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Path Of Exile [3.14] Speed mapper with good single target, Self-Chill Scourge Arrow Pathfinder Guide By: Uberj4ger


Stuff completed:

A9 Sirus

T16 A9 Conqueror 140% quant maps

Max Round Ultimatums, even Stone circles

Trialmaster on a T15 map




Probably my last build of the league (I keep saying this then I get some new idea and start playing again).
After watching Tuna’s video and reading up on Ruetoo’s guide I reaaally wanted to make a self-chill build this league that made use of its mechanics. Having just played a strength stacking Berserker and making a point of never playing an ascendancy twice in the same league I really didn’t want to make a self-chill zerker because it’d be boring as well (everyone is playing it).

As more and more people start to switch up and play different builds mid league I noticed prices of certain uniques started to fall and that’s when I started theorycrafting a new self-chill variant. Originally I planned either a meme Inquisitor with Instruments of Zeal or a flicker strike raider.

But after looking at alternative self-chill methods (thank you Captain Lance) I realized that it was possible to self chill with poison (Icefang) or bleed (Venopuncture).

With Elder mods being removed from weapons both options seemed pretty lackluster till I realized that Darkscorn’s 20% to do 300% with poison was still in the game. This left me with the ascendancy and skill of choice.

Turns out with bow poison and Darkscorn you kinda only have one option remaining on the table, Scourge Arrow Pathfinder. And so 3 days later and about 70ex in currency spend, here we are. (6-L Farruls and Self-chill boots with elevated mods are pretty fucking bonker expensive)


With Golden Rule we apply poisons to ourselves from Scourge Arrow. This poison damage is mitigated with “Unaffected by poisons” Malevolence Watcher’s Eye.

With Icefang, whenever we apply a poison to ourselves, we also apply a self-chill.

With Winterweave, self-chill effects are reversed, granting us increased action speed instead of reduced action speed.

Self-chill effects start off from a 10% action speed base and you can only stack a maximum of 30% increased action speed from self-chill on your character. With non-damaging ailment effectiveness and chill effectiveness we hit the 30% increased action speed from self-chill.

For example, on boots 60% increased effect of non-damaging ailments from an elevated Redeemer mod, amulet bench craft of 30% increased effect of non-damaging ailments, 12% increased chill effect on abyss jewels and 7% effect of non-damaging ailments corruption on jewels.

We amp this by linking a Awakened Unbound Ailments support to Scourge Arrow along with an elevated Redeemer mod to hit 97% increased chill effectiveness, this grants us 10%*197% = 19.7% increased action speed.

That’s still 10.3% off the self-chill cap of 30%.

Enter one of the most unused belts in the game (<1c) Olesya’s Delight.

Olesya’s delight converts frenzy charges to affliction charges. Each affliction charges grants 8% More Ailment damage and 8% More Effect of Non-damaging Ailments.

This a poison build and a self-chill build, both mods are extremely valuable to us. With 7 frenzy charges (6 from tree and 1 from glove corruption) and permanent uptime due to Farruls Fur (you can go either Replica or non-Replica versions) we get a total of 58% More Ailment damage and 58% More Effect of Non-damaging Ailments.

Elevated tailwind grants an additional 10% on top of that.

So this gives us a total action speed of 19.7*1.58+10 =31.12 +10 = 41.12%

What does action speed give a Scourge Arrow Pathfinder?

A 140% multiplier on insane flask speed bonuses (quicksilver) and ascendancy bonuses.

A lower channeling time required from Scourge Arrow and a faster Mirage Archer Scourge Arrow Channel, taking away almost all the clunky downsides of a Scourge Arrow Pathfinder.

How to run this on a budget?

Pretty easily I’d say, get normal Farruls instead of Replica, you don’t have to 6L it.

Darkscorn 6L is 3ex.

Boots are still going to be hella expensive, you’d need an elevated non-damaging ailments redeemer mod with a tailwind mod which you can craft (both mods are suffixes so that’s nice) by awakener orbing both mods together.


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