Beginner Delirium League Starter Build Guide Templates for SSF | Path of Exile (3.10)


Hi everyone, it?s POJ, in today?s video We will look at some of the very powerful starting characters in the league that I believe will be the path to the Exile 3.10 Irreconcilable League I want to say at the beginning of this video that you know that things will still change Have We have not seen the patch notes yet. We haven?t seen any skill balance You know something like that We don?t yet know the power of the cluster gem system until all this information is revealed next week. But at the same time, I planned some trees for you They are basically sitting at a level around 80, which should make you like Use the cluster duel system at ten o’clock, you know, have fun These constructions are all feasible for SSF.

Yes it got us in trouble The first character we encounter here is Blade Vortex/Blade Explosion Chief So starting at your level as a predator, you can live here Basically come down and catch the Scion life wheel as quickly as possible. Don?t grab these points here, because you?ll get them later You want to quickly grasp the willpower of the skill effect duration This prolongs the vortex time of the blade around the blade Come on, you can basically hope to get the element overload as fast as possible Grasp the rapid recovery of life and the recovery of life Then you will come to grab the incarnation of the fire, because by then you will have a normal laboratory The flame advances, which is 50% of the physical conversion to fire Based on your physical damage, you basically get a huge damage bonus, and obviously Blade Vortex is a physical spell, so every 10 seconds for 4 seconds will cause a huge increase in damage From there, you basically want to grab the effect area from the area zoomed in and filled with the Templar Then, you want to stand up and grab the Heart of Fire, which is actually huge damage because it also has 6% fire penetration You want to devote yourself to more life Then, once you hit the map, you want to come here and grab the steel soul The Iron Soul is huge for your defenses because it maximizes all resources to +1, which actually makes you more clumsy Yes Therefore, for the rise, for the normal laboratory, please grasp the progress of the flame.

For the cruel laboratory to snatch Hinekora This only helps cover up enemies in the ashes Just like I think your fire damage increases by 20% damage multiplier For the ruthless laboratory, you want clean water from Tasalio That?s because you are obviously not affected by ignition, which is very big Life recovery rate has also increased by 50% This is also very good, it provides you with a lot of fire resistance and regeneration ability, very good For Super Lab, you want to get Moon Presence of Arohongui because Now, enemies close to the totem receive increased physical and fire damage, which will double your damage So the damage increases by 16% Yes oh i forgot to mention it too This is the gem slot in the cluster. So these three points are basically The skill tree plan reaches level 78, so it can give you about 12 knowledge According to the level, but usually to level 90, you can get 12 points, 12 basic points to buy jewelry. However, what you think is appropriate For skills I have blade vortex burning because it will produce Negative 19 fire resistance and greater fire damage According to your situation, the penetrating concentrated effect of controlling the destruction of firepower or the range of effect is increased If you want to understand the map faster, you can increase the regional effect, if you want to focus on the boss effect Just swap gems and increase fire damage, which is 44% physical damage of extra fire damage So, for the next one, we have the sacred totem-this is 100% physical-lightning conversion So basically it came from the Templars Overtake the element overload as soon as possible Come here you want to grab the bonds of your ancestors as soon as possible, which is basically about time I think where you can use God?s anger and totem now, so it?s definitely worth a try The sacred judgment of 5% physical damage penetrating God?s Fury, because the extra lightning damage is actually huge damage You can charge endurance fees here Then I really recommend you to enter all the juicy HP Scion life wheels in this way Combat endurance is also good regeneration The original performance is like a huge totem quality of life I think it?s basically from here to grab the jewelry box So be the master Become unstoppable Life regeneration of stamina cost when hitting armor, stamina cost when fixed, and armor life when fixed This is not super critical.

But if you are frozen or something like that, the armor at rest will be very good Once you click on the “map”, you definitely want to grab the steel soul, because In fact, all maximum resistance +1 Especially when you have Barbarians also need an additional +1 maximum shooting power, because the maximum shooting power is 77 Right here, you will use jewelry boxes and clustered jewelry, I should say, You must get 10 10 points to basically use the jewelry system, which is very good In order to gain an advantage, you want to pursue your belief in ordinary laboratories in the +1 totem Cruel awakening ceremony Convict the power of the ruthless maze God’s guidance Uber Lab basically only causes a little damage and some survivability based on your mana Therefore, I have sacred thoughts about skills Spelling totems, multiple totems, two lightnings, this is the remaining conversion time Lightning penetration and concentration effects, you can exchange them for increasing the effect area, as well as clearing the map and other things The next essence will infect spreading crooks.

This is an 81-level tree So basically a shadow Grasp the injury of the body and chaos. The coordination of this node gives you a little casting speed, which is good The blood siphon of life is obtained by grabbing entropy, the duration of the skill effect is obtained in this way, and it starts to grow and decay early Then it shrank rapidly, and these two nodes were like extra damage. So happy to get up early The way to get down and go crazy Capture the revenge of the pursued This is your clustered jewelry socket again I’m not sure how early these drops are in the league Or when adjusting the level, or just when entering Maps or other, but This is what you want to do. Then you get 10 points or similar points You want to master acrobatics and stage acrobatics to gain a strong dodge defense ability For survivalists, I want to say two things. The reason is Coupled with one of the largest cold storage, it is now very big I’m not sure But for me, the logical reasoning behind me is because that I think most monsters will cause cold damage because it is like fog/fog So, you know it?s usually related to water, I think I also know cold That?s why I think it?s always a good two pointer, because you know a lot of escape levels All resistance is great solo, yes In any case, after passing through the ranger’s area, all life was caught in the heart of the oak tree, avoiding huge dizziness and regaining life Druid rituals are good for your flask duration and flask charge Propane chemistry is also very suitable for your flask, which can improve the effectiveness of the flask and significantly increase the service life and filling Excellent performance skill effect duration Means your point lasts longer against the enemy, which will greatly increase the DPS, just like the quality of life is better Therefore, you can continue to move for a longer period of time before you can stop and cast again It’s like avoiding mechanical operations and basically just living for all the juicy HP scions, which is very good My essence loss is related to efficacy Ineffective control destruction If it is not available, pain and motivation can be supported quickly May just run under Arcane Blast or similar conditions In the meantime, why try to do this Especially when upgrading Next, we have a universal caster.

So this is basically a tree, you can insert spelling here No matter what kind of game you want to play I have a fire node here Just like this, either way is ok, so you can get here this way, no matter what You know the element you are using You become a templar. Basically, you want to get urgent element overload as soon as possible According to the skill, if you need throwing speed, grab the mental speed By this way Grab life here, cruel preparations come down from here.

Get more life here and integrate Elemental damage The speed and range of destruction of the projectile are almost as good as any build, so it is always a good grasp of two pointers Tact is a great defensive node. It gives you some life recovery coordination Powerful casting speed, if you want to use a shield to charge to dodge things, you will know some attack speed Yes, there are three jewelry boxes over there You want to come down and grab Next, I think about the constitution, and then make some maps Because that is a lot of life for you.

There. This is where your cluster gems go You have almost ten things to do with this, so it’s always good Now a bit flexible I chose just army and spiritual assistance purely because Mental assistance means that the increase and decrease in damage to minions will also affect you and Why this is good for solo fights, basically when you try to start the league, if you get something like a magic wand, or I do not know Like, you know that a staff from the Atzoatl temple will drop and may cause 80% of minion damage to it That creep damage will now apply to you Whatever spell you want, it will benefit, it?s actually so huge But yes As I said, if you want to use lightning or cold spells, you can basically do this and take out These two points Or you can come through the lightning in the middle. it’s up to you. true? Exactly like elasticity But you want to do If you don?t want to bring thunder and lightning through here, you can drop these two points like this Then, in any case, you want to gain these two advantages in a routine laboratory to seize the shelter The dedicated land brings you a lot of life regeneration, which is huge In the cruel laboratory You want to seize a pious path, regain life, and increase some attack power and casting speed It also provides you with the ability to fight disease, which is very important for the defense system In the ruthless laboratory, you want to seize the means of virtue for crazy attacks and casting speed It is more likely to be like casting speed and spell damage.

But yes Basically it is conditional, but very very very good For Super Lab, you want to get a sign of pen regret to reduce elemental damage by 8%, The elemental damage taken by the enemy is increased by 16%, which actually doubles your damage So very juicy This is basically what you can do with it, you know If you are playing a skill that requires an increase in the duration of the skill effect, then the simple three points are this This is just a template, basically you can mess with it Save that.

So the next one is similar in terms of veins, it depends on how you achieve This is a melee berserker Now, not everyone wants to play the melee of a league starter, but you know, some people might want you crazy bastard haha with Yes, it’s a bit like, and You know level 77, so your cluster gem system will take about 13 to 15 points When that drops Then, when you start the predators to pass, Basically it is a natural fight, if you are doing a hand, it will fight with a person who is fighting with one hand. Slaughterhouse for two You want to steal technology as quickly as possible And the reason why it is a resolute technique instead of a crit tree is because solo self-discovery and You know the league begins.

Therefore, Creek Giro is usually difficult to arrive early So once you have RT, it means you don?t have to worry about accuracy or similar issues So you have a 100% hit rate at any time, which is very good Savage can also provide you with the maximum shooting intensity. Good for your defense Now, this cluster is up to you You can basically know If you want to use a sword or anything You can basically just use the sword cluster, or if you want to make a mace, you can use the mace cluster.

Go down here to grab the thornless node and tilt it irresistibly, because that is a huge defense. It makes you endurance You know and Basically, yes, a lot of armor. Yes, it makes you fatter You want to catch with no blood The Soul of Steel you want to get, but you may have to wait until after you finish playing the map So here is where you put the clustered jewelry socket So you put the jewelry in, and the tree expands this way, but you want You want to get the constitution next because this is just an excessive life then Gladiator’s perseverance is also a great one-handed node Enter the art of gladiators, you want it because Ignore all movement penalties caused by armor, so you won?t be heavy and slow down, especially when playing things like whirlwind You will not be slow.

In this way, the moving speed of the cyclone separator will be greatly increased Then basically fill in everything else as you see fit In order to gain an advantage, in a normal laboratory, you want to murder and slaughter in a cruel laboratory I might grab the life and mana of the painful predator ech The cruel and ruthless robbery ritual is huge crazy damage, just as the effect of triple anger is so great Now to the super lab, I might rob now It depends on you. If you are playing hardcore, then you can usually find a war leader Basically, they behave like The fake health potion is evil when used, and has a 15% chance to cause double damage, which is essentially 15% more damage It?s also possible, but you?re a little greasy, so it?s up to you to decide 40% raw damage is much more, but it does come at the cost of 10% increased damage Therefore, this is a problem.

This is a variant of both hands. So very similar Except you have nodes like power shock Slaughter instead of strong weapons, so you can reach the top from here. It is not connected this way This is basically just to save routing points So you can grab this part almost horizontally, grab the scion life wheel Come here to grab the art of gladiator Then, once you click on “Map” again, you want to descend to the end of the steel in this way Once your resistance is blocked Brinkmanship is the range and range of melee weapons, which is huge for things like whirlwind This is again your cluster jewelry socket.

With er child’s huge hand injury Therefore, if you know this way, it is more worthwhile for this kind of gem seat In any case, you use this method to route performers Because it?s the same, for promotion, you know, if you are a hard core, then if you are a soft core, then go It all depends on you You may prefer a style of play I suggest you take the war crying route, grab three points here Cooldown and battle duration of very very powerful instant war call For skills, just take Cyclone as an example.

It’s like a pure body cyclone. Therefore, you can use a cyclone separator that is robust and cruel to make it purely physical. No elements, no chaos Frankly speaking, dust is a huge area of ??influence, but at the expense of attack speed When you have enough anger stack, you don?t really miss Melee physical damage is just the original damage is huge The concentration effect is also disgusting damage to you Increase the range of effect when swapping when cleaning the package, and focus the effect when killing the boss So there is a Last but not least Scorching Ray Liar just now This is something I want to play for a long time.

I haven’t actually solved it myself I played Once as a occultist, I really like it. I like to play It’s like sweeping the package with a huge big dick laser beam and then melting them. Very satisfactory So yes, it is basically horizontal, because the shadow comes by grabbing the scam, here it drops by grabbing the entropy Then come up and grab the growth and decay, which is known to cause huge damage over time Of course, this is good, life can be restored Next you have to come down and fuse Encountered the fire-snatchers in this way. You basically want to get element overload as quickly as possible So you know the earlier you get the more Now the more damage you will use Another spell To achieve this goal, you may have to prepare the Storm Ball. You know, as the number of critical strikes increases, it has more outbreaks Cause element overload You want to drop to get elemental balance That’s because the enemy you hit by elemental damage gains 25% of the fire attribute but They now lose 50% of their resistance to other elements, which is great, because as the sun burns, over time, this is a kind of damage Did not fight So if you use a lightning spell like storm to trigger, you will basically get minus 50 fire All enemies at any time, you know if they were hit by it Huge damage The potential for the duration of the will skill effect means that your burns last longer, something like The next constitution is definitely a drama Grab all the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit, which is huge for SSF again Dedication, only life The purity of the meat is really good here, because it can bring you chaos resistance You can grab all these four points.

If you want. it’s up to you. The level of this skill tree is 80 So your claw skills have ten, very For skills, our scorching rays are related to burning damage effects The destruction and swift pain of the centralized control of the elements, they are very powerful damage support So yes, such an advantage Basically in an ordinary laboratory, you want to snatch the reaper That?s because when you kill 4% of mana, you regain 2% of life and energy shield and mana But as time goes by, it will also bring you harm If you recently killed an enemy, the recovery rate of health, mana and energy shield is increased by 70% Actually, it?s really great for you, it?s just things like your life regeneration that make you very fat Cruel long-term pain, more damage caused by the passage of time and the duration of the skill effect is just a huge quality of life and damage, which is Relentless, you may want to participate in the ghost dance because it basically provides you with a similar defense Get up to 3 ghost shields every two seconds Yes, basically, when you lose one, your energy shield will be restored based on 4% of your escape level, which will also give you a certain movement speed Which one is more suitable for mapping In Uber Labs, it?s basically the fast killer you know.

If you know it, it will cause more damage and some crazy charge generation. Playing in the hardcore may replace it with an escape artist, basically just making ham. But yes guys Hope you like this video, leave a like below and subscribe If you want to know more about these guides, I also live stream twitch on Therefore, there will be a link in the description There is also a discord and my Twitter stuff, if you also want to follow me But yes, let me know in the comments that you think you will be In the delle league.

Yes, thank you very much for watching, I will see you in the next video. peace .

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