Path Of Exile Assassin CoC Ice Nova By: IAMAthinmint


Originally started with the guide from Kami on POE forums but it’s been tough to follow during the transition from no gear to decent (but not quite CI money level) gear.

So far aside from random 1 shots from Chaos balls in Ritual or Boss mechanics, I seem to be doing ok.

Rate is roughly 1/10 maps I die from something dumb, so I sit at 60% level 92 constantly – feels bad man.

Here is my POB:

Biggest issue I see is following the APS guide:

BP0 At 0-13% CDR you need to stay below <6.06 APS

BP1 At 14-51% CDR you need to stay below <7.57 APS

BP2 At 52%-57% CDR you need to stay below <10.1 APS

Before switching to my current boots (tailwind + CDR), I was wearing 14% CDR belt and Awakened CoC (level 1-2). My aps was around 7.34 with cyclone (in POB and in game).

With my current setup, I have 42 CDR (boots, belt, and A CoC) which technically means I should still be below 7.57 Aps, but when I check my POB I notice a few funny things:

  1. Not wearing a belt does MORE Ice Nova damage, regardless of toggling on tailwind, no boots, etc. Wearing a belt, regardless of what type of belt, I lose a ton of damage

  2. Switching my gear (changing shoes and flask both to Atziri to test, and turning off tailwind) ups my DPS, so safe to say my shoes are my problem?

  3. Does that mean its better to store my shoes for now until I hit level 5 A CoC or its not worth it and just get new boots WITHOUT tailwind AND CDR or just without tailwind?

  4. I use these 2 as an example of what gear to get but their only CDR is from A CoC and then run cinderswallow urn for the onslaught and also tailwind which makes their APS theoretically higher than 7.57 (Dizard POB states 11 APS and hes not high enough to hit the 2x modifier of 15.X aps which would work too)



  5. How important is it to stay within the breakpoints?

  6. Any suggestions for my build to optimize? the shoes and belt are the newest additions along with a couple gem swaps (eg i used to have increased duration on vaal RF but switched to mimic their CWDT setup)

    1. Do I stick with my current rings or better to do Circle of Fear rings?

    2. Stick with tailwind + CDR boots to hit 52% CDR (once A CoC levels) or better to ignore and get better stat shoes?

      1. Similar thing with the belt – if no need to hit 52% when I can either keep belt or get a belt that would replace the CDR aspect

  7. Current setup with gear as-is in terms of damage the follow – though how does it fair? seems low compared to the POBs

    1. Cyclone: 251,721 vs Dizard at over 600k

    2. Ice Nova: 1.1 million vs Dizard at over 2 Mil

Any help to optimize would be appreciated – I gutted 2 characters to try to make this one better but the end result isnt quite what I expected in terms of damage T_T

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