Path of Exile 3.6 – Crafting a Best in Slot Body Armour for Big DPS Summoner build


I bought this body armour for 15c. It had 3 prefixes and 2 suffixes So, I had to gamble with Annulment Orbs… Super lucky! Kept +1 spectre and 44%fire res! Next, I asked a friend to craft quality. This will increase the chance for 6-linking later. Now, I apply some armour shards to get to 37% quality I want to have 5 blue and 1 green socket. Firstly, I make the first 3 sockets blue with chroma orbs. Next, I use the old ‘vorici trick’ to add 6 sockets of my colour preference. I add a 4th socket. It’s not blue, so I craft 3 sockets… …and craft 4th socket again. It’s blue, so I craft the 5th socket and repeat until it’s blue.

Lastly, I finish with the 6th socket. Perfect:5 blue +1 green This is where 37% quality helps. 39 fuses! After fusing, my friend crafts multi-mod. Next, I go back to my HO to craft life. I have some divine orbs ready, but it hits 84 life, so I leave it. Back to friend’s HO to craft Additional Curse To finish, I craft a double res. Finished product: 6-link chest (5b1g) with +1 spectre, 84 life, 44%fire res, additional curse, 17% cold/lightning res..

As found on YouTube