Hey guys, this is Bex from Grinding Gear Games. I’m happy to announce that build of the week is back! Welcome to season six of the series where we showcase interesting character builds created by members of the Path of Exile community. This week’s character is a level 92 Deadeye Ranger in the Standard League that lays waste to enemies with a Barrage of poisonous arrows. This build uses the unique jewel ‘Volley Fire’ to add a spread effect to each Barrage, which is primarily a single target skill. Most of the time, added projectiles will only add to the consecutive arrows shot by barrage, but volley fire adds the projectiles in a wide angle as well as a straight line.

Combined with Pierce, this results in a powerful combination of strong single target damage and the clear speed benefits of Area of Effect skills. Each successful Barrage can apply a bleed effect to the target by using the Rupture notable passive skill from the Deadeye Ascendancy tree. Cospri’s Will, a unique Assassin’s Garb recently added to the game, will apply poison for each hit on a cursed enemy. The combination of these two effects results in a high damage increase for any additional strikes on a target, a great boost for bosses. Curses are applied by two methods. Herald of Thunder can apply Assassin’s Mark and Projectile Weakness for pure damage… while Frenzy linked with Curse on Hit provides enfeeble and temporal chains for a substantial boost to defense… which is extremely helpful should you find yourself backed into a corner. The build uses the Voltaxic Rift bow as its primary weapon. The choice was made to help the build deal with reflected damage, and for its interaction with the Void Manipulation Support Gem.

Cospri’s Will fits in perfectly with the build, allowing an additional curse, bypassing hexproof for a larger range of maps and poisoning cursed enemies on hit. Additional attack speed is granted by Lightning Golem and Blood Rage. Drillneck is also used to provide a significant damage boost for the build via the Pierce Support gem and Powerful Precision Ascendancy Skill… increasing projectile critical strike chance with a higher chance for projectiles to pierce. As an extra gearing option, though not required, Rat’s Nest provides a significant boost to attack speed and critical strike chance. All other item slots use rare items that focus on life, elemental damage and resists, although there is room to change your gear depending on your playstyle. The build navigates the tree with a strong focus on gathering Dexterity passive skills to be able to activate 3 Volley Fire Jewels… spreading across the Duelist, Shadow and Scion starting clusters. Defensively, the build targets Life, life regen and Evasion passive skills, eventually travelling to both acrobatics keystones for additional dodge chance. Offensively, the build picks up as many projectile and bow damage passive skills that it passes by…

and collects a number of key critical strike chance skills to work alongside the King of the Hill notable… which knocks back any enemies that receive a critical strike. This acts as an extra layer of defense in close quarters. This build highlights the wide range of options when considering a bow based Ranger, and the numerous synergy perks that can be found in the unique jewel system. It’s extremely useful to be able to change the curses on your target with a single attack when dealing with stronger bosses. If you’d like to submit a build for next week’s episode, just post a build guide in the class forums on pathofexile.com Thanks for watching and see you next time!.

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