Crit Armageddon Brand Assassin 15 chaos build guide (Path of Exile 3.5 Betrayal)


Hey guys, GameRoss here, welcome to another of my build guide and today we’re going to talk about my crit Armageddon brand assassin ascendancy. This is my first time playing a branding spell and I find it really fun to play and it’s like playing a different kind of totem, build but more direct cast compared to using spell totems – and I made a crit armageddon brand because I think, compared to the Elementalist, the assassin ascendancy has more single enemy damage For my ascendancy nodess, I’m using unstable infusion for gaining power charges, deadly infusion for more crit multiplier and more crit chance and additional power charge.

Opportunistic for more movement, speed – and mostly this is a good node for boss fight because of the hundred percent increased damage, while there’s only one nearby enemy and ambush and assassin assassinate for more increased damage, crit multiplier and crit chance and your crit chance have culling strike And for my skill tree, I’m using this rune binder keynode because normally with armageddon brand, even if you cast three brands on the ground, only one of them will attach to an enemy. So if you get this rune binder, two of the brand’s will not attach to an enemy. So this is a very important node if you want to more single enemy damage and another key node that I’m using. Is this mind over matter because because of the mana problem and yeah, I want to have a more sustainable life.

I started my skill tree here and get this crit strike nodes and went over to this rune Smith node, because normally with armageddon brand, you can only cast three brands at a time. So with this one is says here you can cast an additional brand, so you’re gon na have a total of four brands, and after getting this rune Smith, I went straight to this node explosive runes for additional brand. So I now have a total of five brands. After getting this node, I went straight to this rune binder and after getting this node, I took this whispers of doom for additional curse and then, after that I went and took this more crit strike more crit here crit over here and then after getting this, I Started getting life nodes over here life nodes over here here here and here after that I took this more power charges here and over here and then that’s when I get the mind of the matter for a more sustainable life. Mana nodes over here here here here and then for the rest of your skill points. You can just take the increased damage like these nodes here, crit multiplier here and fire damage here and some spell damage here and elemental damage.

For the gems, I’m using Armageddon brand with con effect, elemental focus, combustion, immolate support and with the curses, I’m using flammability and assassin’s mark and I’m using scorching Ray with cast while channeling support to cast them both and for more defense. I’M using molten shell immortal call with cast when damage is taken and increase duration and for my auras, I’m using clarity, herald of ash and I’m actually not using anger, because I want to have a sustainable life. So if you want more damage, you can use anger and, in my wand, I’m using flame dash, faster casting and a level 1 arcane surge and I’m using a level 3 flame dash. So, whenever I’m using flame dash, I get arcane surge buff and pretty much the same with brand Recall, I’m using arcane surge and increased duration.

So whenever I use it, I get arcane surge buff and for my for the ring, I’m using Malachi’s artifice and I’m using lightning golem in it. So whenever my golem attack an enemy, it will proc the elemental equilibrium, so the enemy will have negative 50 % fire resistance. Another unique item that I’m using is Maryland’s policy for additional crit multiplier, and I think this item is a really good item for every crit. Build for my helmet, I’m using hrimnor’s resolved for more additional fire damage and for the rest of my items are all rare and with my weapon, I’m using wand. You can either use wand or scepter and look for more increase. Spell damage increase fire damage, fire damage to spells and cast speed for your weapons. For my body, armor, I’m gon na advise you to use armor and energy shield type body armor. So it’s gon na be easy for you to change all the sockets into blue sockets and same thing with my gloves and using armor and energy shield type, so I can turn them all to blue sockets. That’S where I put all my curses.

Oh you’re gon na need some dexterity points for this assassin’s mark and this lightning golem. So I think you’re gon na need at least fifteen dexterity. I think that’s enough and then you need some strength as well. To use this helmet. I think you’re gon na need at least fourty strength points yeah for the rare, just look for high maximum life and maximize your elemental resistance with a flask I’m using hybrid flask because of the mind over matter. Node and Atziri’s promise for more damage and life. Leech granite flask or more armored diamond flask for more crit and Quicksilver.

You can also use this sulfur flask more damage and I’m gon na start using this vall righteous fire, because I’ve been watching some Armageddon brand build guide, videos and a lot of them are using righteous fire for more damage. So yeah I’m gon na start using this one as well, and I’m gon na link it with the increased duration, and I think I spent less than 15 chaos for all of this item. I think when i bought this armor, i spent one alchemy with this one, pretty much the same with this amulet, I think an alchemy as well one alchemy this ring. I think I bought it for one chaos and all of my rares each of them. I think they’re, ranging between one to two chaos, so yeah pretty much like less than 15 chaos.

It’S really affordable for this build so with all that, according to path building and doing five hundred and thirteen thousand damage to normal enemies and for shaper and doing two hundred and fifteen thousand damage. So I think it’s this pretty good build and I got ta say it’s a lot of fun playing this build. So I think you should try playing this Armageddon brand and that’s it for this video. Thank you for watching and if you liked it, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. I’M also doing live streaming here in YouTube and twitch, so I’m gon na put a link below and yeah. Thank you for watching my video and I will see you on the next one just need a moment. You

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