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Path Of Exile 3.15 – 10k Life Necromancer – Skeleton Mages


Hi everyone, it’s Kay. Welcome to the guide for my 10k life necromancer, with skele mages. The build has a lot of life and regen, so you can take some hits and not die instantly. It also has decent damage and clear speed. After the showcase, I will talk about: The key features of the build, The passives, ascendancy and pantheon, And gear, including gems and links.

The defining feature of this build is the big life pool and life regen. It simply takes as much life and regen as possible from the passive tree, and has max life rolls on all rare items.

The build uses Skeletons for DPS because they scale really well just from gem level. And Dead Reckoning changes warriors into Mages, which cast ranged fire, cold, or lightning spell projectiles. There is also vaal summon skeles to summon a skeleton army against bosses  and big packs of monsters.

We can easily get gem level 30 with unnatural strength, a +3 staff and empower 4. The build uses several support minions as meat shields to help keep you alive. 7 zombies. One stone golem. And a sin eater Animate Guardian, which prevents your necro from receiving elemental ailments.

Here is the passive tree for the build. Note that golem’s blood is anointed on the amulet. “Dead Reckoning” is socketed near the witch. And you need the Sovereignty cluster to reduce mana reserve. There is one set of cluster jewels.

The large jewel is minion damage with 8 points and 3 notables. To save passive points, I only allocate renewal and call to the slaughter. There is 1 medium jewel with replenishing presence and vengeful commander, and 1 jewel with blessed rebirth and renewal. Blessed rebirth makes your skeles immune to damage for a short time after they are summoned. And there are two small jewels with surging vitality.

In the other jewel sockets, I’m using ghastly eye jewels and a cobalt jewel to get more life and other minion mods. For the ascendancies: Commander of Darkness to help with elemental resists. Unnatural Strength to buff the minion’s damage and survivability. And Bone Barrier for extra defence and regen.

For the pantheon, I chose Lunaris and Gruthkul.

Here is an overview of the gear including gems & links. Overall, the priority is to get the highest life mod on all items, and balance resistances. For the helmet, use Devouring Diadem. The reduced reservation and sovereignty passive will allow you to use 2 auras and skitterbots. Feast of flesh consumes corpses to give instant life and energy shield recovery.

And eldritch battery will use energy shield instead of mana. The gems are: wrath, zealotry, generosity and skitterbots. The body armour is Kaom’s Heart for the 500 flat life. For the gloves, use anything with a lot of life. The gems are: dash, second wind, culling strike and arma brand.

For the boots, I used Fugitive boots crafted with an essence of envy for chaos res. The gem links are: Raise zombie, stone golem, animate guardian and meat shield. My AG is using sin eater, leper’s alms, conc ground body armour, crown of the tyrant, and rare gloves and boots with chaos res. You can use a cheaper helmet instead. The weapon should be two-handed, and have +1 to socketed gems and +2 to support gems.

For this build, I chose a staff for extra block chance, but you can use any two-hander or even a bow and quiver.

The gems are: vaal summon skeles, empower 4, controlled destruction, minion damage, spell echo and predator. Spell echo allows you to summon 8 mages in a single cast, and skeletons will benefit from the cast speed boost. But they won’t get the repeat cast. For the amulet, use a marble amulet with +1 to skeleton number.

The anointment is golem’s blood, using: teal and 2 golden oils. One of your rings must have elemental weakness curse on hit. For the belt, use a stygian vise to socket a ghastly eye jewel for extra life and minion mods.

Lastly, I’m using these flasks Amethyst for chaos res. Forbidden taste for instant life heal.

Quicksilver for a speed boost. jade for extra evasion. And Quartz for phasing and dodge. As always, a big thank you to all my patrons. I really appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement.

OK, I hope you enjoyed this build guide. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching. bye!.

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