Hey guys, this is Bex from Grinding Gear Games. Build of the Week is a series where we showcase interesting character builds created by members of the Path of Exile community. This week’s character is a Chieftain Marauder in the Essence League that unleashes a bombardment of spells on any foe he ignites. The build makes use of an interesting synergy between two new unique items, the “Eye of Innocence” Amulet and the “Razor of the Seventh Sun” Midnight Blade. The amulet causes the character to take a base 100 fire damage whenever it ignites an enemy. Meanwhile, the blade recovers 1% of life per ignite (or 2% when dual wielding). While it seems that at best these effects could neutralise each other… you start to see some large benefits when you include five sets of skills linked to Cast When Damage Taken! By purposefully having low Fire Resistance, the damage received is just enough to engage a level 1 Cast When Damage taken setup. Combined with a high chance to ignite, this results in a cascade of spells, each with their own chance to ignite, causing a chain reaction. The original Ignite is applied by using a combination of Anger and Cyclone.

The Cast When Damage Taken gems have been linked with: Blade Vortex, Firestorm, Fireball, Ball Lightning, Arc, Vortex, Shock Nova, Ice Nova and Flammability. Some links have been supported by Chance to Ignite. Vaal Molten Shell is used for risky situations, and for a boost to single target damage. There are a number of possible gem combinations, including raising the levels of your Cast When Damage Taken setup… giving you the freedom to choose the best spells that work situationally. Chance to Ignite is provided by many sources. There’s the support gem, the “Eye of Innocence” amulet, an Essence crafting mod, the unique Belt ‘Doryani’s Invitation’, and numerous passive skills. The Emberwake unique ring also adds a chance to ignite, while also allowing up to 300 ignites on an enemy. The build is life-based, spreading over the Marauder, Witch, Templar and Duelist parts of the tree. There is a strong focus on gathering Life, Chance to Ignite and Area of Effect passives. As Emberwake removes the extra damage from Critical Strikes, this build can opt for Resolute Technique without any trade-off. The Chieftain Ascendancy was chosen for its strong bonuses to both ignite chance and fire damage, with increased armour, life and leech options for later Ascension.

A number of ascendancy classes work with this build, including the Ascendant, Juggernaut and Elementalist. For more in-depth information about this week’s build, you can find a link to the guide in the description of this video. If you’d like to submit a build for next week’s episode, just post a build guide in the class forums on pathofexile.com Thanks for watching and see you next time!.

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