How to farm unveiled crafts faster! – PoE Heist Quick Tip


I just want to make a quick intro on uh how to like get the unveils. You want and uh a lot of people really struggle on trigger. So here i already have one like you do need to find the first one do remember that you can only yet trigger unveil in like tier 5 maps and higher because of its item level 75. This currently has a prefix and a suffix like it has open. Prefix and two open suffixes, which is not what we want right now. We actually need to block all the prefixes, and then i have ashlynn here on research inside the syndicate hideout.

So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to scour elk until i have full prefixes, more importantly, an open suffix. There perfect all right. First, try awesome, yeah, here’s a low level lessons! So here i have three prefixes and i have an open surface. This was the same item that i already have unveiled trigger right so now i know that i can get trigger on this. Well, how do i know that? Because i unveiled it on it already, it doesn’t change this any suffix on this will always include unveil. So now reveal it with ashlane boom and when i go to unveil this now, it’s going to give me trigger now where people this up is that sometimes they’ll just scour the item or whatever, and and reveal it and then they’ll be unveiling a prefix.

But since this is guaranteed to be a suffix now, this will now always unveil trigger. So i got my last one so here i need the opposite here i need the surface is blocked, awesome right, so this is now open, prefix. So this this is now an open preface, so this is now going to yummy fire damage over time multiplier. So there now i have another fire damage multiplier and then i can. I can now just like farm ashley and then put her back on research, and it doesn’t matter what level right she doesn’t need to be a specific level. She can be the one two or three, it doesn’t matter level. Three has a chance of a double unveil, which also just doesn’t really help us in any way so yeah, that’s how you farm that fast. So i hope this helps you guys get the triggers or whatever you want from betrayal. Thanks for watching try to die less than i do you

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