BDO Worker Node Empire Guide of 2021 – Best Nodes to Invest for Easy AFK Money!


Hey guys it’s SAM and welcome back for anotherblack desert online video. Today we will talkabout one of the more unique feature of thisgame, which is the BDO slave empire, … or morediscretely, known as the worker node empire.

Sofor the benefit of those who are new to the gamelet me discuss. First, what is a worker empireand if you are already a veteran in the gamethen, i recommend to skip this part and lookon the timestamps under the description below Alright. So first question: what is a worker nodeempire? So there are a lot of ways to earn silverin BDO and those ways are not necessarilyneeded to be actively playing the game. Ofcourse.

You can just kill mobs or gathermanually to get some items for you to sellbut. What? If i tell you that you can justlet your workers, do the manual labor for you. This is the idea of the worker nodeempire, letting you hire some npc togather items for you all around the world And it’s up to you to sell those directlyor use the gathered items in crafting or otherlife skills.

As long as you are online and yourworkers are, drunked then expect to earn some moneywhile doing nothing, A lazy, man’s ultimate dream, but of course, even if it is indeed free, thereare, some requirements and setup needed to be doneFirst on the list is the contribution points orCP Found in the upper left corner of your screenso, your CP will basically decides howgrand.

Your worker empire is going to beThe more CP. You got the wider, your empirecan become

You can gain more CP throughquesting, which is why it is very recommended todo the main quest for first time, players.
Whileadditional CP can later be earned, throughlife skills by product and most popularlythrough cooking, exchanging Witch’s delicacies, forcontribution points until at least you reach 400Once. You got some contribution points. You can nowhire your first worker in a town, Just click thefind npc button in the upper right corner of yourscreen and click worker.

This will auto-path youtowards the nearest worker supervisor. You will beshown two options. The first one is contract. Workerwhich is the basic way to hire workers, Usingyour energy. You can roll workers and hire themif you like them.

And generally the rule of thumbis to only hire at least a skilled level worker. The second option is to buy workers sold byother players. This is usually done to buy artisanworkers and sometimes professional workers aslong, as they still have promotion chance. Availablenow. There are several race to choose: frombetween workers,

In majority of the regions, ofthe game you can choose between goblins humansand giants.

Goblins is the fastest to workbut with very low stamina, but its speed makes itvery desirable for min-maxing players. Giants onthe other hand has the highest stamina andcan work for several days, but is very slowWhile. Humans is somewhat in between and hashigh luck to, proc those rare items in the nodesIn Kamasilvia you have separatechoice, which is the fadus and the papuPapu workers is most likely similar to goblinswhile. Fadus has work, speed, similar to humansand a stamina equivalent to a giant

Howeverfadus does not have the luck popular on humansAnd. Lastly, is O’dyllita.

You have theadditional choice. To get dwarveswhich is a goblin equivalent whilethe slave human is well still. A humanWorkers are also split into different tiers.
Fromlowest to highest, you have the naive, workerscolored grey, the normal workers, colored green theskilled workers, color blue professional in yellowand, artisan in orange, the higher the tier thehigher, the base stats of each worker, so thefinal goal is to reach artisan, which you can getthrough worker manager rules. If you are very luckybut in most cases, you can get one either throughbuying one or promoting your worker and speakingof worker promotions.

This is the reason why youshould at least get a skilled worker or hirewhen rolling in worker supervisor. This isin order to have lesser promotions: neededas. Each promotion only increases workers tier byone, so a naive worker still needs to be promotedfour times to reach artisan compared to a skilledworker which only needed to be promoted. Twiceanother thing to note is thatpromotion is not 100 guaranteeand levels, thus improve the chances of promotionunder. Your worker list go to the promotion taband.

You will see how many times you can stillpromote a worker. The worker must not be doingany type of work to start. The promotion and onlyone worker at a time can have the promotion. Testwhich lasts for 24 hours, and generally it isrecommended to have your worker reach level 21stbefore, trying to promote it twice: ifit failed all chances of promotionfire or sold the worker and just get another onereaching to max level. 30 is also nice, but takes alot of time and thus not so much recommended onceyou reach, artists and worker.

It will be the timethat. You will start looking in the skills this isnot required whatsoever. But if you have time toorganize, then it is somewhat useful as well. Oncearts and worker reaches level 30. You can no longerpromote it.

Instead, you can try rolling its skillsto, be more useful for general afk. Note gatheringwhat, you will be looking into is to get skillsthat increases. The work, speed and movement. Speedlock is also nice to get if the worker is assignedin a node with rare proc stack excavation nodesalright now. Finally, the last thing to note isthat workers still need some things in orderfor them to work, and that is either giving thembeer or feeding them with grilled chickens.

Thisis very easily be achieved by cooking themyourself, as they are basic recipes. Otherwiseyou can just buy them off in the marketplaceif. You are either very busy or just very lazynow that we are finally done with ourintroduction and basic guides for workersit’s. Finally, a time we dig into which nodes weshould invest in 2021. This is where majority ofyour contribution points will be spent as youwill need.

Each node to be activated before yourworkers can gather in that area. Now again forthe benefit of those who are new to the game. Letme discuss first on how to invest on the nodesso. The first thing to do in order to invest isto discover the node first at the start of thegame. When you press m to open the world map mostof, the area is initially clouded, but will laterbe cleared once you discover each node by goingnear the area and talking to the node manager, ofthat particular area?

Once you discover the nodeyou will have this icon pop up in your world: mapas the node icon. You can click on that node iconto, see the sub node and know what kind of resourcecan be gathered by your workers. Note howeverthat not all nodes, have sub nodes and is onlythere as a conduction node towards other nodesnow. Let’S talk about investing your cp to thenode, note, first, that in order to invest and useyour worker, that particular node must be directlyconnected to a town where your worker is locatedto know if the node is connected, openagain your world map – and you will see somethin lines extending From the major towns likevalue towards different nodes, if the node isconnected to the thin line, then you can invest init. Otherwise, if it is not connected to that, lineyou will need to connect the previous node firstin order to know the previous node just click thatnode.

For example. This goblin cave then on the leftside of the screen – click previous node. This willauto-pass you towards the previous node needed tobe invested before you can connect to the currentnode that you want now that you know what node toinvest first go towards the manager of that nodeand click. Invest node. You will see on the leftside of your screen again how much contributionpoints is needed in order to invest in that nodealso.

If you have value pack active, you can investfrom anywhere in the world. Even if you don’t goto the node manager, you just need to use 10 energyinstead in order to invest now after you haveinvested the previous node, you can now see a lineextending towards the node that you want to investin this case, the goblin cave. We now go to the nodemanager of that area and invest some contributionpoints like what we did in the forest of blunderonce. That’S invested. You can also click on thesub node and invest on that sub node.

Once youhave invested in that subnode, you can now choosewhich worker to gather in that node, but againyou can only choose a worker from a towndirectly connected to the node itselfchoosing, a worker from a town not directlyconnected to the node will just pop up a warningerror. You can also change how many times you wantyour worker to perform the task, but in most caseswe just hit the max quantity and gather away nowas long as your online and workers are fed it willbring the gathered items in your storage, whichwill accumulate with time and easy Free moneynow, before we end our discussion with the nodeinvestment, let me talk about excavation node. Firstexcavation nodes are basically hidden nodes. Whichyou can only see once you get the knowledge, fromthe node manager. Now the important partis that the node must be connected.

Firstif. The node is not connected. The nodemanager won’t grant you the knowledgeof that excavation node so connect. The nodefirst like here in the ancient stone chambertalk to the node manager and viola discover theexcavation node. This is a bit important as itemsin most excavation node cells.

A lot and so tryto discover the hidden excavation nodes. Whichyou can see in something lovely video world maplink below now with the basics finally introducedit’s time to check which nodes we should investnow. This has been made a lot way easier to doall. Thanks to andu website, you can easilysort the highest gross earner, dailyand, which region it is located. I have linkeddown the description below for you to see.

Itit is only based in na and eu prices. Butmost of the regions anyway have more orless the same demands. There are some slightvariations, but popular item still holds truebut just don’t blend. You follow the topnotes, as you will need to consider a cv costif. It is worth getting, but anyways, that’s whywe’re here, and so let’s go over it one by onelet’s start to the first one, which is balanos thefirst region you’re in at the start of the gamenear valya.

A must-have includes bertalli farmlogia farm and finto farm, with the latter twobeing top priority, with both potato and eggsvery cheap notes directly adjacent to the townwhich gives you potato chicken meat and eggs allof which being in demand, and you must have forcooking. You can never have enough of this if youhave, some extra cp and workers extending furthertowards ancient zone chamber, is recommended whichis an excavation site to gather trace of ascensionyou’ll, never know when will you need it yourselfbut when you do it’s very hard to pre-order withtens of thousands Of vo, most likely open at onceit is very useful, crafting material and can easilysell if you won’t need it. Lastly, along the waytowards ancient stone chamber, you will needto pass through to scanning farm. If you still havespare cp and workers, then you can always investto gather some corn, which is again very useful, incooking or selling in the marketplace. Then movingon to the second tone of bellanos.

We have olviaand, as per usual, just use your free worker in thetown to gather grips in casta farm. Another high indemand item boasts in cooking and in marketplace the next region. We go into isserendia the land of the great lionsagain. Here there are some good nodes for cookingmaterials the first one on the list is alejandrofarm for the cooking honey which sells like hotcakes. While pumpkin is pretty useful item too andsells pretty.

Well, though, the supply for it isalways, jumping up and down next one. We have iscosta farm, which is again has sweet another graintype material that is again a must-have to getespecially, with very low cp cost pumpkin isalso. Another no-brainer like in alejandro farmand flux, is pretty okay and can be used to levelyour. Processing. Murata plantation is also niceto, have, if you still have extra, cp and workersfor additional wheat, but getting another nodefor flux is not so much of a great idea.

One fluxnode is most of the time more than enough for youanother notable node later on, that can be usedis. Lynch farm movements for trays of savagery, andnorthern plains of saranja for a three lumpsred three lamps, i see was a must-have beforebut stocks are now coming back in the market. Andso, it’s not much as required as it was. Beforethere are some better nodes. Now out there you caninvest for better gains, but these nodes are alwaysthere if you need them down to the town of glichwe, have the gather site for rough mud crystaland, even if iron ore does not sell well, but youcan always use those to craft cooking utensilsdirectly.

Here, english glitch ruins is also apretty nice to have with different kinds of tracesalthough. The ones here are not aspopular compared to the other areasand. Lastly, we have the lead ores, available, englishswamp for very low cp onwards to the republic ofkulfion we have the northern wheat plantationwhich has barley, wheat and paprika all of whichare in constant pre-orders. You can also extendtowards old and elegant for some sweet 3 lumpsanother must-have notice, the mancha forestexcavation node, giving trace of violence. Fierceup is also pretty okay item to sell and use inalchemy down in trent.

You can use your free workerto, get spirit leaf in lumberjack resting areawell up in portugal, area, circa and randris islandare amazing for dried fishes and seafoods youcould obtained here and lastly, in kaplan. Youcan again use your free worker to gather somecoal and powder of crevice in kaplan. Quarry next we go east towards media. There are still somedemands for zinc wars, at least at the moment. Andso you can always get those zinc, ores in omarlava, cave platinum also sells well, and you canboth have it in the same node.

Just don’t mindthe coal node since you’ll have plenty in keplanjust out of it in abundant iron mines. You canalso get more zinc and platinum, while rough blackcrystal is also nice to have near tariff youcan also get at least one cotton node for verycheap price, which you can sell or use in barteranother. Great node, though, starts getting superextensive are the akasha and whitesider timbernodes in elrec shrine, stoneways wasteland andmedia northern highlands. The subs are still verymuch in demand at the moment, and you yourselfmight be needing it when crafting caravel andlastly. If you have a spare cp trace of chaosin ancient ruins excavation site is also a greatone to have use it or sell it.

It’S all up to younow. Before we go to valencia, let’s take alook on additional node. First, near altenewaelder, trees up located in gorgo rock beltand veteran canyons are amazing nodes whichare nearest to altanova. Even it is locatedin valencia region, kuni’s, vacation, spot isalso nice for muddy water, which is a barteritem but starts getting expensive up. Theregoing.

Finally, to the great city of valencia, wehave, valencia plantations date, palm and freakynodes, you can also switch to pistachio from timeto time for bartering use, but always switch backto. The other two sub nodes, then just a bit northyou, can get additional date palm in ender formmoving. Out of town in valencia, justin, the east in areja palm forestyou, can get both coconuts for cheap cp. It’S mostof the time sold out in mp and thus sells fastthe north of arihaza. It starts gettingsuper extensive here, but are worth itfirst.

We have gavinia volcano zone givingout, vanadium ore, which is one hell of anexpensive ore. The other drops are also veryvaluable and good to have as extra incomemoving further to kavenya crater. We have sometitanium ore, which is as expensive, though notas popular as venetium, then towards galveniacoastal, cliff with additional vanadium, oarsmoving out of the desert and going to theshackato village. Fig nodes located in shacatofarmlands are, must have freaky nodes in bamboovalley. An additional elder tree, sap and nutmegin.

Iris canyon is also a good choice butup to you to get, but these nodes, thus passthrough, yelt, canyon and gaha’s lair whichcan be usable. If you grind in these areasand finally, in sun green bazaar, we havebazaar farmlands for nutmeg and teffleaving the desert city in the east. We enter theland of the elves in the west. What we can onlyrecommend here is the stars and node which costquite a lot of cp to get, but is something you willbe needing to stockpile for late game. Enhancingblock store equipment as one you cannot purchaseit directly in the marketplace and two gatheringit manually is almost non-existing.

You don’t needto, invest in this node right away, but once youhave around 250 and most specially 300 plus cptry to get this one as priority. You can also getthe excavation mode in tooth fairy forest alongthe way, but race of forest is not really in demanditem, so nah then going to the land of dragons indubain [, __ ], the barley and corn, located inboth marac farm and the winter and farmland isnot. Really much recommended, as it is expensive asfudge. What we can recommend is the trace of memoryfound in sherakan necropolis, as it is one of thefive in demand, races and, lastly, the newest regionof. The game udilita using your free worker, you cantake delmera plantation for potatoes and grapesmass of pure magic, is also available in crypt ofresting thoughts and will only cost you 13 cp tostart gathering less than the 16 cpu needed instar’s end, but the trade-off is that the extradrop Is only trace of battle which is incomparableto the trace of violence, you can get in star’s endso.

It is of lesser priority unless youreally need that mass of beer magic – and i guess that’s it. I hope i was being ableto – help see you soon. Our next video peace,

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