Hey guys, this is Bex from Grinding Gear Games. Build of the Week is a series where we showcase interesting character builds created by members of the Path of Exile community. This week’s character is an Assassin in the Essence League that carves his way through enemies with chilling vigor. This build uses two of the ‘Cospri’s Malice’ unique Jeweled Foil. These weapons will cast Socketed Cold Spell gems when dealing Melee Critical Strikes. They also add a large bonus to critical strike chance against chilled enemies. When combined with a high melee critical strike chance and Lacerate… this results in a storm of cold spells as you move between targets, shattering packs of monsters in your wake. Another recently added item, Snakepit, has been equipped for its increase to cold damage and cast speed. It also adds an additional projectile to your spells. This is quite handy with the gem setup socketed in Cospris Malice, as it favours both Arctic Breath and Frostbolt projectile spells. The build also highlights Dying Sun, a unique Ruby Flask which increases area of effect and adds 2 additional projectiles while active. Lacerate has been linked with increased area of effect, increased critical strikes, multistrike and additional accuracy.

Each melee critical strike gem will cycle through skills currently socketed in Cospri’s Malice. The recommended skill gems for this set up are: Arctic breath, Cold Penetration and Frostbolt; with Arctic breath, Cold Penetration and Vortex in the offhand. Essence of Insanity has been added to gloves for an additional 20% attack speed for socketed gems. In this case, Whirling blades and Fortify have been used for mobility. Warlord’s Mark has been linked with Blasphemy for the strong boost to leech, with Endurance Charge generation as a bonus. Charges are also maintained via the Doedre’s Elixir unique mana flask. Other gear choices focus on gaining as much Energy Shield as possible after stat and resistance requirements are met. The “60% increased Lacerate Critical Strike Chance” Labyrinth helmet enchantment is strongly recommended. This is best used alongside the boot enchantment that grants Leech or Stun immunity if you have killed recently.

Being stunned is a primary concern of this build, but there are a variety of options to overcome this problem. The build uses Chaos Inoculation, with the passive skill tree spreading over the Witch, Shadow and Ranger starting points. There is a strong focus on gathering Energy Shield, Area of Effect and Critical Strike Chance passives. The Ghost Reaver notable has been added to convert all Life Leech to Energy Shield Leech. The tree also includes a total of 2 Extra Power Charges and a number of jewel slots. The Energy from Within Unique jewel has been selected to convert a hybrid Life and Energy Shield cluster to pure Energy shield…

Helping to stack a higher shield pool for those bigger hits. A mana gain on hit Jewel is also strongly recommended to help ease mana constraints. The Assassin Ascendancy was chosen for its significant boosts to Critical Strike Chance and Power Charge generation… including the Assassinate node which adds Culling to all Critical Strikes. This build provides an excellent alternative for players who prefer a faster-paced playstyle.

The pleasing visual of darting from pack to pack with a tempest of cold skills is also a bonus! Alternate Skill Gem choices for Cospri’s Malice add to the build’s flexibility with gear choices and make it adaptable to nearly all situations. For more in-depth information about this week’s build, you can find a link to the guide in the description of this video. If you’d like to submit a build for next week’s episode, just post a build guide in the class forums on pathofexile.com Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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