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Path of Exile 3.6 – Crafting an Endgame Wand | Big DPS Summoner


This video demonstrates how to make an endgame trigger wand. You need a profane wand with at least one open suffix (plus one open prefix if possible). Unfortunately this wand has 3 prefixes. So we’ll need an extra step (and extra 2ex cost). Before crafting something like this. Consider the massive difference in costs: Basic trigger wand: 10-50c plus 3c in crafting. Endgame wand: 50-100c plus 2-4ex in crafting. The best way to remove a prefix is beastcrafting as an annul orb might remove the suffix instead. Beastcraft: 10c = 1 in 3 chance to remove a prefix Annul orb: 50c = 1 in 4 chance to remove a prefix Right click to add the beast to bestiary Put the wand in and find the craft: ‘remove a prefix, add a suffix.’ We will remove all the suffixes later using the crafting bench.

66 %chance to succeed. The wand didn’t brick! Now we have one open prefix and one open suffix, and can proceed with the crafting bench. Next, we want to remove all the suffixes. Craft ‘prefixes cannot be changed.’ Note that it costs 2ex. ‘Prefixes cannot be changed’ is a suffx. This craft will allow you to scour all suffixes without removing the minion damage prefix. Now use a scour orb to remove the suffixes. The wand is now ready for multicrafting: 3 suffixes + 1 prefix But before we do that we want to get minion damage to 95%. Now to finish the bench crafting. First:multicraft (suffix) Next:trigger (suffix) This will auto-cast socketed spells. Next: minion attack/cast speed (suffix) Lastly: blind (prefix) I craft blind because all other prefixes aren’t useful for summoners, and it doesn’t specific ‘hit with attacks’.

The finished wand: trigger +minion attack/cast speed + blind. Total cost:50c: wand, 10c: beastcraft, 2ex: prefixes, 1 scour, 2ex: multicraft, 3c: trigger, 4c: minion speed, 8c: blind.

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