Path Of Exile A9 Sirus – Burning Arrow Elementalist Showcase 3.13 By: Kaelsanguis


Disclaimer; I followed this build 1:1 the best I can using this guide (
Full credits goes to HardPrimat and the helpful chaps in that thread, check it out for crafting details/advices/guides.
Just a build showcase of the build I’m having the most fun with in 3.13.


A9 T16 – Drox –
A9 T16 Delirium Mirror Al-Hezmin –

Disclaimer once again, we aint that tanky, we are fairly tanky enough –
(Taste of Hate, Chaos Golem, Stone Golem, Phys taken as Cold, Steelskin, Cinderswallow)
For a bow character that deals ridiculous damage but alot of movement and safe play is needed with pierce + far range offscreen clear.
The one who made the forum guide is infact, level 100.

  • Starting Budget Walkthrough –
    Not gonna lie to you guys, I started this build off with 30++ex budget, started off with a Chieftain BB/BF

  • 4ex to link my Bow

  • 12 ex (3ex per medium cluster x 4)(Medium clusters (Cooked Alive/Blowback) were already rising to 2-3ex a piece when Threadstarter only bought them for 60c each)

  • 6 ex for my Astral + 1 Curse

  • 10 ex for the Helmet Enchant (Harvest Crafted the rest myself through the guide)

  • Few exes for the misc items, primordials and stuffs (Hunter influence with easy prefix/suffix to remove later on)

Further Budget Walkthrough(Crafting guide are found in the forum from the same thread (Helm and Gloves)Quiver and Boots crating guides are found from page 40+ onwards

  • Helmet (10ex for base which I bought early)
    After augmenting/removing to get my initial hunter influence (burning damage, chance to ignite, took me around 2 tries around 2 ex + 1 ex (Hunter orb for initial slam)
    Augment cold to get phys taken as cold – 1 ex
    1 Maven’s Orb – lucky enough to hit the fire one to ignite deals damage faster – 7 ex
    Augment cold once again to get back my phys taken as cold – 1 ex

  • Gloves
    (Crafting guide is found via the front page) Bought this straight up at 15 ex, could be cheaper if you are lucky and craft it yourself

  • Boots
    Bought a boots with life/ms/projectile pierce, as I already have fire resist, I hunter slammed that mofo and got the ignite deal damage faster
    Maven orb for projectile + 2 (Can be elevated to 3-5 onwards) – 7 ex
    Aug fire to slam back that ignite deals faster damage – 1 ex

  • Elemental Weakness Ring (3ex?)

  • Watcher eye with Malevolence mod (11 ex)

  • Transcendent Mind (7ex)

  • CB on my Eminence (2ex)

  • Lethal Pride (Divine roll 3 times, I got insanely lucky)
    These are my mods –
    Ignites you inflict deals Damage 10% Faster x 2
    20% Increased Physical Damage
    4% Maximum Health

Further future Upgrades –

– Double Mod Watcher

– More Life rolls on gear to hit 5k+ HP (remove/add life on gears)

Parting Words –

Solid af build, 10/10 Clearing, 10/10 Boss, 7-ish/10 Survivability

The more currency you invest, the stronger you feel obviously, but no doubt, this is a great second character for anyone who wants a relaxing playstyle just burning the whole atlas

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