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Path Of Exile 3.10 unique strong starter build – 6 curse explosiopath ? HC / SSF viable (2020)


Hey guys, 8to12 gaming here. Today we will be reviewing a unique build that I?ve theory-crafted couple leagues ago and still consider it being one of the funniest builds I’ve ever played in POE. In front of you is a 6 curse SRS explosiopath. Build is absolutely beginners friendly, does not include any clunky mechanics and completely viable even for hardcore and SSF leagues. In fact, I played this build in hardcore myself and was able to do all content up to tier 16 maps even after recent updates where enemies became much tankier. Before jumping into the video, I?d like to ask that if you are new to my channel, don?t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell for more Path of Exile content.

Build is utilizing summon raging spirit, zombies, 6 curses and some auras. Our main damage source is damage over time that we generate from Infernal legion support gem and Siegebreaker belt effect. Secondary damage sources are Minion instability, Malediction, Summon raging spirit and zombies. We are doing fire, chaos and physical damage, thus, flammability, elemental weakness, despair and vulnerability is our choice for offensive curses. To increase our damage even further we will squeeze in Summon skitterbots and Malevolence auras. Since build is heavily based on curses and auras, we will definitely be strengthening curse and aura effectiveness, but we will discuss passive skill tree choices a bit later into the video.

Our defenses are based on 5 defensive potions, stun immunity, summons taunting enemies, chill, pretty high energy shield pool, immortal call as well as enfeeble and temporal chains curses. As you can see, this combination makes us really tanky even against end game mobs. Final version of the build has only 1 mandatory unique item that is fairly common to acquire even in SSF. That is Doedre’s skin armor which allows us to bypass active curse limit and does not reserve any mana. Besides Doedre’s skin there are 2 more unique items that are nice to have: Tavukai amulet and Siegebreaker belt. While both these items synergize very well, they are just a quality of life and by no means are mandatory or build enabling. Siegebreaker is amazing for giving our summons 5% chance to taunt enemies on hit and additional damage layer that is based on our summon HP.

Tavukai gives a huge HP boost to SRS as well as make them die faster which ultimately is a pretty decent damage boost, especially for single target. Another great quality of life item choice is elder base helmet. Ideally you want to aim for ilvl 82 elder base bone helmet. If you are making this build as your league starter or on a small budget, aim for any ilvl 68 or higher elder base helmet. Once it will be in your hands, craft it using orbs of alteration and augmentation until you will get burning damage support modifier that will work as a 5th link for your Summon raging spirit setup. In the ideal scenario you want to get a helmet that would give you burning damage, minion life and minion damage supports. But?that is something to hunt for while playing this build. For an optimized build performance you also want to have ilvl 80 or above shaper shield with 15% reduced mana reserved for socketed gems. Nevertheless, you can get 10% mana reservation reduction already on ilvl 68 shaper shields and that should be enough to start using all auras we have in the build.

Other parts of the gear are simply oriented to energy shield and resistances to cap yourself for maps with elemental weakness. Overall, some of the gem links can be easily placed in a different manner. I will cover setup that I was using with my recent explosiopath, however, I want you to understand that some gem setup might change depending on your gear. Our main damage skill is Summon raging spirit and as discussed previously we will be socketing it in elder base helmet for additional support gems. You can socket SRS into your body armor until you will find Doedre?s skin. Gem links are listed from the most to least important in the setup.

You can choose between Feeding frenzy and Meat shield gem in Raise zombie setup. You can also switch Raise zombie skill to Raise spectre, especially since in league 3.10, Delirium, developers have implemented 350 new monster types that will work as spectres. Our curse setup does not have much variation unless new curse gems would be brought into the game or current ones revamped. The rest of gem slots are filled with auras, movement and support gems. If you will be using shaper shield with reduced mana reservation for socketed gems, make sure to place Summon skitterbots, Malevolence and Discipline in it. For this build we will be playing witch. Witch is very agile and flexible pick in general since it’s easy to respec from HP to energy shield or even other build. Leveling explosiopath is very straightforward. By level 8 you will already have access to Summon raging spirit, Infernal legion and Combustion support gems.

These 3 gems are core and will carry you to maps with no big issues. While leveling you might also want to use offensive version of zombies by supporting them with feeding frenzy for a better single target damage. Skill tree wise you definitely want to level as a HP character and transition to energy shield later on in the game. Start with grabbing Lord of the dead and Enduring bond first, then move to Sacrifice and Spiritual command while picking some HP nodes on your way.

From there on, pick the rest of the tree based on what you need the most. At level 24 you want to grab Malevolence and Flammability. Use Flammability manually on bosses or elite mobs if you would have difficulties killing them fast. Switching to energy shield can be done as early as level 70 – 75, however, if done at the league start or SSF, you might want to wait a bit longer until you will acquire some better energy shield based gear. Best ascendancy for this build is Occultist. Ascendancy points should be taken as following – Profane Bloom, Malediction, Vile Bastion and Void Beacon. Chill and very fun to play Cheap to start with Easy to scale Not gear dependent Can do all map mods No clunky mechanics Mediocre single target damage That?s it guys, if you found this video useful, please like the video, subscribe the channel for more Path of Exile content and let me know what build guide or review you would like to see next.

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