Crafting with Ziz – EP 1: Beginners POE Crafting


Hello, everyone, are you ready to play creative ideas with Zizaran? (????) There are very few teachings on POE equipment production at present And this will be a brand new series, we will start with the best tips for beginners There will be many episodes in this series, which will take you all the way up to learn advanced equipment making Let you make very powerful equipment in the game (?? ??_??)? Although there are many games that are very similar to POE But the equipment production system of POE is very different from other games (e.g. Diablo) Like Diablo’s gold coins, there is no such thing in POE And the biggest difference is The currency for making equipment is also the currency for trading We will explain this part later Today?s episode mainly talks about basic item attributes, essence, and currency I hope you like it (???`c) In POE we have five potion slots and ten equipment slots Two rings, helmet, gloves, shoes, belt, amulet and body armor, you also have main hand and off-hand weapon equipment Obviously if you use a two-handed weapon, of course you have to hold it with both hands (????`) In POE, equipment has four rarities, one, normal (white) 2.

Magic (blue), 3. Rare (yellow), 4. Legend They are not actually called orange.. They are.. Legendary items. We will use these terms interchangeably (e.g. yellow-rare) If you are looking for a different “item base”, such as this “snake eye staff”, you can’t find a better “snake eye staff” The equipment of the same “item base” is the same, but you can change its rarity, which we will talk about later But if you find ten “Snake Eye Staffs”, they will all be the same In this respect The rarity of the equipment also determines what orb (later unified translation: currency) can be used on it So we will introduce the currencies in the game one by one and explain their functions We have some Quality, currency related to quality, and what is their function? If you use them on normal (white) items, they will give the item +5% quality The maximum limit is +20%, and if I use these on magic (blue) items Then they will give items +2% quality, if used on rare (yellow) items, one is +1% quality Almost all quality currencies are based on this rule These can also be sold to shops in exchange for knowledge scrolls, they are very, very common, you don?t need to feel wasteful using them (????`) Similarly, don?t think it?s a waste to sell them to the store.

This is a very good way To get the scroll of knowledge, and the scroll of knowledge can be used to buy the scroll of teleportation And here is the “glass marbles”, the main function is the drug and quality If you use it on normal (white) potions, it will have +5% quality, and legendary items will have +1% quality And they are actually…a bit rare You can buy 1 glass marble with 8 sharpening stones in the store, but usually you?d better save them Or wait until you are almost 76 Use them on the potions you will use for a long time, because they are a bit rare The next item to be introduced is the “Artisan Stone”, which re-rolls the number of slots on the equipment once, which is very cheap Don?t be stingy in using it when you practice and wait, because you will pick up a lot The same is true for “chain stone”, which re-dices the number of connections between slots These two things are very common, use them sparingly, they can help you make your character stronger The “Phantom Color Stone” is used to wash the slots on the equipment They are also very, very common and easy to obtain.

You only need to sell the items in red, blue and green to the store. If you have three-color connected items, sell them to the store to get “phantom color stones”, they are very common Don?t be stingy with using the “Phantom Stone”, the next thing you will see is the “Transformation Stone” It will convert normal (white) items into blue (magic) items Also very common Another use of it, because you will pick up a lot, so you can sell it to the store in exchange for a scroll of knowledge Picking up a metamorphosis stone is much better than picking up a knowledge scroll (1 metamorphosis = 4 knowledge scrolls), and it is also very common So don?t be stingy in using them The next thing you see is the “Alchemy Stone”, which can convert an ordinary (white) item into a rare (yellow) item Usually you need to store these in the crafting station for use, we will mention this later, you will easily use it up Of course you don?t need to feel bad about using them, they are not very expensive, but you will find Alchemy stones are very easy to be used up Next is the “Chance Stone”, which converts an ordinary item to any rarity He can convert an ordinary item into a magic item, rare item, There is even a very small chance of becoming a legendary item, they are not very valuable But you?d better save them, because there are many places to use them But in the process of pre-training, etc., many opportunity stones will not be used The next one is “Recast Stone” It will erase all the word pendants on the item, so you can use it for magic or rare items It turns into a normal item, but it cannot be used on legendary items They are not too expensive, but you won?t pick up a lot in the early upgrade process And if you are a novice in this game, you won?t have a lot to use it Next “Blessing Stone”, the Blessing Stone will change the value of “Fixed Word Pendant” For example, it changed the fixed word pendant of this ruby ??ring Between 20-30, the “blessing stone” is quite common But you may want to wait until later in the game to use it, because you won?t keep changing your equipment later They are cheap But it?s hard to find them by yourself, and you don?t need to use it often Next “Sacred Stones”, these are rare currencies, you don?t want to use them in the early game You may want to sell them or use them in later equipment.

The function of the sacred stone is to re-roll the “variable value” of all affixes on an item. The part of the affix will be explained later, and the sacred stone will not change the class of the affix But this is considered a currency that will only be used later in the game. As a beginner, you don?t have to worry about this now (????`) The next “transformation stone” is very, very common. You can sell the identified magic (blue) or rare (yellow) equipment to the store to get it They will roll all the affixes on the item, so if you use it on magic items It will still be a magic item, but it will give you a new affix, very common, don?t be stingy in using it Its biggest function is to use in the crafting station Especially in the early stage of the game, we will talk about these in later episodes Next is “Amplification Stone”, if there is only one affix on the magic (blue) item After using the booster stone, an affix will be added, and a magic item can only have two affixes at most It is also very, very common.

You can sell items with 6 affixes to the store to get it, and it is also very often dropped So don?t worry, try to use it Next “Chaos Stone”, its function is to re-roll “all affixes” on a rare (yellow) item, and the dice items will have at least four affixes I mean, when you reroll it, it will always have four affixes Chaos Stone is the cornerstone of the POE economic system. It is the most commonly used currency in transactions Most items are priced with Chaos Stones, and some of the more valuable items are priced with Sublime Stones. We will talk about this later But the entire economic system is mostly dominated by Chaos Stone There is a shop formula where you can get Chaos Stone. We will mention this later. Chaos Stone is a relatively rare currency. You will usually hit almost ten Chaos Orbs during the main mission So I will be more cautious when using them Next “Regal Stone”, the Regal Stone can convert a magic (blue) item into a rare (yellow) item and add an affix to the item They are very rare, you will probably only get 2-3 in the process of completing the story mission If not, it is because it is very rare (your face is dark) and it is not worth a lot of money, because there is a shop formula in the late game to get the Regal Stone These…you usually don?t use a lot of Regal Stones in the process of upgrading Next “Invalid Stone”, this currency is very expensive Usually used in the production of equipment in the late game And you don?t need it at all, and there?s absolutely no reason to use it in the course of the main mission.

Next, “Val Orb”…um… I will make a separate episode dedicated to “Val Orb”, it is usually used to corrupt (contaminate) an item, and that item can no longer be changed There are so many A huge number, different results will be produced after corruption You only need to use it unless you are 100% sure that you want to corrupt an item, because that item will never be changed But there are some exceptions, we will mention later Basically save these There will be a separate episode about the Val Orb, because this is a big theme Next “Sublime Stone” This is one of the rarest currencies in the game Usually used in the transaction of high-priced items So if an item is very rare, it will be marked with a lofty stone In the Alliance Standard, 1 Sublime Stone is approximately equal to 100-150 Chaos Stone One (Sublime Stone) is worth more than 100 Chaos Stones we mentioned earlier So you don?t want to use it in the early game, usually you want to save it Then use it to buy a certain Build equipment, I suggest to play with the BD guide first And definitely don?t use too many sublime stones on equipment, because the chance of appearing the affix you want is too low There is a 90% chance that words you don?t want will appear, especially for novice players.

I suggest using the Sublime Stone to buy equipment first. Next, “Kaland’s Mirror” is super (`???) level (`???) value (`???) money (`???) I mention this here because when you do find one, don?t be fooled. A Callander?s magic mirror is almost worth 100-200 sublime stones (or even more) This almost represents 4000-7000 Chaos Stone, depending on which alliance you are in Don?t use it. It?s just for copying items, usually very high-end equipment. ENDGAME equipment… something So make sure you know its value The next thing to talk about is “essence” The essence is very similar to a golden stone And their function is that they can guarantee an affix Usually you don?t need to explain and you know its function, you will get a lot in the course of the task The essence is the way most players will choose to make equipment, for example, you are playing spells This essence can ensure that the weapon you use will have magical additional damage The Essence of Despising the Sky can guarantee that your weapon will be very useful in the Legion Alliance.

It will increase physical damage to the weapon The essence of wailing, crying, etc. are common essences, and don?t be stingy in using them, they are not very valuable They only become valuable when they are above the essence of howling and howling. And those below the wailing essence, rest assured to throw them on everything You will feel a lot easier when you go through the main mission They are very useful, and you can definitely feel the increase in damage, like using the XX essence of contempt, which can significantly increase the attack damage There are three types of spells, suffering, suffering, and torture.

Grief too These are very, very useful in pre-training etc. And even if you get the essence of doubt (+dodge), it doesn?t seem particularly useful But at least he can be a free golden stone (dodge: QAQ) But be careful, monsters trapped by the essence are sometimes very dangerous and might kill you The guide for the first episode comes to an end here I hope this helps you, and you can tell me if you have any thoughts or requests for future videos We will produce as many (videos) as possible, hope these can help you, so that you don?t die so many times like me (?;?;`) .

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