[3.8] Blight League Starter Builds: Path of Exile


Hello and welcome to another Path of Exile guide! With Blight just around the corner this is the best time to decide on that perfect league starter build. If you’re a new player this choice is quite important as it can make the difference between actually enjoying the game or giving up in frustration. And if you’re already somewhat experienced then you likely understand that a good start can set the stage for success for the rest of the league. Before diving into the builds themselves, I just need to talk a bit about what actually is and makes a good league starter. A league starter is a build whose purpose is to get you, as fast as possible, to the point where you can farm maps of around tier 7 or 8. That is a sweet spot where you start generating a good amount of currency and get decent drops, which should afford you to buy or craft proper gear. A good starter should be able to transition from that point to become an end-game build by acquiring better and more expensive gear.

Ideally this should be possible with minimal passive points respeccing. Since starting a new league means you have absolutely nothing in your bank, a good league starter should be able to reach that Atlas mid-tier with self found gear and cheap pieces. It shouldn’t rely on expensive or hard to get unique items but rather ones that are always in abundance or obtainable using divination cards that can be easily farmed. And just to clarify, while ALL builds will have some end-game recommended gear that is more expensive, at that point we’re no longer talking about a starter build. For example, the Arc Witch build does perfectly fine as a starter with self found rare items but for end-game an “Inpulsa” armour is recommended. This does not however mean it needs that item to be an effective starter build. By the point you’ll get it, you’re no longer in the starter phase.

Then, a good starter should be able to run any type of content and most, if not all, map mods While boss killing is outside the scope of a league starter, it should however do fairly well in a wide range of scenarios. It is far more important at that stage in the game to be effective at quickly clearing large packs of mobs. An ideal starter should also use its main skill early on so you get plenty of practice and not waste too much time on changing your gems setups.

Finally, a good league starter should be easy to play, without complicated mechanics or combos and supported by a clear build guide. No matter how great a build is, if you’re wasting hours to figure out how to play it or choose the wrong leveling path in the passive tree, your efficiency will drop significantly. Now that it’s clear what makes a good league starter, here are my recommendations for the next league. First up it’s the ever popular Arc Witch. This build is almost synonym with the concept of league starter and there are very good reasons for that. Arc is one of the best clearing skills in the game which depends very little on gear. When leveling you can pick up any sceptre or wand you find and it will work great. With a very intuitive playstyle and absolutely no complex mechanics, it’s a beginner’s best friend Fast paced and amazing at killing large packs of mobs, you will cruise through story mode and knock the first Atlas tiers with ease. While it’s not an amazing boss killer, that’s generally beyond the purpose of a league starter and it can also get there by investing in some end-game gear after you start amassing some currency.

It’s also able to run literally every map mod and that is a huge advantage when you start going through the Atlas. You won’t waste any time or currency to reroll maps and get much more drops, greatly boosting your efficiency. Even though the build has changed a bit over the past few leagues, its core has always remained the same and it is still one of the best league starters out there. You can go to the video guide for Arc Witch by clicking on that ?i? thing in the upper right corner or follow the links from the video description and pinned comment.

Over time there have been some minor changes which are reflected in the guide’s pinned comment and Path of Building guide aid so make sure to check those for the latest updates. The next great starter build is the recently revamped Cyclone Slayer. If fast paced, brutal melee combat is more to your liking than casting spells, then this is likely the perfect build for you! Grab two swords with decent physical damage and spin your way through the entire game. It doesn’t need any specific unique items and gear boosting physical or melee damage is always abundant. Incredible mobility, excellent clearing speed and really solid damage are all perks of the now famous Cyclone Slayer.

On top of that it uses one of the very few skills in the game which can continuously apply damage while constantly moving. Killing enemies while repositioning and evading dangerous stuff is a great defensive mechanism. And it gets stronger as you become better at positioning while not being gear dependent at all. Finally, it is a very fun build to play and if you’re a new Path of Exile player then this will provide a perfect taste of what the game has to offer. While its efficiency is somewhat nerfed in Blight league, that mostly affects the high-end part of the spectrum that pushed area of effect size to the extreme.

This version of the build is also a very budget-oriented one which makes it ideal for a league starter. No Starforge, Atziri’s Disfavour or other insanely expensive items which are impossible to obtain at the beginning of a league. You can find the link to the full guide in the pinned comment and video description. Clicking on the ?i? thing in the upper right corner will take you there as well.

My third suggestion as a league starter is the Essence Drain/Contagion build. If chaos spells, curses and a general Warlock vibe are more appealing to you then this is definitely the right choice. One of the best farming builds in the entire game, it uses a very simple combo between two spells to spread a chaos damage-over-time debuff from a single enemy to all nearby mobs. Sometimes it’s enough to cast this combo once and everything you can see on the screen dies almost instantly. You get pretty much all the necessary skill gems very early on so you don’t need to use other spells while leveling.

And since most lower level monsters don’t have much chaos resistance, you’ll cut through them like a hot knife through butter. The build is also not at all gear dependent but rather gains most of its efficiency from gem levels and passives. This makes it ideal for a league starter as it allows you to push through the game without having to slow down because you couldn’t find certain items. While the end-game version of the build requires a specific unique helmet, that can be skipped until you start running red tier maps.

And speaking of maps, it can run all the existing map mods, saving you time and currency, allowing you to quickly complete most of your Atlas. Running higher tier content ahead of other players means you have a better chance at selling items for more currency, giving you a leg-up for the rest of the league. If this sounds like what you’re looking for then check out the full guide by following the link in the pinned comment and video description. If you’re more of a hardcore player or like to stay on the safer side of things, then Molten Strike Juggernaut could be your best choice as a Blight league starter.

If you go around asking which is the tankiest class in Path of Exile, 9 out 10 people will likely tell you it’s the Juggernaut. But if you’re not familiar with the game or the build you might imagine a sluggish, iron-clad dude barely able to scratch its enemies after trading offense for defense. While it IS almost unkillable unless you go completely AFK or run around naked, it’s also a super fast killing machine. With incredibly high attack speed and a generous area of effect for your magma projectiles, clearing large packs of mobs is always a breeze. And since multiple projectiles can hit the same target, its boss killing capabilities are similarly good. The countless defensive layers ensure that your progress is never slowed down by content that might be too tough for most other builds.

And while the best-in-slot weapons are two unique swords, in the early stages of the league any two rare ones with some fire damage and attack speed will work great as well. Conversely, if you want to go all in on the defensive path, playing 1 handed + shield is completely viable and doesn’t require any changes in the passive tree. The build has enough flexibility to suit any playstyle and it’s tanky enough to allow even new players to experience all the content in the game. Finally, I’d like to suggest a 5th option as a league starter: the Zombiemancer. While summoners in general and Necromancers in particular are significantly changed in Blight league, the basics of this build remain the same.

It mainly focuses on zombies and a host of other minions which are there to buff them. By using the Baron helmet and stacking strength attribute you increase the number of zombies you can summon. And together with Mon’Tregul’s sceptre these zombies will become incredibly strong and tanky. Now, it’s quite obvious that Blight league is strongly focused on necromancers and that means there will be quite a bit of competition for good summoner items. Beyond self-found stuff, the gear will be expensive and scarce at the beginning of the new league Also, due to the large amount of changes to the passive tree, Ascendancy and support gems, the existing video guide is a bit outdated. While the core build remains intact, certain aspects certainly need tweaking. Thus until I get to update the video guide, I will try to fill in the blanks with the Path of Building material. While all these downsides make it less than optimal as a league starter it is also the one that will surely be the strongest. This is after all the Necromancer league so if you were to bet on a build that will be godlike, the Zombiemancer is the definitely the one.

Depending on your previous experience, it might have a slower start than other builds but at the same time the biggest potential of all. In the end, it is up to you to decide if this will be your option. For me personally, this is definitely going to be the league starter. Learn anything new, exile? If you did, then you’ll probably be happy to hear that there are more videos coming up in the near future with more exciting builds to try. Make sure not to miss them by subscribing to the channel so you get notified when that happens.

And while you’re at it why not like this video as well or drop a comment down below to let me know your thoughts. Thank you all for watching and see ya next time!.

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