[3.7] Path of Exile | Guide to the location of the general at the opening of the monolith


Hello. The channel is The Game is Rest with you. In this video I want to show you a small guide on finding a general when opening a monolith in the game Path of Exile. It is best to farm the Legion on the Glacier map, since in 99% the monolith is located near the portal when entering the map. You clear the area around the monolith from mobs and open the monolith When the monolith opens, if the general is present on the battlefield, you will hear a sound notification And from the monolith will come a small shear of rays which shows in which direction the general is move in that direction and release the general, as they usually stand a little further from the main legion and your skills do not always reach them Kill the general, collect loot and you can leave the map and go on a new call Thank you all for watching.

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