defensive layers and solid effective HP, I would still not recommend it for Hardcore play as it is, at the end of the day, an evasion-based build. Before diving into how you actually get to play the build and put together all its pieces, I should add a short disclaimer. This guide will be more condensed than my previous ones, however pretty much all the usual information is still there. It’s just presented in a more compact format. If anything is unclear or you have any questions about the build, you can find me streaming on Twitch at twitch.tv/navandis (link to the schedule in the pinned comment and video description).

I’m live 4 or 5 times a week and you’ll get to see every upcoming build being put together, leveled up and fine-tuned before it becomes a guide such as this one. Finally, the most up to date Path of Building link will also be found in the pinned comment and video description. As usual, the guide is still divided into seven main sections: build overview, passive tree and leveling, ascendancy, pantheon, gems and links, gear flasks and jewels and finally “pros & cons”. So, with that out of the way, let’s start with the build overview. The build?s main skill, Toxic Rain shoots several arrows up in the air which then create toxic spore pods where they land. These spore pods deal a large amount of chaos damage over time and drastically slow down enemies.

After a short duration the pods explode in an area around them. This particular build only focuses on that damage over time part without scaling hit damage or relying on poison. The spore pods DOTs stack without any upper limit and multiple pods can overlap and affect the same target at once. Most larger targets such as bosses will generally be affected by 4 or 5 pods from each Toxic Rain salvo you fire. As such, you need to primarily focus on gathering lots of attack speed and increased skill effect duration. This way you get to very quickly carpet an area in dozens of toxic spore pods which last a lot longer and get to apply their damage over time on any target caught in that death field.

It might seem counter-intuitive to not add poison into the mix, but trust me, trying to scale both poison and the pods damage over time will result in less damage and a jack-of-all-trades, master of none type of build. On the defensive side of things, you have quite a few things going on: very solid amount of evasion and dodge, incredible movement speed, easy to cap chaos resistance, over 6k life and excellent flask duration and efficiency. In fact, flasks are a key element of this build, and, I know, many players absolutely hate flasks in Path of Exile. However, this build actually makes your life much easier when it comes to flasks: they last almost twice as long, they replenish much faster and have incredibly powerful base and side-effects. For example, in this build a Seething Divine Life Flask restores over 3000 life instantly, compared to 979 life, for normal builds.

Another great defensive layer is the insane ability to slow down enemies: Toxic Rain, Wither, Skitterbots chilling, potentially even Temporal Chains or Maim. Even bosses will literally crawl around, allowing you to run circles around them, easily avoiding their abilities and positioning yourself optimally. I will however go into greater details about all these in the passives, gems and gearing sections respectively. And speaking of that, let’s actually start with passive tree and leveling. There are two different passive tree options for this build, one using cluster jewels and one without. Here I’ll talk about the cluster jewels version and you can find the non-cluster one using the Path of Building guide link. You start of as a Ranger and up to level 12, when Toxic Rain becomes available, you can use Caustic Arrow instead.

The first three acts are packed with great picks: you start off with ?Finesse?, ?Heart of Oak? and ?Primal Spirit? trio ? increased life, mana as well as strength and intelligence along with some decent attack speed will get the ball rolling. You then head down and grab ?Toxic Strikes?, ?Farsight? and ?Thick Skin? – damage over time as well as damage with bows, coupled with attack speed will be your bread and butter DPS mods in this build.

Follow-up with ?Herbalism?, further increasing your health pool and flasks efficiency then invest into ?Master Fletcher?, a really solid bow damage cluster. Finally, take the keystones pair ?Acrobatics? and ?Phase Acrobatics?, gaining 40% and 30% chance to dodge attacks and spells respectively. Dodge is a separate defense mechanic on top of evasion, further reducing the overall chance to get hit. Don’t forget that Act 2 brings with it the ?Deal with the Bandits? quest and the best option here is to kill them all and gain 2 passive points. None of the bonuses provided by the bandit leaders are meaningful for this build. In the next 3 acts continue using your passive points in the upper part of the tree. First get ?Hunter’s Gambit?, one of the best DPS passives for this build ? damage over time, skill effect duration, chaos damage over time multiplier, these are all exceptionally strong stats for this build.

?Fangs of the Viper?, ?Entropy?, ?Coordination? and ?Trickery? are slightly less impressive damage nodes, but still definitely worth picking. Aside from attack speed, they provide some less potent bonuses such as increased chaos damage, but also utility in the form of movement speed and intelligence. Balance these out with ?Revenge of the Hunted? and ?Blood Drinker? clusters, boosting your maximum life and evasion.

Up to Act 9 finish up the top part of the tree by taking ?No Witnesses? and your first jewel socket. This passive has a chance to grant you the ?Elusive? effect on kill which provides a solid chance to dodge bonus that decreases over time until the buff wears off entirely. You don’t really need to actively manage it in any way, just kill stuff and let ?No Witnesses? proc Elusive when possible. Afterwards move toward the left side of the tree where you’ll take yet another jewel socket, ?Profane Chemistry? wheel which significantly buffs your life flask effect and maximum life, and then ?Exceptional Performance? Increased skill effect duration is one of the strongest methods of increasing your overall Toxic Rain damage as in practice this allows you to stack more DOTs on a target. Finish off by taking ?Wind Dancer? keystone, a very strong defensive element for evasion builds. The way avoidance works in Path of Exile leads to somewhat long stretches of time not getting hit, then you receive one big hit that shaves off a large chunk of your HP. That is because generally it’s very hard to fit both avoidance and damage mitigation on the same build, while still having decent DPS.

So, reducing the incoming damage of those big hits and preventing them from happening in a quick succession becomes a top priority. Wind Dancer does exactly that: it mitigates a good portion of that incoming damage and it increases your evasion rating after getting hit, reducing the chance that will happen again soon. This also works best in boss fights as there are fewer incoming hits and they deliver the strongest blows anyway. As you finish the campaign and up to about level 80 you should take ?Constitution? and the two adjacent life nodes, then start working on the cluster jewels part of the tree. On a large cluster jewel the most important passive you’re looking for is ?Unspeakable Gifts? – enemies you kill have a 10% chance to explode and deal chaos damage in an area around them.

This greatly helps with your clearing speed and overall efficiency. Since this is quite a rare passive, you can’t be very picky with the other two options, so any combination of the following will work just fine: ?Wicked Pall?, ?Unwaveringly Evil?, ?Misery Everlasting? or ?Touch of Cruelty?. All these will increase your damage somehow: either directly, increasing skill duration or by buffing your Despair curse. On medium cluster jewels the best option is ?Wicked Pall?, one of the strongest chaos damage over time passives in the game. Similarly to the large cluster, as Wicked Pall is rather rare and expensive, any of the following are a good pick as the second passive: ?Brewed for Potency?, ?Flow of Life?, ?Unwaveringly Evil? or ?Eternal Suffering?.

By level 90 you should be able to complete the cluster jewels part of the tree, with 2 medium and 2 small ones. And speaking of small cluster jewels, either ?Peak Vigour? or ?Fettle? are two great options to further boost your HP. Any other secondary mods on these are just icing on the cake: resistances, strength or intelligence, maybe even some extra life. If you’re gonna push to level 100, you can grab ?Potency of Will? for a great deal of increased skill duration, ?Arcane Chemistry? for even more flasks recovery and charges generation, and finally a jewel socket. And that’s about it for the passive tree and leveling. In the next section I’ll be covering the Ascendancy class which improves pretty much every single aspect of this build. As mentioned a couple of times until now, attack speed and damage over time are the main pillars of this build, and the Pathfinder ascendancy class fits this description perfectly. It also greatly buffs everything flask-related such as duration, charges generation and increased effect of their bonuses.

Your first points go into ?Nature’s Reprisal? – a pretty simple passive, you get increased chaos damage and area of effect. Having a much larger area of effect will increase the chance for multiple spore pods to affect the same target. It’s an indirect way of boosting your effective damage, and that applies to both single targets and while clearing maps. After completing Cruel labyrinth, follow up with ?Master Toxicist? – yet again, a very solid chaos damage increase. There are some poison related stats on this passive, but you can completely ignore those, they’re irrelevant for this build. Third in line is ?Nature’s Boon? a great utility passive ? first, it significantly reduces elemental damage taken and this bonus is actually much stronger than it appears, as it stacks multiplicatively with resistances.

On top of that, your flasks will naturally recharge 3 charges every 3 seconds and have 20% chance to not consume any charges on use. This is an incredible advantage during boss fights, especially against those without any adds, such as Sirus. While with most builds you need to carefully save up your flask charges for specific fight phases, a Pathfinder can have almost permanent flasks uptime for the entire fight. Finally, with your last ascendancy points you have two options: ?Nature’s Adrenaline? or ?Master Alchemist?. First one is a damage oriented one, with excellent bonuses to attack and movement speed. The second provides immunity for elemental ailments, and this is a hugely powerful defensive layer and quality of life bonus. In end game pretty much everything throws some form of elemental ailment at you: ignite, chill and freeze, shock, etc.

These can very quickly kill you if you don’t have ways to get rid of them fast. For most players, I would recommend ?Master Alchemist? as the build has more than enough damage, but can always use some more survivability. With the ascendancy out of the way, we can take a quick look at the Pantheon choices. Generally speaking, Pantheon choices are situational and there isn’t a “best” pair that will outperform all others in any scenario. However, there are certain options that complement specific builds quite well in a wide range of situations.

For this particular case, here are my recommendations: For the major god, ?Soul of Lunaris? – it provides quite a few bonuses to evasion and chance to dodge, as well as physical damage reduction and movement speed. Pretty much all these are useful for this build and nothing goes to waste. Another decent alternative would be ?Soul of the Brine King? to help mitigate stuns to a certain degree.

Stuns are quite dangerous in end game and while you’ll avoid most hits entirely, it can happen that a powerful blow goes through and stuns you. This pantheon choice is however less appealing if you’ve taken ?Master Alchemist? passive from the ascen dancy as you’re already immune to chill and freeze. As for the minor god, ?Soul of Garukhan? is likely your best choice ? double down on evasion and gain some extra movement speed if you haven’t been hit in the past 4 seconds. With the amount of dodge and evasion this build has, that effect will have a pretty decent uptime. Having covered the Pantheon choices, we can now focus on one of the most important aspects of any build: gems and links. Before I begin, I just need to remind you there are Awakened versions for a few of the gems used in this build. Awakened gems are a stronger variant of their base, but at the same time somewhat more expensive.

Needless to say, if you can afford them or get a lucky drop, just replace the base gem with the awakened version. With that out of the way, as usual, I’ll start off with the main skill, Toxic Rain and its supports. If possible, try to get a level 21 Toxic Rain through corruption as this skill greatly benefits from gem levels. Support gems are listed in order of their importance, so if you can only get a 5-link then just drop the last gem I’ve listed. ?Mirage Archer? support will summon a ghost archer on top of your character when you hit an enemy with Toxic Rain.

It will start shooting its own Toxic Rain, automatically targeting enemies. Not only does this increase your overall damage quite a bit, but it also boosts your efficiency by a large margin. In any combat scenario, but particularly in boss fights, every second you’re moving is a second you’re not dealing damage. However, with Mirage Archer you’ll continue stacking up spore pods on enemies even when you’re focused on repositioning or dodging some big boss move. The next four support gems, ?Vicious Projectiles?, ?Swift Affliction?, ?Void Manipulation? and ?Efficacy? are very simple and they just boost your DPS in some way: either by increasing your damage over time, chaos damage or skill duration.

Technically, an ?Empower? level 4 gem is stronger than ?Efficacy support?, but also costs a few exalted orbs. If you can afford it, then definitely use this as your 6th gem in this setup. As you’re using a bow as a weapon, you can potentially have a 2nd 6-link setup in your body armour. ?Wither? is a spell that applies a stacking debuff on enemies, greatly increasing the chaos damage they take, while at the same time slowing them down. You can keep this gem at level 12 to lower its Intelligence cost, as it doesn’t gain much from extra levels anyway. Since you’ll be busy firing Toxic Arrow, this spell is cast using totems. As such, Wither is linked to ?Spell totem? and ?Multiple totems?, allowing you to summon 3 totems. As your totems are quite vulnerable, you ideally want them to apply the maximum 15 wither stacks on enemies as quickly as possible. ?Faster Casting? is how they’ll achieve that, while ?Increased Duration? and ?Enhance? will ensure the wither stacks last much longer.

Next you have two auras, ?Malevolence?, boosting both your damage over time and skill effect duration, and ?Skitterbots? which chill and shock enemies. Chill further slows down enemies, stacking with Toxic Rain and Wither, while shock increases damage taken by your targets from any source. That of course also applies to your Toxic Rain and spore pods damage. Link these with an Enlighten support of at least level 2, but ideally level 3 or 4, to reduce the mana reservation cost of your auras. This will make it much easier to sustain the high mana cost of your Toxic Rain.

Finally, add ?Blood Rage? which doesn’t even have to be linked with the other gems. It provides a buff that greatly increases your attack speed, as well as giving you a 25% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on kill. In turn, frenzy charges will further increase your attack speed and damage. Next setup is your utility toolbox. First is ?Steelskin?, a guard skill that creates a damage absorption shield, soaking up about 2200 damage. I use this skill by binding it to my left mouse button, replacing the default ?move? action. As I keep the button pressed, it moves my character as usual but also casts Steelskin on cooldown.

Next gem is ?Dash?, the build’s mobility skill. There’s nothing much to say about it, apart from the fact that it’s really quick, is not impacted by slow effects and it can bypass obstacles. This makes it ideal not only as a travel skill, but also as a defensive tool for dodging big incoming damage as well as getting out of nasty ground effects. Link these gems to Second Wind which lowers the cooldown of both active skills and provides an extra charge to Dash. You can add something like ?Withering Step? or ?Blink Arrow? as an additional mobility skill, when Dash is on cooldown. And the final gem setup in this build is pretty much optional ? there’s really not much that can be added to a damage-over-time bow build, so I went with some life regen.

?Stone Golem? and ?Holy Relic? both provide a decent amount of life regen. You then link them to ?Minion Life? to try and keep them alive as long as possible. Finally, add ?Culling Strike? – if a target is at or below 10% HP, any hit from either of your minions will kill them instantly. And yes, a stone golem dealing 5 damage will instantly kill Sirus or Shaper if they’re under 10% life. With the gems out of the way, it’s time to take a look at the recommended gear for this build.

In this section, for each gear slot I will outline three tiers: basic, mid-tier and best-in-slot. Generally speaking, prices increase significantly with each tier, but so do the benefits that the items bring. Your main goal is to cap your elemental resistances. Then, you should aim to have either flat or increased maximum life on all gear pieces, except on your weapon. The rest of the affixes should be a mix of chaos resistance and damage ones, mostly in the form of attack speed, chaos damage over time multiplier and gem level bonuses for your Toxic Rain.

Starting from the top, a basic helmet needs 70+ life, 60+ elemental resistances, on an evasion base item. Ideally squeeze in some INT or Strength to be able to max out your off-color gems or chaos resistance. A good mid-tier one is the unique ?Devoto’s Devotion? – attack speed and movement speed are two affixes that are not normally found on this gear slot and at the same time excellent for this build. Chaos resistance and a large amount of evasion and armour round-up a great and affordable item. For best-in-slot the main affix you’re looking for is ?Nearby enemies have minus chaos resistance? which translates to a huge DPS boost for this build. Other excellent mods are 70+ life, some elemental resistance, maybe even some INT or chaos res. Moving on to your weapon, for basic and mid-tier, you have two affordable options: ?Quill Rain? and ?Silverbough?. The first has an insanely high attack speed and thus DPS, but it also consumes your mana in a blink. ?Silverbough? has slightly less damage, but it’s much more manageable in terms of mana sustain.

For best-in-slot, a crafted rare bow on a fast base is your best bet. +1 to level of socketed gems, +1 or 2 levels for socketed bow gems, attack speed, damage over time multiplier and chaos damage over time multiplier. These are the affixes you’re looking for and each extra one you can get will greatly improve your overall DPS. Make sure you socket your Toxic Rain setup in your bow to benefit from the + gems level mods. Holding your infinite arrows is a quiver and a basic one should have a mix of life, resistances and some attack speed. A mid-tier one needs pretty much the same affixes, but trade some resistance for damage over time multiplier or chaos damage over time multiplier. For best-in-slot, the optimal choice is a Hunter influenced quiver, with maximum life, attack speed, damage over time multiplier and chaos damage over time multiplier. Any extra stats such as resistances are more than welcome, but don’t expect such items to be cheap. Up next is the body armour and at basic-tier you need at least 5-links, 70+ life and 70+ elemental resistances.

Some extra chaos resistance would also be a great bonus. For mid-tier and best-in-slot you have two excellent and relatively cheap unique armours. ?Cherrubim’s Maleficence? is a well rounded item, with decent defenses in the form of life, armour and evasion, along with a great deal of increased chaos damage. ?Kintsugi? is a very strong defensive option, with an effect somewhat similar to ?Wind Dancer? keystone from the passive tree. These two will stack, greatly reducing the incidence of big spikes of damage, as well as making you overall harder to hit. Since you’ll be socketing the ?Wither? totems setup in your body armour, a 5-link will be more than sufficient until you can afford a 6-link, as adding the last gem is more of a min-maxing thing. Moving on to gloves, on basic ones look for 60+ life and elemental resistances. Some strength or Intelligence would also help to level up your off-color gems. On mid-tier and best-in-slot, aim for a pair of Elder or Hunter influenced gloves, with 60+ life, attack speed and chaos damage over time multiplier.

That would leave room for an extra suffix that should ideally be either chaos or elemental resistance. If possible, craft the ?% increased damage during any flask effect? prefix, which should be more or less permanently up, given the heavy focus on flasks in this build. With boots the choices are quite simple: basic and mid-tier ones need some movement speed, maximum life and resistances. The more, obviously the better. This is a gear slot where you should really focus on working towards capping your resistances. For best-in-slot you’re looking for pretty much the same mods but in addition with some chance to dodge spells or attacks. Remember you can craft pretty solid hybrid chaos + elemental resistance mods using the hideout crafting bench.

Moving on to your belt, quite similar to boots this is a slot where you should stack up as much life and resistances as possible, including chaos resistance. In addition to that, a mid-tier one would have some flask-related affixes such as ?increased flask effect duration? or ?chance for your flasks to not consume charges?. If you have an empty prefix then you can craft some of these using the bench in your hideout. The best-in-slot is, as expected, a Stygian Vise belt with similar affixes but the added bonus of the abyssal socket. The amulet is a versatile slot in this build and it should be used to squeeze out as much damage as possible, while having just enough resistances to be capped. Ideally look for an agate base, for the strength and INT implicit. Also, regardless of tier, a crucial prefix on your amulet is ?non-channeling skills have minus mana cost?. Toxic Rain is a very expensive skill to cast and reducing its cost will allow you to reserve more mana with auras and further boost your DPS.

This affix is crafted using your hideout bench and is unlocked by unveiling jewelery dropped by Elreon in Syndicate encounters. On basic and mid-tier ones, apart from the minus mana mod, look for a good amount of life, some resistances and either attack speed or chaos damage over time multiplier. As for best-in-slot, a Hunter influenced amulet is your optimal choice, with maximum life, chaos damage over time multiplier and ?+1 to level of all chaos skill gems?. This will increase your ?Toxic Rain? gem level, greatly boosting its damage. There’s also a ?+1 to Level of all Dexterity Skill Gems? affix, with a similar impact. Getting both these mods will be very expensive, but definitely worth the investment. Amulets can also be anointed using oils dropped from Blight encounters to add a notable passive to them, without changing the item in any other way. For this particular build the best DPS option is ?Corruption? for increased chaos damage and Wither effect. A close second, that doesn’t rely on Wither debuff being applied is ?Atrophy? If you need more defenses, ?Hardened Scars?, is an insanely strong hidden passive.

It grants you ?Fortify? buff during the effect of any flask and boosts the amount recovered by your life flask. With rings, same as with your amulet, the top priority is ?non-channeling skills have minus mana cost?. On basic and mid-tier ones look for 40+ maximum life, just enough resistances to be capped, along with some strength or intelligence. For best-in-slot, take it one step further and add some attack speed, as well as chaos resistance. Up next are jewels, an excellent source of DPS, life and utility. They really add up so don?t ignore or downplay their importance. The absolute top priority here is to get an abyss jewel with ?chance to blind on hit? – blinded enemies have a high chance of missing their attacks, effectively boosting your evasion by a large margin.

On regular jewels you’re looking for maximum or flat life, chance to gain Onslaught on kill, increased chaos damage, damage over time multiplier or attack speed. The damage mods can come in a variety of formats: with bows, while wielding a 2-handed weapon, etc. I can’t list them all here, but you can find trade links in the ?Notes? tab of the Path of Building guide. Basic and mid-tier jewels can have 3 useful mods, while best-in-slot ones should have a 4th one, perhaps some extra resistances, int or strength. Finally, the best-in-slot jewel is the usual suspect, a Watcher’s Eye with ?% to Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence?.

A really expensive jewel but definitely worth it if you wish to squeeze out as much DPS as possible. And finally, let’s talk about flasks. I’ll repeat what I’ve said a few time throughout the guide, flasks are hugely important for this build. The entire ascendancy revolves around flasks and a large portion of your damage comes from them. First flask is a Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching. Evasion builds tend to get hit rarely but hard, so spaming a few instant heals will be a clutch life saver.

As for the suffix, bleeding removal is absolutely mandatory while mapping. And just to put things in perspective: the 900 something base heal of the flask is actually about 3000 with this build. That’s half of your entire HP recovered instantly with a single flask use. 2nd flask is Witchfire’s Brew, a cheap and very powerful addition to the build ? it applies Despair curse on nearby enemies, reducing their chaos resistance and increasing the damage over time they take. About 20% if your damage will come from this flask so get it as soon as possible.

Third is a Chemist’s Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline ? this is bread and butter for a fast-paced build and you can have it up almost permanently. Fourth bottle is an Experimenter’s Quartz flask of Heat ? 10% chance to dodge both spells and attacks is a very solid defensive boost and freeze immunity is pretty much mandatory in end-game. And for the last one, an Enduring Eternal Mana Flask is the optimal choice. ?Enduring? affix means the effect doesn’t end when your mana is full, providing constant regeneration without needing to time your flask usage. With high attack speed and large mana cost for Toxic Rain, this flask is a must-have. The suffix is of Warding for curse immunity ? curses are encountered really often while mapping and they can be crippling, greatly reducing your defenses or damage output. To wrap up the gearing section, here are some excellent leveling uniques which will help you easily progress through the campaign: With the gearing out of the way, it’s time to take a final look at the pros and cons of the build so you can better understand if it’s what you’re looking for.

Starting off with the Pros: Insane speed and mobility ? This will likely be one of the fastest builds you’ve ever played. Not really gear depended: most of your damage and efficiency will come from gem levels rather than very expensive items, making the build a great league starter It can run all map mods ? damage reflect, no leech, no regen, this build doesn’t care. You can run unidentified maps all day long. Easy to play, without complicated mechanics or complex gearing. Definitely beginner friendly. Labyrinth is insanely easy for this build and you can actually farm it for good enchants or to sell runs in the early days of a new league. As for the cons: It is an evasion build ? while you end up with a very beefy chance to dodge and evade attacks, there will always be some hits that will pass through.

When that happens those will hurt quite a bit. Damage scaling is somewhat limited ? beyond gem levels there are fewer damage boosting affixes available for chaos than you’d have for elemental or physical damage builds. The build isn’t a great boss killer ? while respectable, its single target DPS takes some time to ramp up as you’re stacking pods Learn anything new, exile? If you did, then you’ll probably be happy to hear that there are more videos coming up in the near future with more exciting builds to try. Make sure not to miss them by subscribing to the channel so you get notified when that happens. And while you’re at it why not like this video as well or drop a comment down below to let me know your thoughts. Thank you all for watching and see ya next time!.

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