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Path Of Exile A comprehensive guide to Harvest with data from 100 Harvests By: Feeding4Harambe


There has been a lot of controversy around Harvest. There has been a lot of feelings and very little actual data in the discussion so far. This is my attempt at changing this and introducing data. This guide is meant for those types of players that enjoy crafting (and are interested in some data – just skip to the spreadsheet) and those that want to learn how a top player can use the given resources in Harvest efficiently (I will try to make it as fun and entertaining as watching paint dry can possibly get). If you just want to bonk monsters Harvest in it’s current form is not rewarding for you, since it requires a lot of trading and game knowledge. Just leave it to the sweaty nerds like me and do some maps. The good news is that unlike last league it is actually fairly balanced and can be skipped without FOMO.

Tldr, just give me the clickbait stats!

A single harvest can generate around 1.4 ex profit if used by an expert crafter. I estimate the base crafting value at around 110 chaos if you can use most of the crafts. This requires a LOT of trading and micromanagement so it’s definetly only worth it for people who enjoy that type of gameplay. T4 plants and augments are extremly rare. We found each t4 plant only once and a single cold augment. Other notable crafts were 6 keeping suffix and 3 keeping prefix and 2 lucky augments. The total value of these crafts was only 24c per harvest (28c if you include the very easy to sell non color crafts).

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

I am a veteran player who started playing this game back in 2013. I came back when my sister asked me to play with her. I explained the game to her in abyss league and she was able to get a hh in her first league. Since then we have ended every league with hundreds or thousands of ex. We also just recently won the Zingo in Brittle Knee’s Bingo league (small shoutout to an awesome event that was a lot of fun to play). A small Meme video why you should respect my authoritah can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW38CwNGKJI

To harvest or not to harvest, that is the question – Hamlet

No, unless you either like accounting, math or have an unhealthy amount of self-loathing. You can still learn a lot looking through the spreadsheet, even if you might not want to replicate what we did there. The biggest issue with Harvest has allways been that it is like going to a casino and doing paperwork instead of gaming.

Shut up and show me the Data!

All harvests were done in hamlet with perfect rolled watchstones (3 4% bountyfull and 1 mature). We also used the 25% inc watchstone effect passive and all harvest passives in hamlet (and essences, since those are amazing). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-ATzRJCeBBP_Ig6bjbvHRoeSxstRoP4CkE43RPHpw3U/edit?usp=sharing

Lol, you are selling thousands of crafts for less than 5c, noob!

No, all of those chaos and fossil crafts were used for crafting (selling them would be ridiculous).

How much trading did you actually do to use all the chaos/fossil crafts?

We crafted around 80 different items with chaos and fossil type crafts. Thats all the items in the crafted profit section. For each of those we had to buy the base and sell it again, making the total amount of trades 160 (and not 1300). This is still a lot and takes a long time. Not all items have sold at this point in time, but I estimate the total profits at around 80 ex. So for every 0.5 ex in profit we had to make 1 trade. The lowest profit margin we were willing to sell for was 0.2 ex. At that point you are barely making money and could just keep rolling to save time. It all depends on how you value your time and how much you hate trading.

Total amount of trades for the rest?

Around 190 if you have to buy and sell all items (in bulk were possible). This goes down a lot if you are using the bases you reroll influence on (since you would have to buy them anyways), use fossils yourself (or farm them in delve/100% deli maps). I would suggest lowering the value to 0 for anything worth only 20-30c, if you don’t want these things anyways. We sold a lot of divines for 20c each. This was done for vouches and not for profit. Our playstyle is to use most things ourselves, or just hoard them. Thats why at least for us these values are real. Adjust them to your playstyle, if you want to estimate how much value you can gain from a harvest.

What items should I craft?

One of the hardest parts about making a crafting guide for profit is that the guide itself will impact how profitable the craft will be. If everyone starts crafting the exact same items we made, the price for the bases will go up and the value of the crafted item will go down untill the profitmargins become so low it’s not worth doing any more. At that point you will be crafting for the price that I listed as the base price (2c for most fossil type crafts and 1c for the rest). In general you want items that have a hard to hit mod with high value (like unnerve on gloves). Don’t forget that a lot of mods have value for woke orb crafting, so even a garbage item can have value, if it can be maven orbed or woke orbed profitably. Very solid items are damage over time medium clusters (phys, fire, cold, chaos) with the corresponding element. The crafting power of the fossil type harvest crafts on these bases is around 30 times higher than a normal chaos orb, making it pretty much the only way to craft these. You can also use caster crafts for rings (since curses have a caster tag). It helps to have a rare basetype, like opal rings since the margins on these are usually higher (unless everyone crafts opals now, then use something else). It can also force certain crafts, like spell damage on warlord gloves where this is the only possible castermod (in these cases the chaos type crafts can be much better than a normal chaos orb). It helps to look at meta builds and think about how best to craft items these builds would need. One of the best ways to learn about crafting is to play a bunch of different builds. This will naturally teach you what items those builds need and how to value them. Some examples of gloves we crafted can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/W4CZLox

So how much profit per hour is possible?

This depends on many many things, so there is no “right” answere. While taking down all of this data, we were able to do 1 Harvest every 10 min (this includes all trading, selling and mapping). We were also doing Trialmaster (only the 2 quick ones) and spawned sirus. I still think killing the map boss is too good to pass up, since it helps a ton with map sustain (we were still slightly down on hamlet maps, but this is with a full awakened 9 atlas that dropped a lot of maps from other regions). So, for us it was around 8 ex from harvest per hour + all drops from the map + sirus – 6*12 for zana crafts. If you go full sicko mode with a 400%+ move speed build and play like a racer, the harvest should take around 2 min + 2 min of trading + 1 min for the map. Then you could achieve over 15 ex per hour. This would suck though, so pls don’t try it. Best is to just try it yourself.

What do you think about the changes?

While as my data shows, Harvest is actually in a fairly balanced state my first instinct was that they overnerfed it. This is mostly because of the huge disconnect in what GGG announced in the manifesto, and the reality of harvest this league. With how rare they are right now, getting a specific augement will take around 1100 maps. At that point, they have been functionally removed for ssf. On top of that, they create the problem of still introducing insane crafting, while basicly the only way to attain it is to “steal” these extremely rare things from other players. This creates so much unnecessary frustration and GGG would have been better off to jus remove these craft completely. This also goes for T4 plants, though it would be a shame to lose these options. I personally would buff t4 plant spawn rate, so getting oshabi is possible in a reasonable amount of time (after over 15 hours we still have not found a single sacred blossom).

We are looking forward to an honest and constructive conversation in the comments. Thanks for reading if you made it this far 🙂


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