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Path Of Exile 30M DPS Critical Bleed Gladiator with Staffs



Write up:
This is my last build of the league and a continuation of my endless delve character and ideas I wanted to work on after the event.

I was really keen on running crit for bleeds and using staffs instead of the usual axes or bow builds that are quite popular on the ladder.

The damage on this character is surprisingly huge considering that if it is scaled down with a budget version it’ll do equally well with a budget of 20ex. A big reason for this is that there’s absolutely no one doing crit staffs for a bleed build at the moment and there’s no one completing with you for the same gear.

The focus of this build is to get as much crit multi as possible on gear, passive tree and jewels and use that to scale bleed multi to absurd levels using a Replica Atziri’s Acquity to grant Perfect Agony. Then stack as much added physical damage over time and additive bleeding damage over time. At present, my crit multi is at 580% which gives me 290% more damage over time when Perfect Agony procs (which is almost 100% of the time with an effective crit chance of 99%).

With a base crit chance of 10% on an Ezomyte staff and a damage range of 250-630 along with the 60% chance to do 100% more damage with bleeding my build at present outputs upwards of 30M bleed dps on bossing after an ensnaring arrow swap application.

For survivability, you have dodge coming from Elusive boots as well as 75% attack and spell block. With the recent change to Gladiator block nodes affecting other weapon types as well as a well placed Red Nightmare jewel just left of marauder we hit 56% attack/spell block which goes to 75% with Rumi’s up.

Life% from tree is at a respectable 147% and I would have more life on this character if it weren’t for the low rolls on my belt and boots.

This is a pretty fun build to play (though not being zoom zoom) and a very respectable bosser, being able to do all conquerors, Maven and Sirus at A9 as well as being able to delve at 300 comfortably.

Hope you enjoyed this build showcase/guide and if you’ve got any questions, do free to ask away here.

Also this is my first ever bleed build in POE, any veteran players if you see any room for improvement please do suggest and let me know if there’s anything this build can do better in.



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